1. S


    Hi, me again :) NICEIC prices per certificate are going up, can you recommend anywhere else to buy them please?
  2. cliffed

    Niceic certification

    Senior moment would you just fill in the Rcd section when fitting a RCBO
  3. newfutile

    Van stickers niceic labels

    Does anyone have any good methods to apply stickers to the van? My niceic labels have arrived so I have to fix them on.
  4. R

    RCD requirements for old install

    I'm a property owner who is needing to get an old electrical installation NICEIC certified. One of the buildings is a small office block with 6 small offices. The offices aren't currently being used commercially, this certification is just for insurance reasons. The main fuse box is an old...
  5. S

    Joining the niceic as a newly qualified electrician.

    Hi all Just qualified last Monday and I have completed both initial and periodic test and inspection courses. What is the process for joining the niceic if you have never been part of a part p scheme before, as I have only ever worked for companies who signed off all works, I have never signed...
  6. cliffed

    Niceic technical help

    Talked to the tech line the other day hoping to confirm what I already knew, but with a definite answer regarding issues on EICR, on a property 40+ years old. Not a great experience I must say, putting all the onus back on me, What do you think you should do? At the end I gave a very...
  7. B

    UK Need an ECR -NICEIC or NAPPIT?

    Hi all I need an Electrical Integrity Report for a rental property as it’s becoming mandatory in Wales. Does it matter who I use be it NICEIC or NAPPIT? I think both are qualified to perform them but only NICEIC do EICRs? NAPPIT name them something else I think?? Anyone confirm this a d...
  8. I

    NICEIC Software Recommendations

    Hello Any recommendations for test cert software for use by NICEIC contractors? Currently using the Clik Cert software on a desktop which is fine but looking to start using tablets on site. Is Clik Cert software good and essy enough to use for this or can someone recommend something better...
  9. P

    Electrician walked out - worth involving NICEIC?

    Long story short - our electrician walked out 2/3rds of the way through a complete rewire including a new fuse box. Is it worth complaining to NICEIC? I've got another electrician willing to finish the job; NICEIC have said they can't help with my complaint if that's the case but if the original...
  10. K

    NICEIC assessment question

    Hi all, I have my NIC assessment on Tuesday and only job I've been able to get access to so far is a board change I've done recently as NIC only phoned me Friday to arrange. Question I have is that there’s no isolator in place at the property so wasn't sure if they'll accept a job where ive...
  11. J

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Applying for an ECS Gold card with the following:

    I have completed the following qualifications gained from a 3 year level 3 advanced apprenticeship: - EAL NVQ Diploma Level 2 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (foundation competence) - EAL NVQ Diploma Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering: Mechatronics Maintenance Technician Standard...
  12. Baker1988

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic qs for two company's at same time

    I will keep this short can i be a qs for niceic for 2 different company's? I am the qs at the company i work for but i am doing alot of guvvy work on a weekend which includes consumer unit changes. i asked my boss/principle duty holder if i could notify it through the company but he has said...
  13. cliffed

    Niceic new app love it or hate it

    Liking the Niceic app taking all the hard work out of remembering & doing the Cal’s, these youngsters have got it easy…well done Niceic are they finally getting into the real world, this is what we need & more
  14. cliffed

    Niceic certification

    DB not connected directly to the main supply. The confusing bit, characteristics at this DB, is this still related to the Distribution circuit. You can actually read it both ways, I’ve been entering the Distribution circuit but now have my doubts.
  15. spud1

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC renewal assessment debacle!

    Hi All, I recently had my NICEIC renewal assessment. We are a two man band. We only carry out small local work and we are approved contractors & domestic installers. We have always (for the last 17 years at least!) had a half day assessment from the NICEIC. The freelance assessor they sent...
  16. M-B-Electrical-Services

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Upcoming NICEIC Assessment

    Hi all, Just a quick question really. I have recently decided to go from using NAPIT to NICEIC as my Certification Scheme Provider and my assessment is this coming Friday (still not had any contact from the assessor though)? I'm a little nervous about it but am confident my paperwork and...
  17. someconsumer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Complaint? Waste of time.

    Honestly... I speechless at this story. The NICEIC have just washed their hands of a valid complaint. Ever heard of a new build property with 7x C2's, 5x C3's and 6x FI's? I own one. 2x electricians (both Napit and NICEIC) said major problems including C2's. EICR produced with pictures -...
  18. J

    Two NICEIC installers failed to spot the lack of earth

    Agent contacts me with an urgent request for a CU upgrade in Camden. They send over an EICR done the previous month and I have a quick skim. All seems pretty simple, CU needs an upgrade and some basic tidying of fixtures etc. Only 3 circuits so I'm not overly bothered about doing another EICR...
  19. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC online form confusion

    I am constantly confused by the online installation form and what they refer to as "main switch", and "installation worked on". If I have the following arrangement, on a TT system: Which is the "main switch / switch fuse /breaker / RCD" referred to in part 8? 100mA RCD, 45A Switch fuse, or...
  20. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Should this pass NICEIC Test

    Hi all, I had an electrical test carried out on a property before moving in - it passed. since moving in I've had some challenges with the electrics. One highlight being the upstairs lights are wired into the sockets. It's been suggested to me this shouldn't have been a pass based on this? Can...


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