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    EICR Failed - Open circuit / No continuity

    Hi, I had an EICR done and it failed on one item which was a C2 and that was in our utility room. From what I was told there is an open circuit and no continuity. It took a long while but after questions asked, it was ascertained that the previous owner had an old boiler in the utility room...
  2. R

    Fox H1 max open circuit voltage,?

    I have 18 panels in 2 strings (37.8v open circuit voltage each) to be connected to a Fox H1 inverter. The manual says the below. Is the 600v open circuit voltage per string or for both strings combined? H1 series inverters can be connected with 2-strings of PV modules. Please select suitable PV...
  3. W

    Open circuit fault on ring

    What’s the Quickest method of finding exactly where the break in the ring is? It’s on the neutral conductor. Split ring and then join the line and neutral at dB and test between live and neutral at midway on both legs and narrow it down this way?
  4. E

    r1 + r2 No Reading, Open Circuit!

    Hi All, Busy doing an EICR and on 2 of the Socket Rings for the dead test I get the following results: Step 1: End to End (0.32 ohm r1, N ) & (r2 = 0.51 ohm) Step 2: r1 to N 35.6 ohm Step 3: r1 to r2 no reading At first I thought maybe I was testing the wrong r2 in/out but I traced the cable...
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    Open & Short circuit

    Evening all, I'm new to this so apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong threads. I'm an apprentice electrician. Due to the ongoing pandemic, my college assignments are currently being handed out online with very little communication and interaction from the tutors. I'm struggling with...
  6. J

    Open circuit on a ring main.

    Hi All! Officially losing my EF forum virginity with this one, and would greatly appreciate any help you guys could throw my way! Through Covid-19 and no work currently being undertaken, this would seem like the best opportunity to finish the portfolio for my qualification. I am a 3rd year...
  7. D

    Can anyone explain this reading (suspected open circuit)

    Alright troops ! First post here ! Any one come over this situation before ! Yesterday i connected an existing feed for cooker good into socket but it wasn’t working when I turned on! I tested between live and earth (240v) between live and neutral (12v ) and neutral and earth (0 volt ) I...
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    12v transformer open circuit.

    Hi, I've got a simple downlighter installation which comprises 2 halogen bulbs mounted inside the wooden surround of a decorative fire place. There is a simple one/off rocker switch (semi hidden) so that the lights can be turned on or off. So, I have a transformer which supplies the 12v to the...
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    Should a neon be open circuit when there is no mains supply

    My shower isolator, a MK 3164 whi 50A ceiling switch was not working, I found that that the two neutral terminals were not tight, the associated copper wires slightly burnt and there was a crack in the back of the switch. Consequently, I replaced it with another 3164. The switch works, ie the...
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    Earth fault and open circuit

    Could anyone explain a likely cause for each of those? Is the cause of an open circuit and broken conductor? Help would be appreciated. Can't find any info on this :/
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    Open Circuit or High Resistance - THE GREAT DEBATE

    A class of thirty students are presented with a question for there level 3 class assignment. L1 AND L1 = 2 Ohms N1 AND N1 = 2000 Ohms E 1 AND E1 = 2 0hms 29 of them say open circuit on the neutral. 1 says it is a high resistance fault because it is a finite reading and there for it can not be...
  12. G

    Open circuit on an alarm system.

    I've got an open circuit on a strobe, whilst trying to fit an Optima Compact Gen4 for someone. This is showing up as a tamper and I'm struggling to clear it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? It's been a while since I've worked on an alarm, I'm more into solar PV installs these...
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    Continuity r1 end to end.... Open circuit??

    I've had this problem twice in the past week where i bell out each end of the line conductor in the RFC, and theres continuity, even power up one end of the RFC and getting 230v back down the return. So you would think this is continuios throughout the ring going out and coming all the way...


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