1. R

    2780kw ovens

    My cooker was wired to a 13a socket in the space behind the oven in a Persimmon new build, wooden construction. Some idiot cut the insulation back and reduced the strands in order to connect it, The fuse heated up. The 15 amp cable arced away but the fuse is still intact. Surely this is not to...
  2. B

    Clarity on wires and fuses for ovens

    I’m hoping someone can help. We recently had an extension built to house a working kitchen for my new business. The original sparky wasn’t available to fit the oven when we arrived, so we hired another, who said he couldn’t install it as the wrong wire and fuse were fitted. When the wiring &...
  3. S

    Advice on Wiring 2 Single Ovens

    Hi guys, I'm about to fit a new kitchen and I have ordered two single ovens which are Bosch. They are rated at 2.99KW. They are both going in a standard oven housing unit, one above the other. They need to be hard wired, the cable comes with the oven/s. Both are rated 13A. At present the...
  4. W

    Two ovens - how many circuits?

    I'm planning to get two single ovens and have been trying to find the best way to do the circuits. People seem to do it every way possible but I have doubts about some of the ways that they are done. The ovens I'm looking at are 16A appliances (max power is approx 14A), so I won't be plugging...
  5. B

    6mm 32A radial to supply 2 3.65kw 16a ovens

    Hi, Doing wiring for a kitchen co. Done plenty of these recently, but we've been doing all wiring from scratch and have just run 16a radials direct from board. In this instance it's a ballache to run back to board, and I've got a perfectly decent 6mm cable from board to oven location. I'm...
  6. P

    Wiring 3no 3.2kw 16amp ovens to an existing 32amp 6mm supply

    Do I need to install a small CU to provide 3no separate supplies to 3 no ovens from the single 32amp supply I currently have.
  7. Tattyt

    2 x Ovens and a hob - can anyone help?

    Hi, I have had an electrician out to look at at what needs to be done to install two new ovens and a new hob. Existing: 6mm cable which was used for a double oven & hob previously, with one isolating switch. 40A breaker (think it should be 32A) Two new ovens: Neff 2 x 2.99KW 13A New hob...
  8. S

    Double ovens and manufacturers instructions

    New kitchen install Integrated Double oven unit Integrated single oven unit Next to each other Existing circuit 6mm 32A mcb New double oven manufacturers instruction 40A fuse hard wired New single oven manufacturers instruction 16A fuse hard wired Existing cable too short for new isolator...
  9. S

    One circuit for hob and 2 ovens

    Existing circuit of 6mm t/e to 6.6kw 4 ring hob. Can x 2 single ovens of 2.1 kw each be added to this 6mm radial. Total of 10.8 kw and 45A but 21A with diversity. Would this be considered ok Theory sounds ok and unable to get 2nd cable in but not feeling happy with it.
  10. W

    6 3kw table top ovens and hobs

    Hi guys some help required!! My sister runs a centre and has bought 5 x 3kw table top combined oven and hobs they are supplied with plugs which cant be removed as that will invalidate the warrentys. There are 3 spare slots on the consumer unit how can she safely run all 5 appliances. she says...
  11. F

    Ovens now rated in Kwh

    Hi there A customer has asked me to install a new freestanding cooker. I asked them what power it was. They said 0.79Kwh. I thought they were confused and ask them to send a link. And yes, Curry’s now list power consumption in KWh. Am I wrong in thinking they have misplaced the decimal and it...
  12. Electron

    Two Ovens, One Cable

    As my customer didn't know what double oven they wanted I installed a 40A MCB and 6mm twin and earth. When I returned for the second fix they have installed two ovens. One is a single oven (3.65kw 16A) and the other is a microwave/grill/oven (3.45kw 16A). So what is the best way to connect both...
  13. R

    3 36kw cookers in cafe

    Hi, been asked to install 3x 36 kW 53A ovens and 9 kW 3 phase dishwasher in a cafe 100a 3 phase supply. I think the best way is to have 2 ovens on a change over switch so only 2 can run at once, but he wants all 3 but I think it will be to expensive to upgrade. What does everyone think Thanks...
  14. dnjr

    2 single ovens on 6mm T&E 30A rewireable fuse

    Dear all Looked a job today in a kitchen Existing 6mm t&e supply on a 30a Wylex 3036 Lady of the house wants to change existing oven and put in 2 single ovens in one housing What's the best method of feeding these off the 6mm Can't do a double socket as it's only rated at 13 / 20 amps Was...
  15. C

    Ovens One at 3.45kw with 16A rating and one at 3.65kw with 15A rating - same radial?

    Hi all, I recently started training to become a domestic installer. I have some practical experience and some knowledge of part P. Also done a little testing but only continuity and insulation resistance. A friend of mine is fitting a new kitchen and will be having two ovens side by side. He...
  16. K

    Domestic Is 20A double pole switch sufficient for total load rating of two ovens?

    Hi there, I'm installing two ovens, each with a total load rating of 3.5kW. (see details of oven here). The kitchen already has a 20A double pole switch and a 45A dual outlet plate. Is the switch sufficient because I've calculated that the current is likely to exceed 20A? However, I'm not sure...
  17. P

    MCCB as a switch disconector

    Can an MCCB be used as mains isolating switch in a 3 ph board.
  18. D

    Multiple Oven Installation

    Hi all, Been to look at some work my brotherinlaw wants doing in his new kitchen re-fit. He is yet to supply me with all the specifications, so I can't do all the calculations as yet, but basically he wants to have an induction hob, two seperate single ovens, a steam oven, and built in...
  19. J

    2 ovens 1 circuit?

    I've been asked to run in a supply for 2 2.8kW fan assisted ovens (none of them have hobs) but there is only 1 spare way on the main board, if it was only 1 oven 2.5mm would be big enough as well as a 20A fuse but as I need to supply 2 using 1 MCB I'm a bit weary as to how to do this safely...
  20. J

    our oven is tripping the fuse box

    Hi All, We have an hotpoint electrical fan oven, that is tripping the fuse box when it gets over 160 degrees, it should be able to get over 200 degrees. I thought it may be the thermostat, but why would that cut the power to the fuse box, has anyone got any tips on what to look at first...
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