1. C

    Niceic new app love it or hate it

    Liking the Niceic app taking all the hard work out of remembering & doing the Cal’s, these youngsters have got it easy…well done Niceic are they finally getting into the real world, this is what we need & more
  2. C

    Niceic certification

    DB not connected directly to the main supply. The confusing bit, characteristics at this DB, is this still related to the Distribution circuit. You can actually read it both ways, I’ve been entering the Distribution circuit but now have my doubts.
  3. spud1

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC renewal assessment debacle!

    Hi All, I recently had my NICEIC renewal assessment. We are a two man band. We only carry out small local work and we are approved contractors & domestic installers. We have always (for the last 17 years at least!) had a half day assessment from the NICEIC. The freelance assessor they sent...
  4. Exponential

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Upcoming NICEIC Assessment

    Hi all, Just a quick question really. I have recently decided to go from using NAPIT to NICEIC as my Certification Scheme Provider and my assessment is this coming Friday (still not had any contact from the assessor though)? I'm a little nervous about it but am confident my paperwork and...
  5. someconsumer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Complaint? Waste of time.

    Honestly... I speechless at this story. The NICEIC have just washed their hands of a valid complaint. Ever heard of a new build property with 7x C2's, 5x C3's and 6x FI's? I own one. 2x electricians (both Napit and NICEIC) said major problems including C2's. EICR produced with pictures -...
  6. J

    Two NICEIC installers failed to spot the lack of earth

    Agent contacts me with an urgent request for a CU upgrade in Camden. They send over an EICR done the previous month and I have a quick skim. All seems pretty simple, CU needs an upgrade and some basic tidying of fixtures etc. Only 3 circuits so I'm not overly bothered about doing another EICR...
  7. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC online form confusion

    I am constantly confused by the online installation form and what they refer to as "main switch", and "installation worked on". If I have the following arrangement, on a TT system: Which is the "main switch / switch fuse /breaker / RCD" referred to in part 8? 100mA RCD, 45A Switch fuse, or...
  8. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Should this pass NICEIC Test

    Hi all, I had an electrical test carried out on a property before moving in - it passed. since moving in I've had some challenges with the electrics. One highlight being the upstairs lights are wired into the sockets. It's been suggested to me this shouldn't have been a pass based on this? Can...
  9. L

    EICR Certs - NICEIC registration

    Hi, Private landlord here. Like seemingly a lot of people. I thought electricians had to be registered with NICEIC or NAPIT in order to carry out an EICR test on a property. Except actually I've just learned they dont actually have to be. (thats correct right?). However, if they then say the...
  10. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NAPIT or NICEIC?!

    NAPIT OR NIC?! Hello guys, wondering if some of you could help. Recently became self employed so have never had to register with a assessment body to be an electrician to sign off my own work. I am looking to become a domestic installer with either of the two. Just wanted to see what was best...
  11. banny07

    UK Niceic Assesment

    Hi all. My first niceic assesment for joining is coming soon. I want to show my friends house where I installed new fuse board and installed new smoke alarm circuit. My question is what should I fill in sesign and construction section? should I leave it blank? The house have no cooker or...
  12. J

    A little help starting my own company

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I am losing the will to live and would very much appreciate any help anyone can give. I am a qualified electrician who has undertaken a full apprenticeship. I will list my qualifications a little later on in the post. I have Worked my entire working...
  13. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Whats going on with niceic

    Has anyone been experiencing problems getting contact with Niceic? I've been registered domestic installer for 12 years but now....... the help line don't get back to me for days. I've had no assessment for 18 months but they continue to take my money. applied to join the PRS scheme online...
  14. M

    Self Employed Domestic Electrician - What Course options?

    Hi, I am 32 years old and I currently have a boring office job. I have years of experience working alongside electricians, helping with the installation of Solar PV, alarm systems, CCTV and domestic wiring. I am considering becoming an electrician myself and ideally I would want to be a self...
  15. robd

    Is anyone else having NICEIC cert problems today please

    Hi all, sitting here losing the will to live waiting for pages to load on just wondering if it is just me, was also so bad thus morning that I had to give up. Thanks
  16. T

    NICEIC Inspection

    Just wondering if anyone has had their yearly visit from the NICEIC recently? Think our last one was in December 2019 and haven't heard from them since. Assuming they've postponed some due to Covid but could be wrong. Thanks.
  17. DeanoRN

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Joining a CPC such a NIC or Napit

    Hi all, i was thinking about joining a scheme to be able to sign off my own work and be able to take on more work. I've been working for a company for a few years now and doin all kinds of work in under their banner but want to start doing my own side jobs like board changes etc but need to...
  18. duckie

    NICEIC REPORT - feedback on remedial works costs

    NICEIC REPORT - feedback on remedial works costs Hi all - I had an test done in advance of selling my 3 bed semi. The test report has four C2, nine C3 and two F1s. I wanted to get your expert and unbiased feedback on these observations to help make sure I do the right remedial works - as well...
  19. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC assessment how do I notify domestic work before being registered?

    Hi, looking for some advise please. Ive applied for NICEIC registration and I’m awaiting my assessment, my problem is that I’ve been advise by the NICEIC that the assessor will need to see 3 jobs on the visit and the certification needs to be in my company name. As any domestic work needs to...
  20. T

    Niceic electrician left flat unsafe

    I have done Niceic test at my Flat as insurance company required. It failed first so I got quote for fixing things in order to pass and I just accepted the quote and go ahead with the job to pass it. After that, I found that 2 bed rooms sockets are linked to breaker (B6) for Lights , as that...