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    Panasonic fv-08vk1 help needed

    Hi all, New poster here after some advice. I consider myself quite the skilled woodworker but have zero expierience of electricals I bought a Panasonic whisper fan from the US hoping to hook it up to my bathroom ceiling as I've heard great things from across the pond. It's come as expected...
  2. S

    250 Panels less than one metre wide

    Just wanted to know what panels are out there less than a metre wide. I know panasonic are about 87 cm used them quite alot. But wondered if there was any mid range panels less than the metre. Thanks
  3. V

    Compromised/void warranty on panels if original connectors replaced/cut off

    Hi all:17: Had a correspondence recently with Panasonic stated that if installers replaced original connectors MC3 with any other connectors (MC4 or MC4 compatible) Sanyo now Panasonic CANNOT make an exception and keep the guarantee coverage for the modules which have been modified or have not...
  4. i=p/u

    36v drill

    im after new drill , thinking 36v one for when on site as all my own tools are 230v. any suggestions???? hopefully the boss will buy for me and let me pay it up, so a good one. maybe pannasonic???
  5. B

    Milwaukee Drills

    Anyone had any experience with lithium milwaukee drills. Any Good? How do they compare with makita, dewalt etc?
  6. M

    SDS Drill (again)

    I've posted a similar question before but lack of funds prevented me buying. After searching round I think I've narrowed it down to one of the following two drills. I have no experience with either make, I've always stuck with dewalt. Can anybody recommend one over the other? Option 1 Option 2
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    SDS Drill

    Hi there!! My SDS drill is on the way out. Thought it was time to upgrade to something a little better. Mainly use it for fixing holes and anything bigger I would just crack out the tried and trusted 110V. I liked the look of the Panasonic SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Driver 14.4v IP...
  8. C


    Hi Would like some advice on a Drill/Driver for 1st & 2nd fixing...had 2 days of constant socket & switch plate fixing. Have the sensations of RSI...Certainly don't require an Impact Driver (yet) but something that's light, not bulky but could be versatile. Cheers
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    PANASONIC DRILLS? Anyone use them?

    Evening all, Looking to buy myself a Drill and Impact Driver, I've seen this package and wont some advice. Panasonic EY7440 14.4v Cordless Drill Driver + EY7540 14.4v Cordless Impact Driver + 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.3Ah : Or would you recomend a Combi drill? Thanks in...
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