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  1. S

    How to turn off power outside the house?

    Hello I have a 200 amp service that I want to turn off to install a mini split that’s located outdoors. What would be the correct steps to do this?? Indoors I know all I’d have to do is pull down the 200 amp breaker. Is it the same as outdoor or do I have to turn it off by the meter?
  2. M

    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  3. D

    Outside light visible wires

    Hi Guys, please can you give me some advice. We are having a rewire and the electrician has installed an outside light with the wire sticking out as shown in the image below. He said that there is no way to have the wire inside as it comes from the floor which is below the fitting. Is that...
  4. C

    Outside light.

    You might want to turn the pic on its side, appoliges! Here we have a diagram of outside lights. The 2.5 cable is coming from the C/U to the light outside then onto the switch. It's on its own circuit with nothing else added. Theres a separate socket on the other side of the wall which has...
  5. E

    Outside lights

    Hi, I’m a qualified electrician but off the tools now. I was giving a neighbour a little advice for lights in his drive. Advised to run armoured to locations for lights and PIR. He had another spark round for a look and price to connect cables up and install the lights. I advised to make...
  6. R

    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
  7. 4

    The home we own has 4 exterior light. We bought new fixtures to replace the original outside lights. It appears three of the fixtures have recessed ol

    What type of dremel oscillating blade should I use top notch out a recess in house brick, for a 31/2" electrical box?
  8. J

    Garden lighting with reliable PIR's

    We have a garden footpath 16m from front door to garden gate with a shed near the gate. I am looking for the following set-up: a) an independent PIR sensor x2, one at each end of the circuit b) these to operate 3-4 LED spikes or low level spots between the two c) plus a floodlight to light the...
  9. F

    what type of armoured cable for outside sockets & lights

    hi all, i was directed to this forum by my neighbor seeking some advice and help at present, I'm having my front garden dug out so I can make a driveway for my mobility car. i was wondering, one day I will be getting an electric car, so if I have opportunity to lay cable now before they put...
  10. P

    British General outside socket

    Hi People on an install I have come across a British General outside socket that is reducing the Insulation Resistance when i remove the outside socket the IR goes back up has any one come across this before Thanks phil
  11. M

    Outside tap

    Hi all I am on a TN-C-S / PME supply and have an outside tap, I have fitted it with 5 speedfit plastic elbows and a speedfit all plastic valve. So having so much plastic in place that should be the recommended insulated section of pipe to prevent dangerous voltages being on the tap in the event...
  12. V

    Optima Compact G3 Outside bellbox ( Sounder) change

    Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. I have a problem with my Optima Compact Gen 3. I don’t know how can I change the outside bellbox, sounder without raising the alarm. If you have any idea please let me know! Thanks
  13. R

    Outside light wiring help

    Can someone offer some advice please? I would like to remove an old outside light fitting on a switch, currently wired as attached photo: home - outside light blue - blue yellow/green - yellow/green blue with brown sleeve - brown three brown wires from home into their own terminal with no...
  14. G

    Adding outside light and moving cables?

    Hi, I have removed a canopy from above my front door in preparation for a new door and glass panel being fitted. I’ve come across some very poor electrical work which I’ll need to tidy up. But to cut a long story short. The cable before to the outside light was run in the canopy then dropped...
  15. H

    Outside lighting

    Hi, I have a 3 headed victorian light for my garden, looks quite an old 1 in my opinion due to the colour of the conductor cables. Can anyone tell me please how to wire this up so it comes on. Does this light work of a switch, or can I put a plug on the end of this, I have an outdoor power...
  16. A

    UK outside light

    old outside light grey wire / new light no grey wire what do you do with grey wire
  17. M

    Connecting this outside light

    Hi chaps How would you best mount or connect into this light? It seems like it would be back entry but my cables would be coming from conduit or armoured from side. I know it's a pretty stupid question but what is neatest method
  18. S

    Is a socket in a cabinet outside the zones in a bathroom?

    Got a customer who's wanting a washing machine and tumble dryer in the bathroom. Normally the solution is to hard wire into FSUs but he's come up with the solution of kitchen units and a work top with the sockets in the void between the wall and the back of the units. Could this be argued to...
  19. B

    Outside up light connection

    Hi, have some outside up lights to do (for a mate) currently has just run 1.5mm SWA come to look at the up light what would best way to connect it be? It has a pot to then you screw your light into but on drawing looks like I need adaptable box then some flex to light? I’ll post a similar up...
  20. B

    Contactor for outside heaters

    Hi looking for some advice, looking to put some outside heaters (in my garden) 2 x 2500w, now I want a time delay switch but this can only switch 16A, so I’m looking at putting a contactor in as I already have one, but I’ve only ever used contactors twice before, is this the best way to set up...
  21. littlespark

    "Can you come and look at my outside lights?"

    That was the phone call... realism was that mr customer had tried to change his light switches and got a little mixed up. Forgive the ms paint circuit drawing... In truth, the outside light was the only thing that did work.... except it turned the rest of the house on and off as well! The...
  22. S

    Wiring question re new outside light

    Hi I'm replacing a PIR outside light with a new Dusk till Dawn light but have wiring questions. The new light has 2 connections, i.e. blue(neutral) and brown(live) but no earth. As can be seen in my image, for the existing light, there are 3 wires so I think the wires go: 1) black(old) goes to...
  23. L

    Outside light wiring

    Hi, excuse the ignorance here but I am currently replacing an existing switch with a 2 gang to wire up a new outside light. The current switch has a live, neutral and earth feed as does the new outside light. How/can I wire this correctly? I presume I should bridge between the COM port but how...
  24. B

    Outside lighting

    Outside lighting, any suggestions on how to do this, only space I can get any cables from is the loft, now custard wants up/down lights, but low enough to be able to light up the wall, looking at half way? I can get one cable down to each light looking at 3 lights and do a joint box in the loft...
  25. E

    H05RR-F/3183TRS to Outside Lights

    Good afternoon all, I’ve got to fit 2x 20w LED Floodlights this week and just wanted a sanity check before I start. There’s one light up already supplied from the upstairs RFC via a double pole SFCU. Supply goes out into the back of a wiska box which the pre-installed flex of the light glands...
  26. N

    Outside socket off lighting

    Hi I have a switch by my front door inside the house that switches on and off an outside light. the front of the house has a lower roof that goes up and after windows joins the top roof. therefore, I have an eves? That is about a foot above the top of the front door. looking to place some Xmas...
  27. W

    I want to join an 8mm flat twin cable to a 6mm round twin.

    I am looking to join 2 cables for an outside security light. The mains cable on the existing light is 8mm flat twin. But the new light is a 6mm round twin. I can't rewire as it goes into the wall to the socket. So was looking at an ip66 connection. But can't find one that does both sizes. Any...
  28. M

    Outside Lights trip RCD

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a recent problem I’ve had on a job. About 5 months ago I installed about 5 outdoor soffit lights from switch inside. All worked perfectly and customer was happy. I’ve recently been called back to the job as the outdoor lights have been...
  29. I

    Fitting an outside socket for a hot tub. Notifiable?

    Hi all, I have a job booked to fit outside socket which will be used to power portable hot tub. The socket will be waterproof fed from existing circuit via fused spur which I also going to fit. RCD protected at the fuse board (hot tub has got its own RCD device rated at 10mA) The question I...
  30. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  31. M

    UK Outside lights

    Hi. This may have been asked over and over again but just looking for a straight answer if there is one. So my plan, install 2 lights near my front door. Am pretty confident with house electrics and did a college course some years ago on the basics so my idea is. Convert a single socket to a RCD...
  32. B

    Outside EM lights control

    Hi can anyone do an outside lights wiring diagram for me please, Outside EM maintained lights All be on 1 circuit EM key switch for EM lights function Contactor Photocell for EM standard use Override for EM standard use Thanks
  33. T

    Outside boxes letting in water

    We have had a few threads on the forum where after installing an IP box with an IP gland it still lets in the water I have just watched the latest efix youtube video with a good IP SWA gland so that you don't get the ingress of water between the two IP components of the gland and the box worth a...
  34. J

    Advice needed on outside lighting please.

    Hi, I’m looking at doing some outside lighting around the garden. I will have SWA running 4m underground from the garage to a weatherproof box on my fencepost. Could I use hi tuff cable from that weatherproof box to the lights clipped direct along the back of the fence? How hard is it to...
  35. S

    Outside Lighting Feed

    Hi I am wanting to put a couple of LED Floodlights along the front of my house and a couple more in a barn that is next to the gable end of my house (3 meters away) , the only feed I have outside is a small floodlight on the gable end , (next to the barn) this is run off the house lower light...
  36. J

    Outside garage supply

    To supply power to new garage 20 meters at bottom of garden from main house. Plan to run a three core 4mm SWA to garage, fit a metal clad two way dB with 30ma RCD in garage. Using one off the three cores together with the armour as cpc. At the house end terminate swa in An adaptable box...
  37. gijno

    Domestic 415v electricity box outside of my flat

    Hello, I live in a building of flats. On my floor there is one 415v electricity box (here the pic: SAVE-20190801-194948 - https://ibb.co/Njzjj9k) I'm wondering if it is dangerous, mainly from a health point of view. Can it cause headaches or any other discomfort? Thanks.
  38. R

    supply cable sizing

    Hi ,I have a wood cabin outside 70mtrs from house incoming supply, I was thinking of using a 35mm 2core pvc/swa, as I think a TT system would be appropriate for the cabin, owing to the distance away from house load would be allowing for diversity would be 51amps, seems a lot but it will be a...
  39. rolyberkin

    Fault on MI cables on outside ligting circuit

    I may be being a numpty but here goes, I had three hours today to sort this out and had to leave it disconnected in the end as had other urgent committments. Client has an outside light which is tripping RCD, this is fed via a fused switch from a rfc this circuit also feeds an adjacent fuse...
  40. N

    Outside wall light wiring

    Hi all, new to the site and need some advice for an outside wall light I’m installing. It’s a garage light where one switch controls 2 lights, this is the first light, 2 cables (6 wires) coming out of the wall and new light only has 3 wires in a chocky block. What goes where? Pics included ( I...
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