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  1. D

    Is everyone’s work pretty much back to normal ?

    work pretty much back to normal or still slow due to the pandemic...? my stuff has slowed quite a bit , got one or two things on the go , one or two quotes in but no where near as much post pandemic
  2. N

    How to change normal circuit for lighting to a light sensitive circuit?

    I have garden lights and lights on my fence that I would like to arrange for them to switch on automatically when the sun sets for security purposes. I currently have switches for all the lights on the fence and the garden lights are huge LED appliances that are also hooked up and switched on by...
  3. C

    Normal Power and Emergency Power Side by Side

    Would this be allowed in the UK? Normal power bus duct right next to critical and equipment bus duct? View: https://Upload the image directly to the View: https://Upload the image directly to the FWIW the 15kv essential system is encased in concrete and separate from the 15kv normal system.
  4. L

    Emergency Lighting With Normal Lights

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. How would you go about operating normal lights with a maintained fitting ? eg, one maintained bulkhead and 4 Downlight's. A key switch with a separate 1 gang light switch next to it. The light switch to operate the bulkhead and...
  5. D

    Normal for a house alarm to be on upstairs lighting circuit?

    For a few weeks I've had my upstairs lighting circuit on and off at the board, not noticed anything. Last week my decorator buried some of the cables coming out of the alarm box (just above my fuse box/consumer unit). When I now switch on the upstairs lighting circuit, there's a red light on my...
  6. J

    Voltage on ungrounded PC case, is it normal?

    Hello So my ungrounded PC case have some potential/voltage on it. Of course when i ground the case there's no voltage reading. But my question is -is it normal for an ungrounded PC case to have voltage? I mean PC power supply, should not pass 12V on the case, it should be isolated, right? No...
  7. G

    UK What kind of socket

    My appartment building has hallway plugs with a different fitting to every day plug sockets - it's the same as a normal uk plug socket except the distance between the top hole and bottom two is considerably shorter. What kind of socket is it?
  8. S

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?
  9. Blehstor

    Tachometer reading four times as normal

    Hello everyone. I installed a new instruments panel with a tachometer for my old car (Fiat Uno) the board is for a Fiat Palio but the connections are the same and the panel fits perfectly. The only problem is the tachometer, it displays 4000 rpm when the car is turned on but idle, and goes all...

    Earth Leakage Relay connection with normal CT

    Hi Can I connect normal Current Transformers (CT) instead of Core Balance Current Transformers (CBCT) to Earth Leakage Relay.. Thanks
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Sources of larger than normal ceiling roses

    Got a job fitting some bits and bobs in a house, its a new build and the people who built it butchered the ceiling, even a light weight lamp shade pulls the ceilign roses out of the plaster board, they used rawl plugs and screws and no joist in sight! when they cut open the hole to get to the...
  12. R

    What is this and is it normal? Council electrics

    It's been almost 4 years since the council updated all the electrics in the house, at the time they moved the fuse box to the back wall rather than the side wall. Today curiosity got the better of me and I'm just wondering what this is, as it doesn't look normal. At the time a council inspector...
  13. P

    Changing a dimmer switch to a normal switch - help needed please.

    Good afternoon, I bought a switch from my local electrical shop with the intention of swap it for the dimmer switch. Having taken the unit apart I have found four wires going into the existing dimmer switch. One black, one grey and two brown. Question is where do I connect the four wires to on...
  14. S

    Lsf cable in shop ? Or normal twin and earth

    Do you need lsf cable in a shop if it is not spec or can I just use twin and earth for lights and sockets
  15. Andy C

    Old Butler and Maid panel repair, ideas please.

    I have been doing some work for a friend of mine and he has an old wooden indicator box with 6 flags in it for various rooms and an indicator for the main door to the house. The relatively new bell wire that was put in by the electrician that rewired the place (not me) is all fine, I have...
  16. A

    is this normal or are these cowboys?

    I've just had electricians in to do a whole house rewire. I think his intention was to have 4 guys on the job but as it turned out they always seemed to be away on other jobs. In the end they rushed the work to get finished on the last day. The guys attitude is that the job is complete but the...
  17. S

    Emergency Lighting Tests - should normal lights go off?

    Hi There I work on a large Government site with 500+ emergency lights, both maintained and non-maintained. Some of the emergency lighting circuits are wired so that upon carrying out a key switch test the normal lighting goes off. But there are some emergency lights where the normal lights...
  18. T

    Domestic Wires under no floorboards ?

    How would you approach laying in ring downstairs with no floorboards or joists just bare ground, the property is being refurbished ? Bit puzzled by this one !
  19. F

    On call pay rates?

    Hi all. Given up being self employed after 25 years and got a post as maintainence spark on a mixed office, light industrial and accommodation site. Rate of pay is in line with jib so happy enough there, but been asked to go on call. Week at a time. Covering mon to Friday 5pm to 8 am, 24 hrs sat...
  20. B

    Leaking Washing Machine ?

    A while back my daughter asked me to call in after work as her washer as leaking (aprox 2 years old) I got there could see it had been leaking so checked all the hoses level switches etc all seemed well. Put it on without any load in it and watched it fill and empty all seemed normal. So I...
  21. M

    Mcb To Rcb / Rcbo

    Hi, I am erecting a porch, I will have a single light and a socket in the porch, taken from the current circuits. My consumer unit has Protek MCB-106/2B 6A for the downstairs light an Prokek MCB-132/2B 32A for the sockets. Would the recommendation / Regs be to change the RCB's or RCBO's ...
  22. M

    Domestic Cooker switch buzz

    Hi all, Had a call last night regarding a 32A hob supply (dedicated). The neon had gone off and the hob was not working but the socket on the isolator plate was working. While the caller was explaining, apparently the table lamps plugged into the ground floor ring flickered, the neon came back...
  23. R

    Domestic CCTV system with automatic switch on TV

    Hi everyone. Someone has phoned me and asked for a CCTV system. They say their friend has one when the camera is activated through motion it will change channel on his normal TV or pops up in the corner? I've asked him to ask his friend for the make but wondered if anyone on here has any...
  24. happyhippydad

    Screwfix sale on Timco screws..

    I wouldn't normally bother putting up any screwfix 'deals', but this one is VERY good if you fancy buying in bulk or live near a screwfix! It looks like it's just on some 'Timco' screws, so you can either follow the link supplied below, or go to the screwfix website and type in 'timco' and then...
  25. B

    Best GU10 LED replacement

    Anyone have any recommendations? Want warm white but a lot seem to give off a greenish colour? cheers
  26. N

    advice on a job

    Hi guys, I got called out to a jon today and the customer is wanting 19 lights fitted on his wall, these lighrs slot into the space of a brick thats been taken out, each light has a 20w lamp, 19 x 20 380W so roughly bout 1.5amps, there is already an outside socket fed from the ring, wouldit be...
  27. K

    Lighting with pirs and emergency

    Hi, been tasked with this circuit. its being wired in singles onto kliks. have a good idea, but dont want to mess it up.
  28. A

    Dimming LED's But with a little twist

    Will It Work ?????? Right, i have a customer who has a light fitting that has x3 watt halogen bulb light fitting run from a normal dimmer atm. They are having wardrobes fitted that will have x3 GU10 Dimmable LED down lights on the outside :omg_smile: (Must be LED as they like the day white...
  29. P

    reversing a thermostat

    Is it possible to reverse the switching on a normal 230v AC thermostat, the spec is for an extraction fan to kick in when the heat builds up. I know that I could use a relay to reverse the normally open and closed sequence but something out of the box would be better. Thanks Phill
  30. M

    60V on light (pendant) with light switch off.

    Have been called to a recently installed installation. Customer noticed one of the GLS BC LED lamps was glowing when turned off. Here are the facts: Circuit tested - all tests appear normal. Wired with feeds at the switch. All lamps are LED Measured voltage when lights switched on is...
  31. B

    remote controlled lighting

    can anyone advise me on how you would wire up 8 downlights to be controlled by a remote control? also can the downlights be low voltage leds? any help would be appreciated
  32. D

    Emergency key switch wiring

    Hi Guys, Can you help ? I just wanted to know how you wire a key switch and normal switch together. Is this how it should be :- Feed from board to common on key switch power to emergency lights comes off the load side of key switch loop feed comes off the common side of key switch to common...
  33. O

    Domestic [Need Advice] Reuse phone chargers

    Hi everyone, I'm making a house model in which I use one VAC bulb and another one but uses DC source. What blocking me at the moment is the electric source of the VDC bulb. I want to use circle in phone charger (I have many of them, ones of Nokia 12xx) to transform VAC into VDC and I tried but...
  34. E

    ATLPT Reviews?

    My dad's been with these guys since August and he's starting to complain about how bad their service is. What experience have you guys had with ATLPT? It seems very isolated, he isn't getting a whole lot of help from his tutor. Is this normal?
  35. Amp David

    Weekend working

    Anyone else is SE work on the weekends. Have so many people who accept my quotes, then say you'll have to do it on a Saturday though. Do they just think its them who work Monday to Friday and actually have a weekend :bomb2:
  36. D

    two way switching in three places

    i have a cosmetic problem that i am looking for an answer for. got a bedroom that has 2 way and intermediate switching in place at the main switch is the three core and the live and switched live at switch 3 there is the other end of the three core and also bedside light switch, which is 1 way...
  37. i=p/u

    working close friends of family and the likes

    dont you just hate when working for close friends of family, then you bill them and then makes you fee un comfortable after all hard work..... example; pat tested 60 items, changed 5 socket fronts and added new double socket beside cu. charged the guy £151.50 , have me mother and all ringing me...
  38. SolarCity

    Renusol Intersole on plain clay tiled roof

    Has anyone installed a Renusol Intersole system on a plain clay tiled roof? I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be ok, but it's just that every example I've ever seen of it shows it installed on thicker pan tiles. Presumably it would be ok but would sit a little higher than normal?
  39. R

    A Querry about DNO and costs

    I have been going thru a Connection and line check with my local DNO. To start with they said the line won't support my export capacity. They sent thru plans and quote to upgrade the cabling, and i noticed they were talking about the wrong meter ptn. I pointed this out to them...
  40. C

    500mA RCD

    HI, first post so treat me gently please! (Also posted this in the Sticky Threads by mistake). At work we have a moveable electric hoist unit that travels round and gets plugged in via a fly lead on a spring loaded cable extension drum to one of various sockets. The sockets are fed as a radial...
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