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  1. Lister1987

    Guidance Notes Changes?

    Those that have them, Guidance Notes; how frequently are they actually updated (beside changing yellow to blue)? I'm seriously considering getting some 17th edition GNs as they're a hell of a lot cheaper than the updated ones; if the actual content isn't changed then I just might but don't know...
  2. J

    Compex Ex 01 - 04 course help (notes & advice)

    Hi all, I am due to start the compex ex 01 - 04 at the end of June. From hearing back about a number of people who have failed the course it sounds like a tough, tricky course indeed. If you have any notes at hand to help with the course it would be great. Thanks. John
  3. i=p/u

    Useful notes for testing electrical installations

    Did anyone ever make up a new, useful notes for testing g sheet
  4. T

    failed compex refresher unit - help

    Compex Ex01 - 04 refresher notes Hello guys I've got my compex refresher this week and was wonder if anyone has any notes or advice for me ? ive been reading the toolbox book for a few days and I feel quite confident on that but i know things can change on the day in test conditions
  5. S

    New Am2 Notes?

    Hi Guys+Girls, Short + Cheeky but I've got my am2 next week. So i was just wondering if anybody had any of their notes they got when they did theirs which i could maybe have a look at? it would be a massive help and would be greatly appreciated thanks. sammyjd
  6. D

    Bitron entry-phone wiring

    Hi chaps, Thankfully this is my own cock up, not a clients... Took the entryphone off the wall in my flat while I redecorated, making careful notes of which terminals the cables went to. Unfortunatly, when disconnecting, an internal wire to the buzzer popped out of it's terminal and I've no...
  7. L

    ELFi testing

    Hi all, tis me again, knee deep in paperwork and still not done any revision for my exam tomorrow..... I need to write the method for earth fault loop impedance test but seeing as i have never done it... we werent allowed to do any live tests other that the RCDs i cant put pen to paper, i know...
  8. S

    2392 testing

    Hi all, Just preparing for my 2392 practical exam. I seem to be confusing myself and my brain is going blank when I’m trying to get prep notes together!! Please could you read through my notes below and let me know if I have messed something up! Cheers * attached *
  9. S

    Finding information about heating systems

    Hi I am brand new to this forum I’m student of electronics systems and my trade is heating systems. I want complete notes type information online. If you have any information in this subject so please share with me. Thanks
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