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    Quality of work in new builds

    Hi guys, working round a friends brand new house at the weekend and discovered this in the meter box. Why can’t people do things properly? Also twisted cpc’s in common sleeving and no cable identification on 3C+E s
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    EIC’s in new builds

    Hi guys , So i’ve been offered some work by a local reputable builder on a site of new builds local to me , some of which involves carrying out EIC’s once completed . My query is that am I ok to complete the certs even on properties I haven’t worked in ? I can see the install at all stages...
  3. JK-Electrical

    Pro Electrician Glasgow Renfrewshire Electricians -JK Electrical

    JK Electrical - Glasgow and surrounding areas I offer a friendly, reliable and professional service to customers in the Greater Glasgow area. SJIB approved electrician with 40 years experience. New builds, extensions, loft/garage conversions, sockets, lighting, security lighting, consumer unit...
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