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  1. andysparkfree

    Nice testing opportunity , however does anyone know the average prices per circuit and sub-main?

    Hi guys, i hope you all good !! i have a quick question , i have to price a testing job to an 8 level office up town and im good at pricing labour for 8 weekends , however a few years ago (maybe 5) i think i was told a rule of thumb was each circuit was to allow £18 and each sub-main was around...
  2. H

    LED Lighting Install Team Partnering Opportunity - Commercial Projects

    Hi, Due to expansion, We are looking for more experienced LED Lighting installers to partner with us. Projects ranges in size to include public sector premises. We cover UK with high quality and customer service focus. Contact for more info or a chat.
  3. M

    Electricians Mate Electricians/Improvers/Mates Required for Commercial New Build Training Centre in Cambridge

    I am currently looking to speak with contractors in the Cambridge/Surrounding Area's for a commercial project. We have a number of requirements on sites and have immediate starts available also. Specifically I am looking for - 10 x Electrician's - £19phr - 4/5 Month contracts 10 x...
  4. J

    Job Opportunity

    Afternoon all. We are recruiting for a spark to take care of residential PV installations, maintenance, battery storage installations and EV chargers. Company is based in London and Oxford, majority of work around these areas. Get in touch if interested. Thanks, Joe
  5. Biggledyboo

    Moving abroad, opportunity or not?

    Evening all. Other half has potentially got a chance for a job across the pond in Canada. Not set in stone, but the missus has had a couple of interviews and things seem to be moving forward. So, I thought I need to make a few inquiries, just in case! My only reservations are my own working...
  6. polo1

    Rewire opportunity G73

    One for any lads in the Glasgow area. I have an opportunity to quote for a rewire, occupied property in the G73 area. Sandstone semi detached, 70% of existing wiring is still in lead :anguished: If you are interested in quoting pm me and I'll pass on your details to the customer. I'm not playing...
  7. S

    Teaching opportunity *gulp*

    Hey all Been a while and then some since being on here so hoping everyone is well. Not sure if this is the correct location to post but here goes. Ok, a massive opportunity has come my way to provide some temp cover teaching to various groups of learners in a FE environment. I am wondering if...
  8. 1Justin

    Top opportunity in world-leading sourcing role.

    Job opportunity. Major brand lighting manufacturer has an opening for a young mechanical engineer wishing to develop skills sourcing down to earth bargain basement products for our Screws department. We sell millions of light fittings. Where would electricians be without the handy little plastic...
  9. A

    To rival the scams

    Forum spawns electrical contractors register and self cert scheme membership. 42,000 members (and assuming most are sparks). Knowledeable and well respected senior members. Some retired and able/willing to provide a technical helpline. Low membership fees. Maybe operate as a cooperative...
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