1. G

    Two pairs of tails from meter to two DB's - what do I record in Section L?

    Evening all, been a long time since I posted on here but I could use some advice if there's any going! I've been asked to provide an EICR for a small building we look after for our client under contract. We are all done physically on site, but I've hit a snag filling out the report itself, in...
  2. O

    Possible room to room networking solution?

    Hi, electrician here with basic networking knowledge. Please see attached picture. Im trying to over come a problem and just wondering if my possible solution will work or not. A router has been installed in a room of a house via a junction box in a hallway where the telephone cable comes in...
  3. T

    HDMI Leads

    Does anybody deal with hdmi leads? Got a customers who wants to loose there through a wall so he can plug his tv in without seeing any leads. Of course its all decorated and only have a small hole to use, does anyone know how to cut off hdmi leads and redo them? Or buy a reel of cable and make...
  4. happyhippydad

    Straight wired and crosswired Ethernet connection?

    Evening everyone.. I have just been experimenting with a cat5 wall plate on one end of the cat5 cable and an RJ45 on the other end. The RJ45 connects to my router and the wallplate is situated in the office. I then connect a standard Ethernet cable (RJ45 on both ends) from the wall plate to...
  5. P

    master socket cable

    Not had much experience with telecoms so hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. I need to wire in a master socket in my property. I've never come across this cable before, then again I haven't had to deal with many. Hopefully you can see the image, it consists of 3 yellow...
  6. 8

    Quality Workwear

    Hi im new to the forum was wondering what ye find are the best working trousers out there. I have a few pairs of the old snickers stuff lasted me 4 years of apprenticeship and still going strong.
  7. sythai

    10 pair phone BT cable.... help please

    Looking at possible job tomorrow and the architect I'm meeting mentioned that it may also need a 10 pair phone cable run in... New one for me, just a few questions please....: 1/Can you get this in SWA as it will be running underground? 2/If so is it the same to make off as a standard SWA...
  8. C

    3 phase meter

    Hi All, just registerd and my first post, so be gentle.. Question Regarding a Secondary 3 phase meter i installed on Friday. On Power up noticed that dial was running backwards. i tried changing 2 phases over and still running backwards, tried swapping other 2 phase over and you guessed it...
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