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  1. Q

    Led ceiling Lights - one light Flickers when other is switched ON

    Hi, In my room 2 Led round ceiling lights are installed, week ago both were fine, but now when I turn on both lights, one starts flickering, even their emitting light is getting low... Is it switch problem or LEDs needs replacement?
  2. S

    USA Bog down on circuit but pick up on other

    I live in a duplex with an old Murray split bus panel. The issues I'm having atm are I have stove top but no digital oven controls. My dryer will just hum and dim lights. And my washer, fridge, microwave, and toaster will all bug down if I try to use them and dim the lights. But on another...
  3. J

    Anyone know of any manufactures of small recessed DB's or any other options?

    Hi all Have a job to replace 6 way recessed DB. Have looked extensively online but smallest can find is 10 way. Seems there's limited choice with these. Don't mind if have to chisel away abit to but need something preferably near the existing dimensions which are: Width 305, Height 180, Depth...
  4. Rockingit

    ‘Trendy’ to mount kit on strut for no other reason?

    Am I behind the times here? I’m being urged to mount a whole host of boards, iso’s, meters etc onto unistrut for no good reason (there’s perfectly good wall available and frankly it’ll look awful) because apparently it’s a current trend to do so?? Anyone come across this lately?
  5. B

    Noob looking for MFT and other bits of test equipment

    Hi. I'm looking to buy My First Multifunction Tester, a voltage indicator and a proving unit. Do you have any advice or links to special offers, bundles, etc? I'll be doing domestic EICRs, fault finding and remedial work (all domestic). TIA :) Edit: My budget is £800 all in
  6. P

    Hager split load board - 1 RCD tripping but not the other.

    Hi folks, My first post so hello! I’ve just put in a Hager 10 way split load CU at my in-laws and a new main isolator switch. They previously had an old rewireable fuse board, supply is via a 60A fuse and TT earth arrangement. No issues previously that I’m aware of. I didn’t get time to do any...
  7. baldelectrician

    Cancel income tax / VAT and other taxes and give people money- too good to be true?

    Saw this post from Business For Scotland (a pro indy business website) and I thought it was bonkers at first look. Once I read through it I noticed that someone on £26,500 a year would be £17k better off than...
  8. J

    Would you guys say this is burnt?

    On the other side it is the power transformer. Trying to figure out why my lg 55lf6000 screen keeps blinking in 1.5 second intervals. So I’m wondering if that spot looks burnt and hoping it is the cause. It’s just I’m wondering if that spot is normal.
  9. Lister1987

    Pimp my Regs / OSG / Other

    Those that have sat them before will no doubt have done it, tutors and the like will no doubt recommend they do and serving sparks will no doubt to it. Highlighting, marking and improving the usability of your regs (and/or other publications - OSG for example will make taking an exam (or just...
  10. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  11. J

    Other electrician replaced RCBO with MCB

    Was called out to a car park where they had the lighting circuit tripping out. Fixed the issue by putting damaged cables in an IP rated box. However just realised that the electrician who came out before myself took out the RCBO and replaced it with an MCB in hope that it would stop tripping...
  12. E

    MK K7666sMET consumer units, Ansell downlights and other unneeded stock for sale

    8 MK metal dual RCD consumer units. All come fully loaded with 100A main switch, 2 x 63A RCDs, and 10 MCBs (1 x B40, 4 x B32, 2 x B16, 3 x B6). 1 is missing the busbar (I used it for a job) but I have an MK replacement. A couple of the cardboard boxes are not perfect but the CUs are untouched...
  13. J

    How does one HALF CUT solar module affect the other modules in the string when it is partially shaded?

    Hello everyone, I have a fairly technical question. I wonder what will happen to the efficiency of the PV system when we shade the bottom of one solar module (HCC) connected in series? Will the performance of the entire string decrease by half because only the top works in this module? Isn't it...
  14. S

    Does anyone have the accreditation of "SafeContractor"? If so do you get a good amount of work from it. If not do you use any other sites

    Does anyone have the accreditation of "SafeContractor"? If so do you get a good amount of work from it. If not do you use any other sites
  15. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  16. L

    Domestic installer and other works.

    Im a domestic installer for around 4 years now. Have a few contacts from schools that have small electrical jobs that need to be done Such as Replacing emgency light fittings installing new circuits. Emegency light testing, replacing ballasts. Changing broken light fittings. Am i legally...
  17. S

    rewiring existing ceiling fan with light on a 4way & 3way(separate?)

    existing fan w/light;2switches(3&4way);can i put fan one 1 switch and light on the other switch? So I want to be able to turn off the light and keep the fan going. I currently have to unscrew the light bulb in order to have the fan running without light. Can I have the light on one switch and...
  18. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  19. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  20. V

    A Bad 3-Way Switch Can Cause Failure of the Other?

    Can a bad 3-Way switch cause another not to work, thus preventing either switch from turning on the light? Is this always the case? Thanks
  21. buzzlightyear

    the things you do for other peaple

    I have just received my knighthood for her majesty the queenie for services to industry I have not opened it yet ,it might be a knock back please try again .lol.
  22. Lucien Nunes

    'TA'; Territorial Army, an island in Micronesia or what?

    So I've gone from being 'esteemed' and 'respected' to just 'TA' which I assume means trusted advisor, although I am not sure why we have to be cryptic about it. People who want quick pointers on whose advice to trust are those outside the forum who don't know the contributors, who also won't...
  23. E

    Working as an electrician apprentice in other countries

    Hi I'm new to this forum.I am currently an electrician apprentice in Hong Kong. I yearn to work overseas. However, licenses may be required in certain countries. As far as I know, Australia trade assistant has to be granted provisional license in advance. If I want to start electrician...
  24. D

    Possibly one for Pete (or other older tool tarts)

    What does the AF on an old spanner stand for ??
  25. T

    TT and TNC-S next to each other

    We are currently doing a market square this involves in-ground lighting and providing sockets for the market traders. This involves two metered single phase boards The spec asks for the sockets to be on TT and not connected to PME. As the boards are metal. Am I correct that I shouldn't be able...
  26. Fitzy

    Junction boxes, other than Wiska

    Hi guys As the title says, other than Wiska junction boxes, what are the alternative junction boxes you use that are of equal quality and price?
  27. T

    A useful resource on line for free electrical books and other

    Electrical Engineering Books And Guides - Thought some might make use of this.
  28. A

    Electrician Can i connect 2 sockets to a fused socket and this inturn to a other fused socket

    There is a double socket on the wall where the main feed comes in and this is then connected to a none switch fused socket. Iv'e been told i can add a other fused switched socket and connect both together then run 2 additional sockets off the fused switch one?
  29. happyhippydad

    Snickers floorlayers trousers or other?

    After trying a couple of cheapy trousers years ago I have stayed with snickers floor layers for 5 years. I use them with the snickers 9118 knee pads which have outlived a few pairs of the trousers. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it worth spending the extra for the 'flexi' floorlayers trousers...
  30. pirate

    Serving suggestions and other daft notices

    Hi all! It's sad, I know...but do any of you think the "serving suggestions" are just plain stupid? Or the adverts on petrol pumps that offer you a mobile phone charger for £3.99, with a glossy pic...and the small print says that the iPhone isn't included... Or advertising signs that simply...
  31. M

    RCD on feeder to other DB

    Hi Guys, I am new here and would like you have your expert advice. So I have a dwelling with 4 floors - basement, ground, first floor and roof and I was going to make 2 DBs, one in the ground floor and in the first floor. Ground floor DB will cover basement and ground floor. First Floor DB...
  32. S

    New dimmer switch - light in other room started flickering?

    Hi there! I just replaced my kitchen light with the following and all was fine: Wickes Kazbah 4 Bar Spotlight - 4 x 50W | - Then I added this dimmer switch to dim the lights above: Wickes Dimmer Switch 1...
  33. O

    Do other trades actually think ????????????

    Came across this today, whilst fault finding. Fortunately I didn't need to look inside it or isolate any of the circuits ............ Could get interesting ....
  34. oracle

    Using other measuring equipment for testing?

    The Regs allow the use of other "measuring" equipment. Are any of you using such equipment and if so, what? Reg 643.1 The tests of Regulations 643.2 to 643.11, where relevant, shall be carried out and the results compared with relevant criteria.Measuring instruments and monitoring equipment...
  35. S

    Kids, once married do you get on with the other side of the family?

    Weird situation for me only met them a couple of times and they don't speak English (might be a blessing) and live over the other side of the world lovely family but it just seems odd. Daughter in law is lovely and they live in London, I know she gets homesick fro time to especially in the...
  36. Pete999

    Was watching this the other day, expect most of you have seen it

    Now I have know idea how the majority feel, a question was asked during the video series, and there are quite a few if you care to watch them. Now one of the points raised was in regards to the 5 week course qualification, Part P etc, it appears that the ubiquitous Part P "Qualification"...
  37. C

    EICR tick sheet other methods of protection

    Hi all, iv recently passed my testing and inspection course and have landed a job doing EICRs iv noticed that people I work with are ticking all the boxes in the section for "other methods of protection" I dont believe they should be. Can anyone give me a break down of what each point means...
  38. T

    BG RCBO ramp test on one of them shows trip at 15ma every other one is 24 ma

    So just did an EICR few problems mostly rectified. Customer wanted new CU so put in BG with RCBO just five circuits. Tests on EICR were fine except for high ohms on Zs for lighting first floor so tracking that down. All RCBO are fine except this one 32a ring final circuit. RFC tests all fine IR...
  39. B

    For Pete, or any of you other tool tarts

    Had a wera rep come round today. The company has kitted the new 'Azubi' (trainees) with a toolkit from Wera. (Very nice set I might add) Whilst having a nosy myself I spotted these: Wera Produktfinder -...
  40. S

    16mm SWA tails maybe 9 mtrs from isolator on a 100a supply, and other concerns - EICR opinions

    This has come up many times before and after a couple of hours reading previous posts I'm no closer to deciding on a code, note or nothing at all. BS7671 allows 16mm tails on 100A fuse if demand is less than the cables CCC, I have 16mm at 94amps and the max demand is 60a. From a previous post...
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