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  1. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  2. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  3. J

    Items for sale; Never been used, BRAND NEW items for sale

    If this is posted in the wrong location, please remove. I am listing some items for sale that I have laying around. Everything listed below is brand new in box, unopened and unused. I am offering these items at fairly low prices (within reason) because I have so much I need to get rid of. I do...
  4. Baddegg

    Never seen this before myself.....

    Still new to this game just not seen this before..Got to install a small 2 way unit for a loft conversion so popped in today for a recce and found this, the incoming line and neutral splits before the meter and main fuse and goes through to next door?.... Got to love the wet pants as well, gas...
  5. J

    New job wiring new builds, however I've never worked on new builds

    So I'm sick of my current employer and went out searching for a new job last week, the same day that I applied for a job, I was asked by a company to come in for an interview, today I get a call offering me the job. It's for almost double what I earn now, however, a large portion of their work...
  6. Z

    I never install ring circuits, the potential for danger is unacceptable

    I’d like to know if anyone else here refuses to install ring circuits in domestic premises. For me it’s either a 20a radial / tree circuit with 2.5mm, or a 32 radial / tree circuit with 4.0mm. Frankly I’m tired of finding broken ring circuits on 32a CB’s, as well as mismatches on end to end...
  7. telectrix

    Fault finding. never trust Appearances.

    as title, just been called out to a fault, 1st floor and attic conversion no lights. arrived at the house to find as title. 1970's CU in cellar. MCB labelled cellar and upstairs lights. cellar light working. all cabling in cellar surface. top of cellar stairs is a switch. T/E and 3core/E...
  8. S

    Never knew that David Jason was a sparks.......

    some others, 10 Famous People You Never Knew Worked As Electricians -
  9. Steve93

    Help! Never seen this before!

    I am installing solar to a house and this is there main incoming. I can’t see an Earth anywhere but test ZS across L-N coming out at 0.20. Then with gas bond disconnected is 0.38! But we only have gas bonding. No other earth anywhere. Anyone had this?
  10. MDJ

    Well I would have never thought it----

    --But I felt in agreement with the PM today, the way the Europeans have treated us has made me angry, fluck em, lets go out hard and fast and take our chances, and next time the Germans invade the french lets let the french fight their own battle.
  11. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Daily Express never heard of Napit,Stroma,Elecsa.

    As above,an article in todays express urging housholders to have their wiring checked by Select in Scotland and niceic in rest of the UK.How many years before the others are in with a chance? Regards S
  12. C

    VYTEC Fuse board never seen before

    Hello People Has anyone Came across a VYTEC board before and successfully installed a more easy to come by brand of MCB asides fro VYTEC? I have been told its a rebadged GEC apparently
  13. happyhippydad

    Blimey, never seen anything like this before!

    I was asked by a friend to connect up some lights in their store room. You can make out the cable on the ceiling coming out of the conduit ready to be connected to one of the CU's. This is what I came across. I said 'No'! :)
  14. M

    never to old to see something that surprises you

    i have to admit i am a self confessed tool nut i cant help myself when the wife finds out i have just bought a dewalt chopsaw and legs plus a makita plungesaw with 2 rails and clamps she might kill me. why a spark would need these she wouldnt understand im a bit like tim the tool man. sorry im...
  15. D00DY_T00DY

    Never have I ever!!!!!

    Hi all, Seeing as it's Friday thought it'd be a bit of fun to play a drinking game:D (Alcohol is optional) Basically someone says never have i ever... do etc. If you have you drink (Or like the post etc) Try keep it clean for a little bit ey? Be honest if you're taking part! I'll start...
  16. L


    Good evening fellow electrical pals, I was on a ban but not anymore! I hope you havent missed me too much!
  17. darrenwells1990


    Hello all, use this forum a lot just to read others opinions. Been a member for a few years but never posted anything and never sign in, Hope to post more on here more often.
  18. T

    Sealing holes in coldstores

    Just coming to the end of a job doing a install in a large coldstore, all surface mount conduit. I've been told that where there is a penetration I.e 16mm long self tapper holding a conduit clip on the wall, or holding an isolator on the wall or anything to the 5"-king span composite panels...
  19. D


    Hi, just to say hello. I'm a competant engineer from many moons ago with bicc, over headlines, HV and lv jointings etc, never an approved spark, don't have access to all the latest test gear. So I guess I'll be posting in the diy forum for a project I need a little direction on.......
  20. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Wagos, who needs Wagos

  21. D

    Best Screwdrivers available?

    Time to renew some of my Screwdrivers again. The set I'm currently using are Wera which for comfort of use I quite like, problem is 2 of the Pz head drivers have shattered now whilst I've been using them. Looking for recommendations for the best make out there. Begin.:thumbsup:
  22. C

    Wireless electricity

    I am thinking about if it is possible and I am worried about it putting us out of a job?
  23. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to wire some Garden lights

    Cool isn't he? wonder which Scam he is with? kin hell
  24. chudson

    B2C selling - checks on consumers

    Does anyone credit check or ID check consumers they work for? I've been running my electrician contractors for over 10 years now, so you would think I would know the answer to this but I've never really bothered to do it. I do credit check commercial clients, but a while ago Credit safe...
  25. Rocboni

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 36V sds drill

    ERBAUER ERT576SDS 2.8KG 36V 2.0AH LI-ION SDS PLUS CORDLESS DRILL Excellent drill with great reviews on screwfix, never been used or out of box, with all original packaging. Fast charger, 2 x 36v 2.0Ah batteries, depth stop looking for £235 Postage £10
  26. A

    Help needed please

    hi, I am after some advice. I have a catering van. The electrics have been done (sockets and lights) but I don't have a clue who can now certify it to make sure it's safe?? Any advice is much Appreciated
  27. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Rewire from hell

    Nearly finished it, Thank God!! Lady owner, Occupied, junk in every possible place, 26 cats (cat litters & food everywhere), cement board in half of the house, plywood boards in the attic, all brick, micro-bore heating pipes everywhere, neigbours moaning about the noise & to top it off a BS951...
  28. H

    ladder m8rix

    anybody used the ladder m8rix or have any reviews on it? The LadderM8rix Professional - LadderM8rix -
  29. Pete999

    Apprenticeship experiences

    Firstly, not sure if this is the right section, and I realise Apprenticeships have changed dramatically since my day. But hey ho never mind, just wondering what experiences / exploits members recall from their time during training. I have memories of becoming good friends with the different...
  30. D

    Supplier fuse query/DNO

    Went to replace a consumer unit today and removed the service fuse. Lady from next door said her electric had gone off and sure enough, when fuse is removed it cuts off both properties. Rang the DNO and they said that it is not a problem. Surely this is unacceptable?
  31. B

    Bicc brown electrical sealant

    Still have some in my shed from years ago and come across it often on old installs. It seems to have gone out of fashion. (prolly due to silicone) Does anyone still use this? did an internet search could not find the original product but found this PRYSMIAN R391 WEATHERPROOF PLASTIC COMPOUND...
  32. Pete999


    As a child of the 50s and 60s I was forever hearing about Bob Dylan ( now I expect a lot slagging off) but I never rated Bob, and as for a Nobel Prize, for what exactly? I can certainly stand the abuse I may get so can anyone enlighten me on why he deserves the accolade?
  33. darkwood

    A strange world we live in (eye opening vids)

    Thought I'd start of a topic about all the amazing natural events we never see but are amazing if you ever come across them.... My first one then - An ice wave!
  34. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Neons

    So there has never been any recorded history of accidents, what about the bloke who wanted a new pair of underpants?
  35. Leesparkykent

    kentec fire alarm

    What's peoples opinions on kentec fire alarm panels? I have an installation of about 80 points and been looking at this panel and Apollo XP95 range of devices. Any pitfalls, things I should look out for etc? Cheers
  36. Sintra

    Welcome LondonSparky87 to The Electrician Talk Forum.

    This is an automatically generated notification, @LondonSparky87 has registered to Welcome to the forum! Be sure to have a click around and let us know what you think. If you could let us know what brings you here that would be cool. :-)
  37. Spoon

    Dating Beautiful Russians.

    Just spotted this on the forum. Yep shes good looking but her spine is buggered. No wonder she doesn't have a boyfriend. :)
  38. E

    38A mcb?!

    Anyone else come across one of these? 38 amp MCB. It's an old proteus centaur. Looks very similar to old crab tree breakers. But I've never seen or heard of that rating before.
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