1. L

    RCBO Neutral Leads bunched with Main Neutral in Main switch - C3 or C2?

    Hi all, Engineer carried out EICR and marked the above as a C2, I agree, the smaller cables could come loose easily as the terminal is mainly clamping the 16mm tail. Client said C3....
  2. V

    3 wire (2 hots/1 neutral) Range wiring ok?

    New range on the way and took our the old range (about 2010 install) that was hard wired in with 2 hot wires (black and red) and a green ground wire that was attached to the neutral wire post on the old range. diagram for new range says that 3 wires should be red & black hots along with a...
  3. D

    How is this switch powered? I thought all circuits needed a neutral?

    Usual problem with smart switches - no neutral at the switch, been plenty of threads on it before. Fortunately managed to find some switches that don't need one. So the circuit's permanently 'complete' since the switch is permanently 'on', and actually power is going to the light, but not...
  4. J

    Fuse blown and neutral wire sheathing melted.

    Hi guys, hope you can try to shed some light on what might be the problem. Basically nothing is new, all been the same for 3 years since we moved in but over the past few days when the dishwasher was on (or anything plugged into a socket in the kitchen) I noticed a burning plastic smell...
  5. I

    Borrowed neutral / RCD trips but circuits still live ?!

    I’m just a homeowner, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid .... i think the lights in the hall of my small bungalow are using a borrowed neutral. I recently went to fit a new light on the ceiling in the hall using the existing connections and turned off the MCB that said “Hall...
  6. W

    Connecting 2 neutral wires is tripping out

    Hi guys, I posted in here the other week and thought I'd figured out my mistake but now I've landed with another problem. I'm trying to replace 2 walls lights - like for like - the 2 lights are powered by a double switch in our living room. One switch controls 2 lights on one half of the room...
  7. L

    Industrial There is a one circuit (one voltage source), two phases and neutral, but there is an amps difference between Ph1 and Ph2 (minor 3A only).

    Hello Electricians, This is my first post and I'm glad to be one of this forum member. However, to clarify my question. I've a "Skin Effect Heating System", fed by 1240 V. The circuit is quit simple, Phase U, Neutral in the middle and Phase V. Phase U and Neutral feeding the heating cable#1...
  8. P

    Floating neutral and UPS

    Here is my dilemma. Picture this arrangement: a system with a 100A three-phase supply will have a RCD incomer (and possible some generator transfer switch in the future). As well as the SWA supply cable's earth there will also be some lightning protection so a few earth rods as well. From the...
  9. M

    Identifying a neutral supply problem?

    Had a call today. Property has 400v 3 phase used to be old commercial unit but changed to residential. He's been in process of moving in but within day or two appliances starting to burn out. He's father had reported testing some sockets and voltages varied at times when other...
  10. C

    Blown Socket- Possible neutral earth issue

    Hi Members, This is my first post, I live in South Africa with similar domestic DB set-up as UK & Australia. Yesterday, we had a kettle blow the receiver socket in the kitchen and this tripped the earth leakage switch, I am trying to see if I can fix this, I have sa fair degree of knowledge...
  11. M

    What are the implications of a failed Neutral - Earth insulation resistance test?

    Greetings! Newbie here! We have 3 phase installation in our Lighting dimmer rack. During Insulation Resistance testing on Earth-Nuetral, readings was 0.33Mohm on 500v test. What causede the failed test and how can I troubleshoot? Thank you! Markus
  12. O

    USA Wiring Mishap - Wondering How Much I Destroyed…

    I'm a DIY kind of guy, and was never really fond of household 120V/240V power before, until I had a friend who used to be a journeyman help me understand enough to wire up my house we are completely renovating. So, after putting some walls and trusses in place, and running conduit all day...
  13. M

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the current go after the consumer unit?

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the Current go after the consumer Unit? I assume it goes back to the Sub-Station where it is earthed but i'm trying to find this written in a official book etc but finding nothing. Thanks
  14. N

    USA 277 Volt lighting. Y system. I have a string of lights out in a hallway.

    277 volt Y system lighting circuit. A string of lights out in a hallway. Have 277 to ground on both my hot and my neutral. Have only 15 volts between my 277 hot and 277 neutral. This was discovered Friday afternoon, Co. does not pay OT so its my unwanted challenge for Monday. Will look at prints...
  15. L

    USA Neutral reading 1.8 V

    If I am reading 1.8v on a neutral is that acceptable. Reading on a 3phase 277v lighting neutral. Thanks
  16. I

    Use of Singles for Main Earth Conductor and Incoming Neutral?

    Hi folks, Limited experience here and never come across this before. Whilst I can appreciate the conductors may be the appropriate CSA combined, (I haven't measured them) terminating the Main Earth Conductor in the MET like this with what looks like 4 x 4mm2 doesn't allow for the conductors to...
  17. I

    Need to understand the neutral conductor

    Appreciate there are a lot or questions about this already but I just can't seem to grasp it so hopefully asking the question in my way will help. Background: UK 240v AC domestic system. As I understand it, if everything is wired correctly and there are no faults, I can touch the neutral...
  18. KeenPensioner

    Borrowed neutral - again!

    As I've said before, I'm not a qualified electrician but have worked as a mate a few times. I'm retired now and as a hobby I study all things electrical (domestic). I know this has been asked before on this forum but as an amateur I still can't understand how the wiring for "borrowed neutrals"...
  19. Iain Stewart

    Can I bridge Neutral Busbars in a CU

    Hello, Old Merlin Gerin CU with one RCD in the middle. Can I bridge accross the Neutral Busbars in the CU to make all the circuits RCD protected. Thanks
  20. I

    No neutral smart switch, faulty?

    Hi, I've just purchased a 2 gang no neutral smart switch, however I was sent 3 gang. I thought i'd use it anyway. When i connected the common(S) to "L" & Switch live "L1" & "L3", nothing happened, switch didn't light up, lights didn't come on. My current switch operates 2x lots of led down...
  21. O

    No neutral wire for smart switch?

    Hi all, first post here, let’s go. So I’m installing a smart switch in my kitchen and after pulling the existing switch out I noticed that there are only two cables in the wall box. Each of the two goes to the switch with a simple straight connection. I’m assuming that these are both live...
  22. C

    Earthing neutral in a multi source system

    This has me clueless. Why must the neutral be unearthed at the transformer and generator and only allowed earthing at the switch-gear? I can't see any reason because the neutral will normally not be carrying any current and thus no parallel current paths would form.
  23. J

    Smart Lightss - Moving a neutral, IFTT

    Thinking of going the following & wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't I live in a UK House with the Lighting wired as loop in/out at ceiling rose & then a twin and earth taking a permanent line to switches & bringing a switch-live back (over the blue cable - marked with brown...
  24. B

    Updating 1982 Pre-fab building with fuses & no grounding

    Hello, I have a flat/apartment in a building as described in the subject. I am wondering what to do about the current and additional outlets to have them be safe for kids. The options: -Replace fuse box with circuit breakers -Run ground wiring and connect it to neutral at the junction boxes...
  25. P

    shared neutral in lighting circuits

    I need some help in deconstructing the following ( please see photos of upstairs downstairs switches ) as I don't know what the circuit diagram would look like in this case? It works perfectly well Is seems to be a shared neutral circuit but does not follow the normal convention as shown in the...
  26. T

    Advice on 461.2 needed

    Hi folks, Just need a bit of advice regarding whether or not neutrals require switching. - 3 phase board, 3 pole main switch, neutral is un-switched. 416.2 (ii) states that switching of the neutral is not required if the conductor is reliably connected to earth by a low resistance to meet the...
  27. D

    update my light switch to a Smart Switch

    Hi everyone, Basically, I am planning to replace the light switches in my new build house with smart switches and as the switch has WiFi built-in it needs constant power to work so will require a neutral wire I've pulled the back of the existing lightswitch and have a "Common" and "L1" 2 x...
  28. J

    Neutral at dimmer switch?

    Evening all I went to someone's house today to look at a lighting circuit for them that's is tripping rcd. While there on a circuit as far as I can make out at moment that is not interconnected in anyway to offending circuit they have 230v at a switch between switch feed and what I think should...
  29. 1Justin

    Hager part KRN190 neutral connecting block

    Who's familiar with Hager KRN190? It's called a "neutral connecting block" by Hager with no further info. This seems a maybe misnomer, but I have never seen one in the flesh.. I'm assuming it would have a lower terminal spaced to fit a standard Hager busbar prong if it were fitted like an MCB...
  30. D

    Lost Neutral Voltage Calculation

    I understand how to calculate the current in the neutral conductor on an unbalanced three phase installation, however am struggling to grasp how to calculate the voltage movement on each of the three lines if the neutral were open circuit. I appreciate it is influenced by the current and...
  31. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  32. S

    Help finding fault after a short Circuit( Com with Neutral )

    Hi there Im reaching out here as I have given up trying and couldn't find a local electrician to help today . so the issue . after painting the wall I was try to fit the light switch back into the wall and somehow the com cable touched the metal surround on the wall. the lighting RCBO...
  33. Prytaneion

    John Bercow

    As he can't identify neutral, do you think HoC Speaker John Bercow should be banned from being an electrician?
  34. P

    No earth or neutral

    Went to customers house yesterday (TT System) with a reported loss of power to the outbuilding. Checked the main consumer unit & the mcb was off, so flicked it back on, plugged in the megger & it showed 230v. But when I tried the lights or plugged in the Strimmer nothing happened, when tested I...
  35. G

    Neutral between phases

    I am trying to connect a smart light switch but there is not neutral. Next to the switch there is a socket with a neutral but it is under a different phase. I understand that it is the same neutral for the whole house on all phases, but when I use the other neutral, it short circuits. I checked...
  36. C

    Open Neutral Issue

    Having issue with open neutral. Site won't let me post any details saying its spam...not sure why?
  37. T

    USA Flow of current in a neutral wire

    I am taking this HVAC class and have been studying up on the basics of electricity, magnetic induction, AC/DC, Ohms Law etc. I have a basic question concerning the flow of current in the neutral wire of a single phase 120v circuit. I ran a few questions by my instructor (Mr. Samuels). He was...
  38. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  39. B

    All three neutral wires needed for a smart single gang light switch?

    Hi all, I'm wiring one of those smart switches which is a single gang and I have three live wires (x2 com) (x1 L1) and three neutral wires that are currently in a block. The original switch just use live (com and L1). I've wired up the new switch with the live wires but I am trying to attach...
  40. C

    Neutral - Earth link in Main Switchboard

    When is an earth neutral link required in an main switchboard? Is it particular to the earthing system? Is it common to earth the source neutral at the first point in the LV system where the neutral is terminated - the main LV switchboard. If the Neutral terminal of the transformer is...
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