1. J

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of it

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of the oven from the oven itself and I am sure the hob cable, I believe there is also a plastic junction box back there, could that melt or is the heat less...
  2. N

    Hob or oven isolator switch?

    HELLO I have to install one oven(13amp) and one induction hob (30amp) but those appliances not next to each other!2 meter between them! just i would like to know ,which appliances need localy isolator switch whitin 2 meter?! my plan to put oven isolator switch in the cupboard ,where will be...
  3. U

    Neff Oven tripping MCB

    My Neff double oven is tripping the MCB on the mains. This occurs when I switch on any function of the top oven. The model is U1744N (around 15 years old). The top oven has a double element at the top (grill and oven) with a second element under the casing at the bottom of the top oven. The...
  4. P

    Smeg Opera A3 Main Oven Won't Turn On

    My Smeg Opera A3 has just developed a fault with the main oven. Nothing works at all. Fan, oven element, grill element lights - all dead. I've changed the main oven element before when that failed but it's clearly a different problem. Any suggestions where to start? Thanks.
  5. D

    Can an oven thermostat probe (thermal bulb?) with a broken spot on the casing be repaired?

    I am replacing a thermostat on a wall oven and can only find used parts due to the age of the oven (1960's Frigidaire Flair). The used thermostat has a probe that goes into the oven and the casing or covering that covers the capillary tube has a break in it that exposes the capillary tubing. Can...
  6. A

    Connecting a oven and hob.

    Had a new kitchen fitted and have got a electrical oven and hob both have plugs so draw less than 13 amp,Ive the old cooker point outlet which I want to connect to ,can I install a double socket on this outlet to plug in the oven and hob?
  7. C

    UK 16A oven hard wired neded

    Hi all i would need advise on how to instal a new oven that need to be hard wired. The current oven is pluged on a 13a plug and the socket is part of a few sockets i have in the kitchen. The MCB related to these sockets is marked as 32A. In these sockets i have the followings appliances...
  8. J

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element in the top of the oven has completely warped and hangs down. Is this dangerous? Should I not use it. Thanks

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element is warped in the oven and hanging down. Is this dangerous and should I not use it
  9. K

    Replacing oven element help

    Hi just wanted some advice on replacing oven element . I've ordered one of ebay that stated it was for my oven but when i got it , it is 2100w 230v and my old one is 2800w 240v. Would this be ok to use? Ive connected it all up and it fits fine but as the voltage is higher on my old one but my...
  10. F

    Oven tripping RCD

    Evening all, the wife cleaned the oven yesterday (self clean setting) and is now tripping the RCD but only when it gets up to a higher temp. This has also occurred when using the top oven? I have conn checked the heating element (38 ohms) and the thermostat seems to work as light goes out when...
  11. M

    New double oven

    Hey there So I've recently bought a new double oven and a separate gas hob. Where the old oven was, there is a 45a cooker switch that has 6mm cable which goes to the fuse box under a 40a breaker, the cooker switch feeds a double socket under the counter that is also wired with 6mm. The oven...
  12. telectrix

    Oven not working

    just had this emailed to me from a customer. hopeful, that there's some slack on the cables. looks like som there top of pic. but i bet the damaged one is tight. might need to shift the whole thing a couple of inches.
  13. G

    Fan oven keeps tripping circuit breaker - how to diagnose?

    I've a 10 yr old Neff combination oven (B6447N0GB /05) that failed recently, and I can't get a replacement component. I found a brand new oven - exactly the same model and revision - I thought I was sorted, but it arrived damaged :( So now I have two ovens, and hoping to make a working oven...
  14. O

    Double oven and hobs rating

    Hi All, I'm a retired spark and separate double ovens and hobs (induction) weren't around in my day. I did mostly power station work after a few years domestic. My daughter asked me to wire in her double oven and hob, however the rating on the double oven says, Oven A .77kW per cycle and similar...
  15. I

    UK Replacement oven power requirements

    I'm replacing our oven, and want to make sure the new oven does not exceed the power requirements of the old one, but I can't find it. Our existing EOS66SS2 shows only the following information: Nominal voltage 220V - 240V ~50Hz Power connection: 13 A automatic bipolar switch with protected...
  16. M

    Hot Element Wiring in Oven

    Hi. How to wire the hot element in a fan forced Westinghouse POL662W oven. The one at the back not top. A photo would be great . There are 2 connections on top and one below on each side. I attached a photo of current wiring which started a short circuit. Thanks a lot
  17. I

    Oven controllers

    I have been called out to 2 problems with ovens (not the normal need to reset clock) after a power cut the oven controller screen was blank as if no power going to oven, checked them out and power to everything up to the electronics , power into that but nothing else, seems the board is dead but...
  18. G

    Puzzling tripping issue

    Struggling to work this one out. My house downstair's electrics keep tripping: - only started after old meter was replaced with a smart meter; - always happens (bar perhaps one time) when the oven is heating up, will be on a minute or two so isn't instant, but it's before it reaches...
  19. M

    Cable Sizing for Oven...?? Please Help..!!

    Morning.... I was wondering if you guys could help me with this..?! I’m currently having my kitchen updated, including all new appliances... The oven, according to the manufacturers documentation has a rating of 4.2kw, which is 2.2kw or the oven and 2.2kw for the grill... The paperwork states...
  20. N

    Same Circuit for Hob and Double Oven

    Hi, We’re having a new kitchen fitted, with a separate hob and double oven. The Hob is 6.4kW and the oven is 4.2kW totalling 10.6kW. Would the below set up be ok for this? Consumer Unit with 50A MCB, 10mm T+E to 45A Cooker Switch (approx 13 metres), 10mm T+E to Dual Appliance Outlet (Scolmore...
  21. R

    Oven thermostats

    Is there a BS for oven thermostats covering variable temperature. I have been told by the oven manufacturer that this is so and the temp can vary by up to plus or minus 30 degrees but cannot find any proof on line - having great difficulty cooking!!!!!
  22. L

    UK Oven and Gas Hob Dilemma

    Hi All Best wishes for the New Year. After a full refurb, builder forgets the gas hob ignition cable outlet! Current set up: I have 2-Gang 45A Cooker & 13A Switched Plug Socket (combined) above the worktop. This ombinedc unit is supplied by a dedicated 6mm2 wire directly from the fuse board...
  23. B

    Oven and hob connection

    Hi all, new 2.5kw oven and 7kw hob, existing 6mm 32a supply to 45a cooker unit, now no access to socket circuit or new supply for oven, so 6mm into cooker switch then from load side to new FCU 13a with 6mm, then 2.5mm to oven? Will I get x2 6mm into outgoing side of cooker switch? Unless I keep...
  24. J

    Getting a new oven and wondering what work I’ll need an electrician to do

    I’m going to get a new oven but suspect the current one is wired differently to how the new one will need to be done. Old one is connected as per the pics. I.e it’s on it’s own circuit with a red oven switch, but the actual connection is via a socket behind some drawers. The new oven will be...
  25. J

    2KW oven and 6KW hob on B32 MCB

    Can a 2kw (on a 1.5mm manufacturers flex) fitted oven and a 6kw hob (on a 2.5mm manufacturer's flex) be connected into a cooker outlet plate behind the cooker? The circuit is wired in 6mm t&e on B32 mcb. It has a 45A cooker switch with 13A socket in the kitchen (within a metre of the appliances)
  26. R

    Neff oven thermostat - 4 spade/ 2 spade

    hi all. the thermostat in my neff fan oven (u17m42n0) seems to have gone. the part in the oven is neff 55.17069.080 but seems to have been phased out for 55.17069.210. problem is; the new model is only 2 spade connectors whilst the old one is 4 spades on 2 double connectors - with grey +...
  27. B

    Contactor for oven

    Hi, working on a job, guy wants all appliances on grid switch, the oven needs 32amp supply so best way I can think of is 6mm into contactor 6mm to cooker then 1.0mm from contactor to 20amp DP in grid switch to keep it on grid??? Thing confusing me is the grid is on a 4mm 32amp at the moment and...
  28. R

    USA Double Oven Installation KitchenAid Model KODE500ESS02

    Hi- I posted this on another forum so ignore the first part unless you know the answer and want to throw it in there... My current oven/microwave combo unit is sitting on two 1x6's above a drawer. Do I need to install a full floor for this double oven and use the feet or can this just sit on...
  29. B

    UK Oven trip MCB

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone will be able to give me some advice on my oven. Tonight I had both ovens on (as has been done on several occasions). When I went into the kitchen about 10 minutes later I noticed the oven was off and had tripped the 32Amp MCB. I reset it at the CU and it came back on...
  30. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Amazon.co.uk: Large Appliances -...
  31. M

    Oven thermostat & temperature

    Hi, looking for some advice. The wife recently said the oven doesn't cook food the same way it used to (recently a chicken pie came out cold in the middle). So I bought a oven thermometer, put the oven on 200c and after about 7 minutes the light went out. I checked the oven thermometer but it...
  32. D

    Nice Oven & hob Hook up...

    1571513000 At least they left the melded plug top on the hob... Why they didn’t just swap the switch for a double socket beggers belief
  33. M

    Patting a microwave oven

    I bought a leakage detector which says "must not exceed 5 mw/sq cm " Please: how far away should you be holding the meter? One oven failed. The PAT meter says "Riso > 20 Mohm Ileak = 0.84 ma " How is this possible? It seems to violate Ohm's Law. (This is just a Q out of interest, I will in...
  34. B

    Advice needed With Oven tripping Fuse

    Hi, its a bit of a long one, but i really can't figure out whats up? I had a ex-display built in double oven for a while and though the fan oven part worked perfectly, as soon as you tried to use the upper oven/grill the fuse would trip out every time. I finally decided to replace the double...
  35. A

    Hob and oven isolators

    What's your guys recommendation on hob and oven isolators. It's still undecided what rating hob and what rating oven is being used therefore I have decided to run a 6mm radial for the hob and a 4 mm radial for the oven circuit to be hidden in a base unit. Do you guys recommend a 45amp isolator...
  36. L

    Installing Ducting for kitchen hood + Fused spur for oven and hob ?

    Hi all, I have recently had a new hood installed and need to install some ducting. I live in a flat with loft access its a 1 up 1 down. I'd like to run the ducting straight up into the loft and then out through the soffit. Can someone please recommend makes of vents, ducting to use? And also...
  37. D

    UK Electrical oven installation

    Just purchased a new oven which has a 13amp fused plug attached. The kitchen has a cooker terminal which has 6mm cable coming from it. The existing oven has a 2.5mm flex (no plug). The hob is separate and also has a 2.5mm flex. Both oven and hob have been chocolate boxed to the 6mm cable - I did...
  38. dave_JL

    Which Oven To Buy With Current Wiring Set Up?

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice. We have this induction hob from IKEA SMAKLIG Induction hob - black - IKEA - https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/smaklig-induction-hob-black-20222830/ and a hotpoint single oven which has given up the ghost and needs replacing. I'd like to buy a replacement oven I can...
  39. K

    Are oven manufacturers lying to us?

    So there’s a hotpoint oven hae60ks.... The manual states its10.7 kw....divided that by 240 is 45amps. The manual also states is must be installed with a 6mm cable connected to a 32amp breaker. Some people online are saying a 6mm cable is max rated at 32amp But i read that clipped direct it’s...
  40. C

    Belling Oven fault

    Hello All, I never have a great deal of luck when it comes to domestic appliances! We have a Belling fan oven which when the temperature dial is turned up, immediately blows the 13amp plug fuse, trips the MCB and takes out the RCD for good measure. I was assuming U/S element so have removed...
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