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    2391-52 past exam papers with answers?

    Hello, Has anyone got any previous 2391-52 exam papers? Haven't got much luck online (without paying). Done one on 'Sparky Facts' but that's about it. Also anyone got any experience on the course and can recommend me what to revise more on? Feel comfortable with the testing itself...
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    Electrical Engineering exam papers from 1920's and 30's

    Hi everyone, came across these old Electrical Engineering exam papers. Thought they may be of interest to somebody. Honestly how many can you get correct? They are incredibly difficult. Enjoy
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    18th edition practice papers

    Here should be some practice papers:
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    Past 2391-52 papers or old 2394/5

    I've been told this afternoon that my company has put me into the new 2391-52 course, which is good. But its in 4 weeks time! So not much time for me to get my head down and revise! I'm hoping that some one can point me in the right direction for some past exam papers. I don't want to fail...
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    City and Guild 2365 Smart Screen.

    I have been looking for C&G 2365 level 2 past papers online, and I found them on smart screen, but I have first to register as learner which cost £350 0r £800 it depends on which route I'm taking. I found the price is quite high for past paper exams, or Am I doing something wrong on the...
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    Domestic 2394-5 preparation

    Hi,I am preparing myself for 2394-5 exams which will take place in August. I have booked this test with able skill. I shall attend this course five days with them. At the moment I am trying my best to study the books Note 3, Practical guide,On site guide, City and Guilds Exam success and BS 7671...
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    2394 help/advice

    Got my 2394 coming up was wondering if anyone can give me some areas to concentrate on before I go ?
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    2394-2395 or 2391 past paper sought by a nervous candidate

    I have just enrolled on a 2394 course for my second attempt as the last try under 2391 knocked my confidence and I didn't ever have enough spare cash to try until now. Also not able to afford a third try with my mates salary barely covering child support. I feel like a lamb getting ready for...
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    2394-301 and 2395

    HI pleases help! As anybody got any questions and answers for the 2394 & 2395 please? Or any good study material PLEASE?
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    C & g 2394/2395

    Has any one done this exam yet? I have mine next Tuesday and Wednesday. Just wanted to know if the questions are the same as the 2391 papers that are online.
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    2391 revision papers, books and dvds

    Hi, Looking to do my 2391 pretty soon, Im after some revision materials in the form of books, past papers and maybe dvd's Could you please give me advice on which are the best books to purchase? Also any past papers you may have/ links to website containing revision materials, past papers...
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    2391 inspection and inspection

    Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 6 Thanks 0 Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post Re: 2391 Inspection and Testing Course Hi Guys Need advice please I am a 54 year old maintenance electrician I passed my practical exam but failed the written part I am thinking of giving the written exam another go.I...
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    Enrolled on 2391 today!

    £680 that I hope will be a worthwhile investment for my career! More :iamwithstupid:
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    2391 inspecting & testing test papers??

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any sites i can find with test papers or books with test papers and answers i could revise. if anyone knows any thing that would be helpful i would be very greatful. thanks
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    RCD Question

    Hi, I know this might sound a simple question to answer in an exam but in one of the 2391 written papers one of the questions asks "what are the current ratings to be used for a 30mA RCD test". I answered 15mA (half times), 30mA (one times) and 150mA (five times). Am I correct in saying this as...
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    2330 city and guilds papers

    Has anyone done the 2330 papers (technical certificate) up to level 3 here? if so... how did you get one? i failed inspection and testing written but passed the practical and passed the rest YAY!:) What a ---- course :confused:
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