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  1. O

    Think I upset a 1st time home owner ....

    I had a call from a new home owner today ........ they've just bought their first home. Knowing the area well, I asked them what type of report, if any, they had done before buying (the home probably cost over £375K if not more). The answer was a visual inspection Q. what did it say ? A. It...
  2. T

    Recacalcitrant electronic equipment v. the owner

    My rant today (as I am feeling somewhat sanguine and snowed in) is to do with various equipment that likes to argue with me. The tv...I watch a film and at the critical part the screen blanks off and asks if I am still watching, and will not continue with the film until I respond and say I am. I...
  3. S

    Fire alarm within public house with dwelling

    OK so while installing some cameras and aerials for a friend at their pub, I noticed some causes for concern... It was refurbed last year before they took on the lease, I noticed the old detectors changed for fike twinflex (which im sure I read the panels arent EN54 anymore) anyway today I asked...
  4. V

    Commercial Anyone Got Any Idea What This Is?

    I got an email from a owner of a light commercial unit (old printing unit) and I have recently done an EICR that failed and is still ongoing follow up work to get a satisfactory. The owner\landlord is not a problem and is trying to pass some of the costs onto the tenants because frankly they...
  5. C

    Domestic Holiday Chalet Advice 30Amp 1361 Type Main fuse.

    Hi There, First post so be gentle. I've been asked to install a trip switch on a 2 bed holiday chalet, where each of the chalets is supplied from the holiday park's mains on a 30Amp 1361 main fuse cutout. However the owner of the chalet has already blown this fuse twice (at £50 a pop to...
  6. zap

    Domestic Cable requirement for attached workshop

    The owner has had a 'lean to' build of bricks/blocks and wants a couple of sockets and a light installed. There is a supply, to the existing detached garage which is due for removal, and I can use its way in the CU for the above. There are no extraneous conductive parts in the new (permanent)...
  7. Z

    The dark cupboard

    Been to have a look at a shop refit job with another spark, who got the job through a builder (the fool)………the shop is single story, small and in the middle of know where, and to be honest needs gutting, but hey ……… So we turn up, the light fading, clouds rolling in from the east, a lusty...
  8. SJD

    CU with a problematic RCD

    Went to look at a consumer unit this evening, the owner is having trouble with the RCD not working, notice anything odd about the installation?
  9. K

    Danger notice issued after work completed???

    I was called to a job recently to fix a lighting fault (insulation guys drilled directly through a cable in wall of conservatory), easy find/fix.... During inspection of fault, I noticed the main house lighting had no cpc conductor and many metallic switches/fittings were in place. The...
  10. F

    Solar farms -

    We are currently undertaking projects to install solar parks from Birmingham down to Devon.(leasing the land) We will cover the cost for planning permission and DNO (grid connection) We pay between 800-1500 per acre, per year depending on location e.t.c If you are a land owner or know someone...
  11. richardg

    EICR guru's required

    Hi and good evening to all, I have just completed my 4th domestic EICR and I love the challenge discovering how someone has wired a system and how its been tampered with over the years. Having passed my 2394 2395 I feel I know enough theory but lack the expertise and would love some feedback...
  12. L

    Sub-mains needed?

    I was looking at a job today and ran across the following: 2-year old installation, 100 amp main fuse, Henley block next to the meter, with the main tails in and then out to the house. Along with this are three sets of 16mm SWA coming out of the Henley block (neutral and earth wires not...
  13. L

    Domestic eldaly custumer with a very old installation

    Hi all, i hope someone is able to give some advice or thoughts on this subject, i have come across a request to install a double socket within a very old property. the owner is over 90 years of age and needs this outlet for a security system as dementia is setting in. the installation is over...
  14. rmaynard

    Well done DNO

    Farm blaze raged in hours it took to cut power supply | This is Gloucestershire Such a shame as this is the second electrical fire in the last month that has destroyed a local business. Rob
  15. R

    Who's resposibilty to inform building control

    Hi I'm doing a rewire on a house and before I started I spoke to building control and they told me that the owner is to include the electrics on the building control application. Anyways I have finished the upstairs and no inspector has been round to look at the electrics and the owner has now...
  16. R

    Testing for sub contractor

    Hi all, This may be long winded so stay with me, also I think it's in the right bit but move it needed. Been asked to do an eicr on an industrial factory, quite a large building and it's in a bit of a mess, anyway there is bound to be lots of remedial involved. The guy that owns the factory...
  17. D

    Selling a house with Solar PV

    I have a client who wants to install a kit on his house, yes i know its late in the day i can still manage it though But he is asking me if he sells his property within 8 years who gets the feed in tariff after he sells, does the new owner get it at the of rate 43.3p plus RTI after 8 years or...
  18. T

    Domestic Floodlight PIR operating problem... Help appreciated.

    Hey guys, I've recently come across an interesting fault that has me a little stumped, so thought i'd open it up for the forum and hear some of your suggestions as to possible causes. I was called to a job in a rural area that i believe used to be a farm and has now been converted into...
  19. V

    Domestic £800 mains change

    Job yesterday customer had new db installed recently, new hager board 100a main switch all mcbs no rcds no testing done no main earth ! Took loop reading at db of 18.3ohms chap who installed db worked for british gas ! And installed it on a saturday .now got to install another db and update...
  20. P

    options to get some work

    I hope this is the right place for this post so here are the details. I have recently qualified and hoping to get my Part P scheme assessment in a few weeks and have started my own business, i am looking for some advice on a job i have just been to look at. I have walked away from the job but...
  21. R

    Flat above shop, CU in shop PIR

    Had a look at a possible PIR on a flat above a shop.... unfortunately the CU and meter etc for the flat is in a shop, and when the shop is closed at night, there is no way to get to the CU from the flat, and no way to isolate the installation. What would this be on a PIR? I'm thinking it's a...
  22. M

    Asbestos on PIR- replacement

    I am currently carrying out a PIR on a large commercial garage. There are 6 old 3 phase boards, 2 of which I have tested without problem (english electric red spot) but upon unscrewing and opening the doors on the others they have turned out to be the type with the white woven asbestos pads at...
  23. S

    Hollycroft software

    Hi Has anybody used or using Hollycroft software? if so would you recommend it? *Software for Electrical Contractors from Hollycroft Software Ltd
  24. banny07

    commercial rewiring

    hi, i am going to rewire a restaurant basement, upstairs is already wired (old red & black),the owner decided to put some tables and chairs in the basement. my question is if i could use ordinary pvc twin & earth or LSF cable which is expensive (owner dont want to spend too much)? I already...
  25. lurch

    shower in 4th floor flat

    chaps, I have been asked to install a shower into a 4th floor flat. Without testing the water presssure I;'m guessing it would be pertinent to install a power shower.. . . would you agree Also, I notice the split consumer unit does not have the bathroom circuits (towel rail and bath pump and...
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