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  1. N

    BS7671 Longest Reg Number

    Hi the longest reg number I’ve found in BS7671 2018 is pg 318 722. & .2 respectively. Anyone found a longer reg number? Nick
  2. spud1

    What is the BS number of the DNOs cutout fuse?

    Hi, Is the DNOs cutout fuse still a BS1361 type II fuse or has this number now changed to BS88-3 ? (For the purposes of entering particulars onto certification) Thanks in advance
  3. M

    Scantronic tags restricted number range

    Hi Folks, After some experimenting I have concluded that the Scantronic control panel has a limited range of tag numbers that it will accept. I have dozens of tags, all of which respond normally to an RFID reader, and some of which were specified as compatible with Scantronic panels. But only...
  4. C

    Tester serial number traceable?

    Hi, A few months ago my drills and tester were stolen from the van, i have replaced the items now but was wondering if the serial number on the tester can be reported? So if it is used on a test NAPIT/NIC and the likes are aware its stolen?
  5. F

    Maximum number of lighting points

    Hello, Could any Irish members on here either tell me the maximum number of lighting points permissable on a circuit? I seem to remember a Fàs teacher mine saying that it was 10. The reason being that it's to do with a property being put into darkness in the event of a fault. I also think that...
  6. Zdb

    Type tested regulation number.

    Does anyone know the reg number that states that you can't mix protective devices? I have searched the forum but the search tool isn't great. Thanks
  7. Marti

    If you're selling your private number plate I might be interested.

    Just on the chance that anyone fancies selling their private number plate in the future , I might be interested if it electrical or electrician related. I realise they are not to everyone's taste and I'm compensating / having a crisis / shallow / infantile / got better things to do with limited...
  8. T

    Anyone know the BS number for Memera 21 board Main Switch

    I've searched the Forum for this, but not getting any hits. Doing an EICR and need the BS number. Any help gratefully received :)
  9. W

    Minimum number of sockets?

    My existing kitchen is being rewired? Would it need to comply with the number of sockets in the OSG in table H7? My kitchen is small. Having 6 double sockets (plus cooker switches etc.) looks stupid and I would struggle to use half of them given. My interpretation is that these are just...
  10. E

    to those of you who number 2 in portaloo

    STOP IT.
  11. H

    BS number help please???

    Hi All Does anyone know the BS number for these fused isolators, ones rotary and the others got an extendable handle. 63 + 100amp 3-phase? Thanks
  12. K

    Number of LED batten lights required in garage workshop.

    Hi All, I hope someone can give me a bit of advice on how many LED batten lights I should install in my new workshop. I am hoping to create lighting that will give a good even spread of light that will mean I can easily see what I’m doing no matter what part of the workshop I am in. I will be...
  13. Murdoch

    Model number please ....

    Hi Guys Been sent this picture Anyone know the model number and if there is a current direct repalcement? Thanks...
  14. C

    Advice on this little number! Power and lighting in same switch?

    Hello all! So this is not something I've ever come across and wanted your opinions. (Refurbishment project) So in the garden area there are 2 external wall lights and a water feature in the garden. Clients wants to be able to switch both items on at the wall by the French doors at normal switch...
  15. littlespark

    Limit to number of devices on BT Homehub 6 (infinity2)?

    After a lot of t-ing and fro-ing, I got a replacement HH6 from BT as the original was disconnecting devices at random. I was asked on the phone once about how many devices, and when I listed them, they said that was the problem. As my wife and I both work from home, with 3 kids, I probably have...
  16. C

    number min sockets HMO

    Hello guys in a HMO i saw some guidance charts on recommended number of sockets does anyone have this to had. carried out an EICR on a HMO and noticed quite a few singles sockets and no double with quite a few extension leads.
  17. Murdoch

    The number plate thread ...............yes really

    Spotted this today: Feel free to add ones you see!
  18. power up

    Power up electrical

    We are an nic eic registered electrical company we undertake all types of electrical work from full house rewire to adding and extra light or socket. We install intruder alarms, cctv door entry systems, Ariels, fire alarms, Internet cables, testing and inspection and landlord electrical...
  19. Dan

    Bookmatch Bathroom number 4/4

    Bookmatch Bathroom number 4/4 advice reviews and feedback 2017 Here is the 4th bookmatched bathroom project that @GaryTheTiler and I undertook before Christmas. Due to delays caused by the contractor, Gary had to move back to another project... Bookmatch Bathroom number 4/4 Are you a DIYer...
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