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  1. B

    Wireless outdoor controller

    Hi all, Trying to wire in some lights in the garden in multiple positions but all activated by one microwave sensor at the top of the garden. I cannot wire the lights straight to the sensor as landscaping ECT and I do not want them on independent sensors either. So I'm looking for a transmitor...
  2. N

    Need help with donestic outdoor light switch wiring

    Hello, I am new to this forum- is my first time posting so I'd like say hi to everyone. Im stuck with extending an outdoor socket, so I need help please. I currently have working duo ( socket and switch) outside my home. I want to extend it to a ne2 oitdoor socket few metres away I ha e...
  3. S

    Outdoor Lighting Specialist

    Hi I am a landscaper and I am looking for a S*** hot electrician I can call on to carryout landscape lighting quotations to run alongside our works. Obviously take on the works when contracts come in (some of these contracts do not start for 6 months after quotation issued) We are in Harrow...
  4. M

    Domestic Outdoor IP68 Joint Boxes

    I'm installing some outdoor lighting (in my garden). Run some swa to Wiska boxes. I intend to go from there with some TRS flex close to each light. The lights I've have are sealed, with 1.5m of flex, so I will have to extend the flexes. Was going to use some small Wiska boxes etc to do this, but...
  5. J

    Domestic Extending Outdoor Power with 2 double sockets

    Hello, would appreciate a steer please for extending power further into the garden. Fuse box has a dedicated fuse (see pic) for Garden providing 16amp. Had an electrician that has previously connected armoured cable from existing double socket in garage into new shed providing a double socket...
  6. D

    IP67 Push Switch to replace plastic outdoor light switch and bell

    Hi Guys, Please can I have some advice on IP67 switches. I would like to use outside to replace bulky plastic switch boxes available on the market. One will be used for a light switch and another for a door bell. I plan to use a stainless steel push switch mounted on the face of a small sealed...
  7. M

    Outdoor Lighting recommendations

    I'm doing my garden in me new build; well I'm paying someone to do the hard it 'landscaping' (it ain't that big). Obviously I'm gonna do my little bit and add some lighting. When someone else has asked for lighting products, I've always said try Collingwood Lighting. Now I always knew they...
  8. L

    Domestic What type of switch to use for outdoor lighting

    I am looking to install lights in my garden. The cable will be run from the garage from the main fuse box. I want to be able to switch the lights on and off without having to go into the garage. I was thinking of maybe Bluetooth via mobile or a remote. Can you give me some advise on the best...
  9. C

    Advice needed regarding P.I.R Outdoor security Light.

    Hi there, i currently have a outdoor light that comes on only when i flick the switch. i would like to install a motion sensor light instead. my question is can i use the existing wiring setup and switch, and just keep the switch in the on position so the light will come on when it senses...
  10. M

    Outdoor socket to internal switch

    Hi folks, I wonder if someone could enlighten me as to whether or not I could install an outdoor double RCD socket and wire it to a a pre existing internal switch? The switch itself would have been intended to be connected to an outdoor PIR and its in a new build house. The switch is wired...
  11. A

    Jumping current on outdoor 12v lighting circuit

    Hello, I have two almost identical circuits of outdoor 12v lighting setup in my garden, each running off a separate 20W 240v-12v transformers (12v Waterproof Transformer (Various Wattages) | 240v - 12v | 10W - 150W -...
  12. R

    Outdoor Cabin Feed Help

    Hi We are having a new log cabin installed at my work place and after some advice. Will be getting electrician to come and quote etc but would like to know what it entails first if possible. Currently we have one cabin (with lights, sockets, heater) this is fed via a 2 way garage DB - 40A, 63A...
  13. H

    Help for wiring an outdoor floodlight.

    Hi I need some advice/help as complete Novice. I have just purchased a new build and on this i have an outside light that is powered by a switch indoors. However I would like to install a flood light above it using the power that is supplying the existing light. There is a power block on the...
  14. S

    Domestic Garden Room Consumer Unit in IP65 Meter Box on outside wall

    Hi guys, quick introduction, I am only qualified as a domestic installer, not a full sparky. My company builds bespoke garden rooms. We have been asked to supply an outdoor dining room for a client and they are extremely keen on having the consumer unit and under floor heating controls on the...
  15. D

    Electric shock from outdoor security cameras

    Hi there. I just bought this outdoor security camera kit from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00WLJ38DO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When wiring it up, I noticed that I got a small sharp shock when touching the small screws on the metal casing around the cameras. I...
  16. Gaijin

    Outdoor Control Box advice (Earthing and design)

    Hi guys, I'm recently qualified so naturally a bit hesitant on my first jobs so looking for advice as much as possible. I'm working as a junior at a domestic job where the customer has a large garage which has a sub main (run from the main unit in the house via SWA) consumer unit in it...
  17. T

    Outdoor Flex Cable RR-F or RN-F

    Hi All, I have an Halogen Floodlight wired to a 20A JB situated on an external wall with no IP4X protection. I intend on ripping it out and rewiring it and replacing the floodlight with an LED alternative. However the issue I am having right now is regarding the cable. I planned on using...
  18. Murdoch

    Being lazy ............. corner outdoor wall light lantern

    Anybody know a supplier with lights like this? thanks
  19. Dan

    Hudson Lighting - Outdoor Lighting - Made in England! - Discount Code

    I'm proud to say that we have a new sponsor on ElectriciansForums.co.uk! Hudson Lighting was formed in early 2017 to fill the gap with external lighting - the gap being reliability issues and waterproofing. No short cuts are made with batch testing, all of the lights are tested running under...
  20. G

    Outdoor Heating, Blind Motors, New Circuits - Brain hurts!

    So, with the house job nearly completed, the wife wants some outside heating and the blind man needs to connect his motors for the new outside blinds coming... HEATER She’s found a 2kw infra red heater that, while I’m not keen on trailing cables on the deck will probably do the job if it’s...
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