1. J

    PIR timer override

    As always, I'm a level 2 student so please ignore the ignorance. Is it possible, and if so how, to wire up a PIR with a switch that has the ability to turn the light off after the PIR has been activated. Or in all cases do you have to wait for the timer to expire? Side question - are there...
  2. T

    Adding a wireless switch to override a timeclock and photocell.

    i have some outside lights where the customer wants a wireless switch to bypass a timeclock and photocell. On the wireless switch receiver I have permanent live in and neutral then another neutral s/l to the lights. The time clock being used is a greenwood with a built in override switch...
  3. happyhippydad

    Is there a PIR floodlight with remote control override?

    I am looking for a floodlight 20-50W with a PIR which has a remote control with it that can switch the floodlight on or off. Is there such a thing? Cheers all :)
  4. J

    30W LED Flood Light with PIR & Manual Override

    Gents Having a lot of trouble sourcing a 30W led flood with pir that I can reflex with an additional core to bi-pass the pir. Ideally it would be great if the flood came with this "bi-pass wire" but cant source anything that isn't sealed. Has anybody been down this road? Can anybody...
  5. Leesparkykent

    LED PIR flood with override

    Any one have any recommendations? Don’t really want one where you have to flick on and off multiple times to override.
  6. B

    Manual override and PIR on lights

    Hi what’s difference between 1 way and 2 Way Switch please on manual override of pir 1 Way, Switch up is PIR and Switch down is perm on Can someone explain how would the 2 way would work and is the drawings correct the load cable for the lights is from PIR as easier than wiring from switch thanks
  7. C

    How to get nest to override the old control

    after installing the nest and testing the switch return from the heat link to LR terminal the boiler seems to want to only work with the time clock on the front still? Anyone had similar on a Worcester Combi before
  8. S

    Override switch for Timer

    Hi, I've been asked to provide an override switch remotely for some external lighting which is on a din rail Timer so they would like to if required, to turn lights off if Timer is in operation and vice versa turn lights on if Timer is off. Would a 3 position switch like this do the trick and...
  9. B

    LED PIR security light with manual/pulse override

    I want to replace a cheap and nasty Halogen light with a LED one that should lastat least 10 years. With the Halogen one, it can be triggered to switch on for its preset period by interrupting the supply to it, when dark, for about 5 or more seconds. I don't want what appears to be the common...
  10. J

    wall up/down light with PIR+ manual override

    done a bit of searching online but struggling! one of those chrome up down led wall light with pir but need to have man override too- os ideally the old switch on/off 3 time jobbys
  11. S

    Domestic PIR wiring into override mode

    Hello All First is my first post, so be gentle on me. I have an existing light fitting. Id like to add a PIR sensor. Id also like the override function too. The PIR sensor I have found doesn't have "internal manual override function" But it dose have 3 cables coming out of it. Blue, Red Brown...
  12. R

    Installation of Storage Heaters

    Hello. I am installing new storage heaters in a flat. I understand that they each need their own radial supply which goes back to the RCD protected E7 CU and they are each on their own MBC - probably 16amp. However, the heaters have an override switch for boosting during the day (not sure if...
  13. M

    kilx box override switch help

    Hi I'm currently installing pirs in office rooms and some have override switches. The pirs and override switches are hardwired into the klix box ( not plugged in via Greg) the switch works like a normal switch but the sensor doesn't kick in when the lights are switched off ... Any idea?
  14. N


    Hi, I am looking at an application for an ECS card. It is asking for C & G 2360 parts 1 and 2 and an AM2? I have City and Guilds A and B certifictaes passed back in 1978,(currently retraining and getting back to speed, completed the ECA assessment yestreday, 17th Edition in Feb and Inspection...
  15. S

    timer and pir

    hi custumer wants a timer to keep security lights perminately on till 11, then a p.i.r to switch them on after 11 when activated, got any ideas or could someone be so kind as to draw a diagram. thanks
  16. E

    Photocell with manual override

    Hello, Have been asked to fit some garden LED light fittings, supply will be coming from fused spur, total load less than 1A. The customer wants a photocell switch fitted but also ability to override and manually switch on/off when desired. Anyone dealt with this before, would you have any...
  17. S

    AM2 Landlords Over-ride?

    Hey there... Another quick question on the AM2 if anyone knows? On the Lanyards override circuit, Do I take 1 feed from the common on my first switch to the common on Lanyards switch and then take another feed from the common on the other switch to L2 on my Lanyards? Would this be the correct...
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