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    r1 + r2 No Reading, Open Circuit!

    Hi All, Busy doing an EICR and on 2 of the Socket Rings for the dead test I get the following results: Step 1: End to End (0.32 ohm r1, N ) & (r2 = 0.51 ohm) Step 2: r1 to N 35.6 ohm Step 3: r1 to r2 no reading At first I thought maybe I was testing the wrong r2 in/out but I traced the cable...
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    Open & Short circuit

    Evening all, I'm new to this so apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong threads. I'm an apprentice electrician. Due to the ongoing pandemic, my college assignments are currently being handed out online with very little communication and interaction from the tutors. I'm struggling with...
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    Open circuit on a ring main.

    Hi All! Officially losing my EF forum virginity with this one, and would greatly appreciate any help you guys could throw my way! Through Covid-19 and no work currently being undertaken, this would seem like the best opportunity to finish the portfolio for my qualification. I am a 3rd year...
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    Can anyone explain this reading (suspected open circuit)

    Alright troops ! First post here ! Any one come over this situation before ! Yesterday i connected an existing feed for cooker good into socket but it wasn’t working when I turned on! I tested between live and earth (240v) between live and neutral (12v ) and neutral and earth (0 volt ) I...
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