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no power

  1. R

    5amp Lighting circuit with no power

    I have a 5amp lighting circuit throughout my flat which should power a total of four 3-round pin outlets. The 5amp circuit also powers two smoke alarms (backed up by battery). It is my guess that the circuit also powers the lights under the cupboards in my kitchen. MCB switch is on. Cycling the...
  2. H

    Curious problem - no power to switched toilet extractor fan

    Our toilet extractor has, or so I thought, been failing (delayed startup, bit intermittent) for some time, and yesterday it finally stopped working. Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. It's going to be a bit of a pain to replace, so I though I would check the connections first just in case. Imagine my...
  3. M

    Creda Advantage 550C No Power?

    Evening Guys, A little bit of advice if that's ok, We have a Creda Advantage 550C model shower was working fine earlier today, gone to use it this evening and its just not working. there is power to the breaker (pull cord) but when i press the buttons they click but nothing?? I know its not...
  4. happyhippydad

    No power to immersion

    Morning all. I have just been to a house where there is no power to the 13A FCU feeding the immersion. I believe I have found the corresponding MCB in the CU although it is difficult to be sure as there is only continuity on the CPC, it is labelled water heater. There is no continuity from...
  5. G

    Need electrician advice - Replaced light switch successfully, but no power in other areas connected to same breaker panel switch

    Yesterday, I replaced a light switch (as I've done several times before). When I turned the breaker panel back on, the light was working - but now the other lights connected to that same breaker panel do not work. I re-checked all connections and reset the GFI (the outlet works) but no luck with...
  6. T

    multiple circuits stopped getting power same time, replaced all, still no power??

    video explaining/showing problem View: https://youtu.be/VjtsPzzZYrQ this is a eaton cutler hammer circuit breaker. The house was built in 1969 but the breaker was upgraded to this eaton 9 years ago when i bought it. House uses mostly older outlets that are 2 prong, not 3 prong. HOuse does...
  7. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    No power to CU or meter after resetting RCD

    I was working on a lighting circuit connected to a 3 phase board. The board has a single RCD effectively acting as the main switch. After tripping the RCD by cutting a wire (the old circuit isolated via MCB but Neutral still connected reason), I found that the power to the board didn't come back...
  9. P

    UK Sockets not working in 1 room only

    Hi everyone, Firstly thank you to all on this forum who helped me to track down the problem with the plug sockets not working in 1 room of my flat - i came across this website and the comments helped me immensely! I have registered and joined this group so i can share my experience and...
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