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  1. 1Justin

    Hager part KRN190 neutral connecting block

    Who's familiar with Hager KRN190? It's called a "neutral connecting block" by Hager with no further info. This seems a maybe misnomer, but I have never seen one in the flesh.. I'm assuming it would have a lower terminal spaced to fit a standard Hager busbar prong if it were fitted like an MCB...
  2. TonyMitchell

    Lost Neutral Voltage Calculation

    I understand how to calculate the current in the neutral conductor on an unbalanced three phase installation, however am struggling to grasp how to calculate the voltage movement on each of the three lines if the neutral were open circuit. I appreciate it is influenced by the current and...
  3. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  4. S

    Help finding fault after a short Circuit( Com with Neutral )

    Hi there Im reaching out here as I have given up trying and couldn't find a local electrician to help today . so the issue . after painting the wall I was try to fit the light switch back into the wall and somehow the com cable touched the metal surround on the wall. the lighting RCBO...
  5. Prytaneion

    John Bercow

    As he can't identify neutral, do you think HoC Speaker John Bercow should be banned from being an electrician?
  6. P

    No earth or neutral

    Went to customers house yesterday (TT System) with a reported loss of power to the outbuilding. Checked the main consumer unit & the mcb was off, so flicked it back on, plugged in the megger & it showed 230v. But when I tried the lights or plugged in the Strimmer nothing happened, when tested I...
  7. G

    Neutral between phases

    I am trying to connect a smart light switch but there is not neutral. Next to the switch there is a socket with a neutral but it is under a different phase. I understand that it is the same neutral for the whole house on all phases, but when I use the other neutral, it short circuits. I checked...
  8. C

    Open Neutral Issue

    Having issue with open neutral. Site won't let me post any details saying its spam...not sure why?
  9. T

    USA Flow of current in a neutral wire

    I am taking this HVAC class and have been studying up on the basics of electricity, magnetic induction, AC/DC, Ohms Law etc. I have a basic question concerning the flow of current in the neutral wire of a single phase 120v circuit. I ran a few questions by my instructor (Mr. Samuels). He was...
  10. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  11. B

    All three neutral wires needed for a smart single gang light switch?

    Hi all, I'm wiring one of those smart switches which is a single gang and I have three live wires (x2 com) (x1 L1) and three neutral wires that are currently in a block. The original switch just use live (com and L1). I've wired up the new switch with the live wires but I am trying to attach...
  12. C

    Neutral - Earth link in Main Switchboard

    When is an earth neutral link required in an main switchboard? Is it particular to the earthing system? Is it common to earth the source neutral at the first point in the LV system where the neutral is terminated - the main LV switchboard. If the Neutral terminal of the transformer is...
  13. C

    Transformer Neutral Grounding

    Should the neutral of the transformer be provided with separate ground rod or can it be interconnected with earth bar which also connects the transformer frame and other equipment frame grounding. Is it correct as per the European standards? ( See the attachment)
  14. Michael J

    Domestic Green neutral anybody seen this before?

    Haven’t seen this before
  15. S

    Using earth as neutral

    We’ve pulled in a 185 cable just and realised that we need a neutral. It has 4 cores, brown, black, grey and earth. Can we use the earth as a neutral if we shrink wrap it with neutral sleeve and then run an earth separate? It’s a tri-rated cable, so no armoured to use as earth.
  16. V

    Commercial hager invicta 3 - rcd incomer neutral

    hi about to install a invicta 3 , hager 3 phase board. the neutral on the board is on the left, yet the 4 pole time delay rcd i am going to use has the N labelled on the right hand side of the RCD, so with the copper incoming kit links it won't fit? are there Hager version rcds with neutral on...
  17. L

    New light fitting 2 live 2 neutral

    Hi everyone There are 2 light fittings to change in the living room I've changed the one at the back that was just twin and earth These light closest to the. Switch has two brown and 2 blue Can I put these in together in each block for the New fitting
  18. C

    Electrician Neutral required for smart wall switch

    I would like to install a smart switch in my bedroom, there is currently a 2 gang switch for the spotlights. I am happy to change it into a 1 gang and use the other cable for neutral. If that is possible. There is access to the wiring in the loft. Cost?
  19. K

    Domestic Advice wanted on neutral to earth

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can help me out. Is it possible to get 0.03 to 0.09 m amps on a clamp meter on copper water pipes when an appliance is plugged in and the unit attaches to hot water copper pipes via a metal braided hose? On 2 x units the first unit had external damage with messed...
  20. A

    Neutral wire not connected

    Hi my electric shower light stayed on after is turned it off. I took off the pull chord and firstly there is only one nuetral wire connected, looking at the contactor in the loft it looks like the neutral wire has been cut short. So there is a live and neutral from the fuse board, and only one...
  21. A

    Neutral wiring problem

    Hi on my electric shower pull chord/isolator there's two lives and only one neutral. In the loft on the contactor the neutral wire isn't connected to it. The light is staying on on the pull chord. This can't be right, I'm presuming the neutral wire should be connected at both ends from the...
  22. B

    Bad neutral on extraction fan?

    Hi all I've recently moved house and the extractor fan was not working, I've replaced the fan with a 240v extractor fan and wired up to my spotlights that are also 240v but for some reason the fan doesn't work. I've ran a new cable, tried 2 different extractor fans and definitely have 240v on...
  23. M

    Smart switch 2 gang with no neutral

    Ok o noticed a question on here before I'm looking at replacing my porch and in doorway switch with a smart switch so it can be turned on by app when we are away from house and coming home...very dark doorway.. the light switch is wired over the live feeds .. And the switch I have purchased...
  24. N

    Neutral from neighbour?

    Only the one ring circuit in whole house. Small 2 bed terraced house. Doing an EICR, and the socket ring circuit is working perfectly fine with all neutrals at CU disonnected (led up to all neutrals being disconnected). Getting 242v at socket outlets without neutral . In case one of the...
  25. D

    Smart light switch no neutral

    I purchased a smart light switch an when i went to install it i noticed i didn't have a neutral at the switch so i couldn't use it. We have some smart light bulbs but the family keep using the switches and get annoyed at the whole setup hence why i purchased a smart light switch. Is there a...
  26. P

    Domestic Creating Neutral in 2-Gang Switch from Conventional T&E Wiring

    Hello all, New to this site but have been doing DIY electrics for about a year now. I'm looking to upgrade the lighting in my living room to incorporate a smart, 2-gang dimmer switch, which requires Neutral. I know this is a problem that many people have posted and discussed online before and...
  27. S

    Stray voltage in Neutral - help

    I have an installation that I maintain and the DNO have recently changed their pole transformer. Since this change I have been unable to do earth loop tests. The supply comes from a HV to LV transformer and there is a HV earth rod right next to the neutral/earth rod for the HV to LV transformer...
  28. Brian Murdoch

    neutral in Live Load on Fused Spur

    has anyone any experience of this. The boiler is 14 years old and has only just gone wrong. when the boiler engineer looked at it he found there was 240v between the neutral and earth inside the boiler unit.
  29. S

    Are these wires neutral?

    I'm currently in the process of running neutral wires around my house to all the light switches so that i can install some of these new wifi smart switches to control all of my lighting. One of my light switches has a black and a blue wire connected together separately from the switch shown in...
  30. A

    Neutral at light switch

    hi guys I’m thinking of future prodding my lighting circuit if I ever want to go for smart switches. I understand I’ll need a 35mm back box and I believe a neutral is required at the switch. I’m and running a new circuit in my house for it and would prefer to run the feeds in and out at the...
  31. Dray

    Open neutral advice please

    Hi all. I'm having an Issue with a family members board. They have had either the breaker for a ring or the RCD trip on numerous occasions, and I have already replaced a socket where the neutrals connections were burned out on said ring. So I went to run a few tests to see if I could find the...
  32. S

    Neutral connection to heating programmer

    gas engineer can't fit new heating programmer as I need a neutral connection on the back plate. Advised to get an electrician. How much would this cost or would it be better getting a new heating system?
  33. J

    Domestic When did neutral at the light switch become standard practice?

    Hello all, I am in the process of buying a house built in 2002 and I am trying to find out when it became standard practice to run neutral to light switches. The reason being I may look at having smart switched installed and having this already in place would make the job so much simpler. Thanks
  34. Daniel Oake

    Three core - Grey is generally neutral

    (Just a quick basic question I could google, but I prefer the forum discussion if anyone's wondering) When installing a feed to something that requires 3 core and earth, why is it we use the grey (as a general rule of thumb) as the neutral (and sleeve blue) instead of the black, I figured black...
  35. M

    Lounge light neutral problem

    Lounge lights not working. No RCD tripping. No MCB tripping. Lights wired power-switch-light. New switch and pendant installed. Meggar test shows following voltages when switch is off. L-N 235V L-E 235V N-E 18V When light is switched on, L-N 235V L-E 235V N-E 175V Is someone able to give...
  36. captaincaveman

    neutral live and cpc used as neutral

    Damn this heat. I just can't think straight! Been called to an installation where the ceiling was sparking near a light. All the lights were working ok. The spark was coming from a loose earth wire from the light fitting which was touching a metal ceiling frame. I checked the light switches and...
  37. O

    Voltage across neutral to earth

    Hi I recently had a PV system we installed switched off after the Electrical Contractor got a shock off the Neutral. He was wiring lighting but after a processes of elimination found the fault was on our PV circuit. We did dead tests on the circuit Insulation resistance (1000v) Continuity...
  38. D

    Neutral earth faults

    Hi all, I've got an electrician at work who constantly keeps putting n-e faults off the rcd side to the non rcd side & leaving them. Now in the past I've been out to two n- e faults which have melted the insulation off the 1.5mm cable thus requiring a rewire,now what should I do.. 1, have a...
  39. M

    No cpc on lighting and no neutral continuity on kitchen ring

    Hi All, I recently replaced an old rewirable fuse board for metal split load rcd board. However on testing prior to replacement I noted that one of the lighting circuits doesn’t have a cpc. I’ve put this in the EIC for the new board that no cpc for lights, advised client that needs rewiring and...
  40. a-z electrics

    Indicator switch with no neutral?

    Think i may be onto a loser here but is it possible to wire a simple one way switch and have some sort of indicator like a neon WITHOUT having a neutral? Its for the water pump to push hot water when required to kitchen tap (it's a long way from cylinder). There is already power at the pump...
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