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    The First Table in Section 7 of Onsite Guide....

    The first table in the OSG, p64 (it has no table name). It says the following maximum loads are assumed per circuit, and then it lists circuits and their rating, along with Load. My question, is this table showing maximum load that it's recommended these circuits should reach? Or is the Load...
  2. D

    18th Edition Regs, Onsite Guide & GN3

    Hi, not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'm giving up the trade as I'm sick to the gut with crooked employers. I bought the 18th edition Regs, Onsite Guide and g.n.3 from the NICEIC over a months ago for £144, can't return them as it's over 30 days, I'm going back into the automotive...
  3. H

    Electrician Looking for Onsite Event Electricians

    Looking for reliable Electricians/Generator technicians for a busy summer of Events. Events are all round the UK but we are based in the South East.
  4. O

    No parking onsite ................

    So I'm doing an EICR on a flat tomorrow and I've just found out that the only local parking is a busy multi story commuter car park. So this mean being really organised with what I take, as the walk is a good few minutes each way and I've no control over where I can park! So I'm thinking of...
  5. D

    Guidance Note Books

    How much of the Guidance Note Books have Changes from Red-Yellow (2008-2015) and Green-Yellow (2011-2015) With every Book needing to be YELLOW is there any CHEAP deals to be made
  6. T

    Cert software

    I have used easy cert for 5 years. But I now have macs and the software is only compatible with Windows. Anyone use amtech? Does that run on Mac?
  7. J

    3 phase meter upgrade question?

    A customer of mine has booked a meter upgrade from 100a single phase to a 100a 3 phase meter so we can add an industrial oven to the system. the supply company have booked to come and fit the new meter on new years eve and I can't be onsite that day. I'm planning to fit a tp&n board before...
  8. Midwest

    Certification Software 2013

    I've recently passed my first scheme provider (ELECSA) assessment and I'm considering what certification software to go for, so hopefully you guys will be willing to share your experiences, I couldn't find a sticky/poll. I realise this is a regular question asked, but as technology moves with a...
  9. W

    Megger 1720 or 1730

    Hi all, well after passing my 2391 I'm looking at buying a Megger MFT 1720 or 1730. I can't decided which one to get. I like the idea of downloading results with the 1730 but is it really worth the extra money or should I just go for the 1720. What's people thoughts or experience with either...
  10. C

    Domestic Apprenticeship or Work Experience?

    Hey guys, basically i'll explain my situation. I'm studying to be a electrician privately so i'm looking for paid work experience, although that could come under as apprenticeship surely? but anyway, i'm qualified domestically in December but need/would like some experience onsite before i am...
  11. S

    Conduit fixing distences

    Hi I don't have an onsite guide. I would like to know the maximum horiztonal fixing distence for conduit saddles
  12. M

    megger 1700 series

    just wondering if anyone has tried out or has one of the new megger multifunction testers because im thinking of getting one? Megger MFT1730 OnSite Multifunction Tester - Megger MFT 1730 Electrical Wiring Tester with On Site Software - 17th Edition Test Equipment - Multifunction Testers - Megger...
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    surface mounted cables RCD or NOT?

    Hi Everyone A company has had its inspection failed for the following reason a Ring final circuit wired in pvc high impact 20mm conduit is not RCD protected. The situation is an accomodation block at a college inside the rooms with access corridoors. !. The onsite gude states 3.6.1 pagees 21...
  14. A

    Testing the water

    Hi, I have currently been tinkering around in the house installng some new lights, even fitting a new light in the attic. I currently work in retail, which at the moment is taking some hits with the credit crunch. What I really am asking is your industry suffering from the ecomony problems...
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