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  1. F

    "Dumb" Voltage optimisers

    Called out today to fluorescent lights flashing on and off. Only 207v at fittings. after abit of a head scratch. Turns out they have had solar PV recently installed, a voltage optimiser was fitted at same time. Found the optimiser, it had 3 outputs 10% 8% and 6% reductions, originally installed...
  2. Andy-1960

    Voltage Optimisation Units

    Hi All, Have come across a site today where the client has had a voltage optimisation unit fitted on his incoming mains supply. The supply transformer is rated at 2MVA, and the voltage optimiser at 2250A (which appears to be undersized to me!) Just wondering if anyone has come across these...
  3. A

    Electrician Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  4. W

    Voltage Optimisers is this going to save you ££££ what do you think

    I'v been looking into voltage optimisers are you really going to save money boasts savings on 8-10% reducing incoming voltage basicly a step-down transformer and prehaps reduces heat loss from over voltage lower voltage higher current? I I believe it's to reduce IR from the Kvar KV calc...
  5. S

    String Voltage

    Hi just about to install my first solar system. Been a commercial electrician for 29 years but no PV experience. After pushed away from Micro inverters by advice from people on here I decieded on Solaredge. Have sized my system on the solar edge designer software. Now thats telling me I need a...
  6. J

    Looking for experienced Solar Edge installer in Lancashire/Cumbria

    My Solar Edge installation was damaged yesterday by a lightning strike close to the house. The inverter is completely dead - no lights, and no display - and my best guess is that there was a power surge from the panels to the inverter. There could be further issues, but to take matters...
  7. S

    Tigo, Solaredge or Blackmagic?

    Which optimisers shall I use? Any advice based on your real-world experience?
  8. S

    Panasonic VBHN240SJ25 and Solar Edge optimisers

    Having a bit of trouble matching these. I cant find where it sys how many cells the panel has and i can't seem to get the SE design tool to work!!! Grrrrr!! Can someone tell me which optimisers suit these panels please. Many thanks
  9. A

    voltage optimiser

    Hi all I have been asked to fit a voltage optimizer to a house with a rewirable fuse board. I am aware that the manufacturers reccomend not fitting to these but the customer doesnt want a cu upgrade. What are the issues in this situation and is there circumstances were they can be fit with this...
  10. S

    change/upgrade solar pv system

    I have a solar pv system whixh is 2 years old. My setup is over two roofs east/south due to roof configuration. 3kw with aurora outd 3.6 using the twin mppt inputs. 13 x romag 235w. 9 x east, 4 x south with the 4 south paired up with to on the east to give give enough voltage for the twin...
  11. T

    First Solaredge install

    Got our first Solaredge install next week, are there any steps in the installation process I should be aware of before we start? Apart from the usual (completed over 1MW of domestic installs so far) just never tried micro inverteres before Any guidance most greatfuly received Thanks
  12. P

    Solar edge

    Lads who stocks them please
  13. V

    Solar Edge and SMA Inverter??

    Hi guys, I've only recently stumbled upon these Solaredge power optimisers, Seem good and thinking of adding them on half of my array as they have shading in the winter months, so.. i have a 10 panel array, 5 with shading in winter months, Can i add 5 power optimizers for 5 panels and add...
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