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  1. Dan

    Record numbers online!

    Online statistics Members online: 805 Guests online: 1,832 Total visitors: 2,637 805 logged in right now. Record broken, this is a new record. "Most visitors online was 2635 , on 10 Dec 2019" - Another record broken. And 998 users in 24 hours logged in. Another record broken. Can see this...
  2. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  3. Rpa07

    Friday night numbers game

    Post your unread posts number and see who is the highest and who is the lowest. I’ll start with mine being 10,909 Oh I feel dirty now!
  4. J

    Confused about the terminal numbers in a distribution board

    Recently I’ve started my level 3 electrical course but get confused with what the numbers mean for the earth and neutral terminals .
  5. C

    Information BS Numbers

    Hi I am trying to find a BS number for a ceramic type bottle fuse, i think it will come under BS 1361, but i need this confirming, also i need a Bs number for a LT250 glass fuse, if there is one.
  6. happysteve

    EICRs: observations and test results that dismay me

    Eh up :) I don't do EICRs - not enough experience - but the things I see on some reports done by others really dismay me. Perhaps some of my understanding needs improving, I dunno. Or perhaps the CPSes have their own set of guidelines different from the sources I use? In the examples below, I'm...
  7. Doomed

    RCD's and portable arc welders

    Replacing ring main in metal working workshop. They frequently have 2 portable arc welders on the go. The sockets are all now supposed to have RCD protection, but will the arc welders trip them out? Asking as had a problem potentially like this in a professional photography studio where several...
  8. O

    Nice to know I've been throttled!!!

    I've been buying Lottery tickets since 1993 when it started and have done OK over the years. Today I've been trying to buy a ticket online but every time I tried to log into my account, I got this page: https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/v/traffic-mngt/throttling/standard.html And I have the...
  9. Sintra

    Clik software

    Anyone using the NICEIC Clik software package? If so what do you think about it?
  10. S

    eicr question

    Hello, I am a new spark and even though I do not want to (and shouldnt do) eicr yet as I am not yet that competent, I am just really trying to expand my knowlege and be the best I can. My question is I have been reading the onsite guide on page 170 there is a list that one must inspect eg...
  11. O

    NICEIC - abuse of 0870 numbers

    I've got a bee in my bonnet about companies ripping me off using 0870 numbers instead of using free numbers: NICEIC | About Us | Contact us And these are the rules since June this year: A Quick Guide to the 0845 and 0870 number changes Which I read as the NICEIC should be offering a non...
  12. carl9254

    Fuse Type

    Anyone know this fuse type, bs number, size etc?
  13. T

    Organising, Invoice Numbers, Purchase Orders and Quote numbers help needed! Software?

    Hello folks, Once again i find myself turning to the forum for advice, this time its paperwork related. I am getting myself in a right mix up with my invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, quote numbers and job numbers..... please can a few of you shed some light on how to organise said...
  14. T

    voltage optimizer

    Hi All, Been offered a job installing voltage optimizers in households in the New year,found the job on job centre website and was wondering if anybody knows if this some kind of Government scheme,has anybody else applied for this job and if its some kind of scam as they are asking for my bank...
  15. E

    makita brushless combi drill

    I currently have a makita BHP 451 combi drill, but on too many occasions recently i've found it too big and heavy to do what i want it to do. In the US of A they sell a brushless combi drill LXPH05, and theres a seller on ebay offering them for £80 delivered. from looking at the specs i can see...
  16. RogertheBodger

    Phone Query.

    Hi All. I have a customer who wants to move his office to his home. Consequently he wants to take his business phone number with him, he also wants to keep his existing home telephone number, he wants an ADSL line too, which shouldn't be a problem. What may be a problem is that there is only a...
  17. D

    Domestic NIC certification software

    Hi All, have just purchased the NIC certification software and also purchased some certificate numbers, i thought this was going to be so much easier than doing the paper version, but how wrong was i, according to the software i have downloaded my cert numbers but i cant find them no where and...
  18. M

    EICR specific reg numbers / references

    Afternoon, I'm trying to simplify the paperwork for myself and others regarding filling in an EICR Schedule Of Inspections. Does anyone know of any guidance to specific regs numbers for each item eg "means of main isolation - where present" - reg 537.1.4?, or "Provision of earthing and...
  19. D

    Getting the customer's MPAN

    Chaps, do know of anywhere that could tell us a customer's MPAN number with us having to bother the customer? Ta!
  20. S

    Phone Numbers on Van

    Hi, newbie here. Just getting van sorted. Want to put phone numbers on van, question is which ones. I've narrowed my options down to: 1. Geographic virtual number (with my home town std code) which I can easily fwd to the mobile, or 2. Same as (1) but with the mobile as well. Any...
  21. S

    New AM2!!

    Hi i'm new on here so hello!! I am really concerned about my up and coming AM2 as i dont do 3 phase,motors,C/heating systems and pvc singles inc earthing of metal containment etc!! What is the online exam like? And which test documantation has to be filled in?? I would appreciate any help...
  22. E

    landline diversion to mobile

    can anyone recommend who to call if i want to divert my landline to my mobile? my landline is with virgin media thanks
  23. H

    Logo feedback

    Just put this together let me know what you think guys! Given my recent wind up of Durham, i thought it best to obscure my tel numbers as if he gets hold of them im doomed!
  24. S

    Isolator Required From DNO

    On my install at home Thurrock (Essex) I would like an isolator fitted before my CU so that I can isolate the grid supply to my house. What DNO do I contact for this, all I can find is emergency numbers online. Do they normally charge for this? Thanks
  25. E

    diverting calls to your mobile

    Whats been your experience with this? do customers prefer to have a landline number instead of a mobile number? whats every1s opinion on this
  26. Markc

    Stolen Panels

    Hi All, One of my suppliers emailed this through today regarding theft of panels from one of their manufactures outside the UK, I thought I'd give it more of a spread by posting here as well. They wrote: I want to inform you about the following topic: Around 2 weeks ago 216 KPV PE...
  27. BigSi

    Not another phonecall!!!!

    I recently took the plunge and started up on my own. I read all the info I could find on the internet regarding starting up a new business, and got all the relevant literature from local business groups. I thought I had taken everything into account, and felt pretty confident that I had thought...
  28. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC required certificates

    I was browsing in the electa-course website and noticed they are selling software for £30 which has all the different types of electrical certification, you just fill it in and print it off. I was wondering do NICEIC accept these types of certification from their approved contractors and...
  29. D

    Good Software

    Just had a visit from the NIC man. Good news! Well impressed with the quality of work. Bad news he's not happy with are test certificates. The question whats the best & easiest software for producing good certificates?:confused:
  30. G


    Does anyone have any good contact numbers forany of the DNO's out there. Trying to get supply parameters is a bit like asking for there bank and PIN details - no one I speak to has a clue @ Ze, PFC, fuse type and rating. I can spend days just going round in circles.......help!!
  31. P

    Am2 Issues...Maybe?? Helpppp

    Ok im doing my am2 as u all probably know, i finished my 10 hour composite test today.. i've just missed out on a few times and i wonder if i get picked up on it .. Firstly i didnt label the cables in the contator/isolate box for the motor circuit. Secondly i missed labelling the circuit...
  32. S

    Old problem with circuit length calcs

    Sorry to bring up an old post but im confused. I have carried out tests on a kitchen ring final wired in 2.5mm/1.5mm T&E, results as follows: r1=0.36 rn=0.34 r2=0.59 I then joined leg 1 of line conductor to leg 2 of cpc and leg 2 of line conductor to leg 1 of cpc and measured the R1+R2 at...
  33. L

    Anyone have a good knowledge of BT systems etc?

    Need to get some answers about multiple line dialing systems. cheers
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