1. G

    Milwaukee packout opinions

    How do people rate the Milwaukee packout stuff? Considering buying some but as it’s quite expensive I’d like to hear from electricians that actually use it. One thing In the back of my mind is the width , does it go through doorways in people’s houses ok ?
  2. P

    Opinions of this wiring

    Hi there Just after some experts opinions of this wiring of my consumer unit (image attached). It was installed by one electrician who installed the attached, they were then meant to other jobs in the property but went AWOL. Anyway, we then hired another electrician who finished off the other...
  3. S

    UK PV installation opinions?

    I had PV put on my roof and Comissioned into my existing CU, the electrician used a spare RCD in there which was unused but didn't label anything up and left holes all over the place and the 240v cable runs over the top of the floor? Is this acceptable?
  4. J

    Retraining as electrician - EAL or C&G? Prospective employers opinions on course-trained elecs?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of retraining as an electrician, but I'm weighing up my options and need decent advice from experienced electricians. Bit of background: 1 - Just turned 27 2 - Currently working as a chemical engineer - Only way to progress my career is to move country to country...
  5. W

    Hey people, i have two 3.5kw ovens to connect, customer has an existing 10mm t and e in situ on a 32 amp breaker, would this be okay in your opinions

    Hey people, i have two 3.5kw ovens to connect, customer has an existing 10mm t and e in situ on a 32 amp breaker, would this be okay in your opinions
  6. J

    Opinions on making safe

    What do you guys prefer to do if carrying out a ‘make safe job’ for example exposed conductors accessible to touch. Do you lock off (you may not be the person doing the work next) or do you disconnect the circuit and label what the problem is?
  7. Weezy

    UK Thoughts on Meter Tails Install?

    I’m rewiring a massive house and there’s a feed to a c.u in the old black rubber cable that needs replacing. I know that Meter tails follow the same guidelines as other domestic wiring, but i’m trying to avoid putting a rcd on supply end of the tails. The run is about 20meters long and going...
  8. E

    Getting multiple electrician opinions on EV Charger

    Hello, I'm looking into installing an EV charger in my condo that taps into the load of meter. I've gotten three very different opinions on if I have sufficient capacity to install the charger without also adding a 1.2k DCC that allows an EV charger to be installed without impacting peak load...
  9. R


    PLEASE HELP WE ARE AT RISK OF FURE OR SHOCK THIS IS A CODE 1,I’m disabled got no electricity in flat landlord cut it off since November 2019 to evict me fire in electrical cupboard
  10. D

    Downlight and LED tape opinions

    Hi All, I'm looking for peoples opinions on down lights, what are peoples preferred - Warm white Colour changeable Large beam angle I'm also interested in what LED tape you are using, ideally tape that can go at 90 degrees. All to be fire rated. TIA Dunk
  11. E


    Ok contractors on site have jointed a existing 4x70 to a new 4x70 to extend onto a chemical process panel and I was testing same today . Phase resistance is .03 and Pe is .10 so all good . I opened j box to discover both cables glanded ok and banjos linked via 10sq and bolted with gutter bolts...
  12. Darkwood

    New MFT - opinions

    Well I thought it was time to get a new MFT as the old one was 20yrs plus it got nicked too.. After a peruse and some tinterweb research I have opted for a Megger 1741 and it has arrived and first impression are pleasing, just wondered if anyone else has this particular model and what they...
  13. L

    Opinions on Martindale ET4500 tester

    Hi guys I’m starting out on my own, whilst still in employment (I do shift work, so working around that). I’ve been looking at dozens of multifunction testers and the Martindale ET4500 really stands out to me, it’s got great features and at a good price. There’s not many reviews on it though...
  14. S

    summerhouse/shed supply earthing

    Hi guys, widely covered topic but still a lot a mixed opinions/interpretations. I have scoured the BS7671, on site guide and the internet is search of anything black and white. I'm not looking for somebody to tell me how to do anything, just some experienced opinions on what appears to be a...
  15. R

    EICR code opinions

    Currently doing an EICR, query concerns a distribution circuit to a pool plant room around 200m from the intake. Supply is TNS and a TPN SWA is fed from a 63a type D underground to the pool plant. At the plant room the SWA is terminated into plastic trunking with a separated TT system taking...
  16. J

    Lighting plan - opinions desperately sought!!

    Here is my proposed layout for my open plan studio. I'm going for recessed 6" LED smart lights throughout, with the exception of three pendants over the 6' island. Lights are 3' from walls, except in the kitchen where it is 2' ( ie. 12" from upper cabinetry). They are spaced roughly 5-6' from...
  17. P

    Opinions please - leaking service head

    I went to a customers house to give a quote for a new consumer unit, and noticed the leak from incoming supplier. I advised the customer to contact her electricity provider who would resolve it, and hopefully upgrade the earth. Lady emailed me today to say UK power netwroks came and gave it...
  18. Midwest

    Opinions on outdoor socket

    I’m building a man cave/BBQ area. It has a substantial roof, a weather proof back wall, but open to the elements on the other three sides. It’s large enough so the back wall won’t be susceptible to rain etc. In the rest of the garden, I’ve used MK Masterseal sockets. However, they are a bit of...
  19. B

    Gobsmacked. Need opinions

    TITLE SHOULD BE GOBSMACKED... (Sorted that for you re' -'Darkwood') Hi all, been a while since I posted. I went to a job today and removed a socket for inspection. All I done was removed the socket screws, the terminations were not altered at all, literally just took the front screws out so I...
  20. S

    Eicr question opinions

    Interested to see opinions...consumer unit wired up as dual board but only 1 common neutral bar ..what code would you give