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  1. H

    No paperwork following new bathroom installation

    Hi am new to forum. Just had 4.5day bathroom installation. Bathroom v good however was told on initial survey we wont need to touch your electrics - was keeping original Mira Sport shower and spotlights. Day 1 was then told "our sparky wont pass them, you need new spots, need bathroom rewire"...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    With duplicate paperwork which copy do you keep.

    I had some duplicate minor work certificates printed up a few weeks back, they are basically the same as the standard IET forms, I fill in the top copy and give it to the customer and i keep the duplicate that is underneath for my records. I accidentally gave a customer the bottom copy rather...
  3. P

    MCS assesment

    Hello All, I'm in need of some sensible help / guidance. I've just been moved into a new section in work, in at the deep end, next week we have our MCS assessment. All the original details and paperwork are not available for use, the guy who is to become the duty holder is an electrician but has...
  4. uksparks

    Old Paperwork etc

    Hi, being new to the trade compared with some of you, I have been doing a bit of thinking, no it wasn't painful. how far back have EIC's been done for? And schedules of test results and so on as the oldest ones I have ever come across are around 20 years. what did they look like say in the...
  5. GMES

    paper work day

    A couple of months ago I started a thread about dedicating 1 day a week to staying home and doing paperwork. Just to let you know it didn't go to plan, so now I have been forced to take today off to complete a mountain of certs, online payments, and general catch up. So I shouldn't really be...
  6. W

    The big jobs aint always the best

    Ive been analysing my work over the last 2 years and have confirmed what i have suspected for a while now; it seems that in this game everyone is always brainwashed into the mentality of getting the big jobs in, large contracts are good! well i have personally found the big jobs are up to 45%...
  7. M

    MCS Accreditation today

    Hi All just had accreditation today 1 non conformity said that my mutli array on different aspects was not good enough to say south, east, west, wants degrees from south. to do calcs, just have to redo papper work & send in sorted.
  8. G

    Domestic Job Notifications

    Hi all, just wondered if anybody can give me with a bit of advice, i registered last year with a scheme provider and my re assesment is due in the next few months, having checked all my paperwork is up to scratch as you do, i have realised i have forgotten to notify a job i completed in...
  9. C

    Domestic design help?

    Hi All, Being much newer to the domestic market I want to make sure we get things spot on. When doing works in a domestic property such as a new circuit or in the biggest case a rewire how far to you go with regards to design and paperwork of it? Should each circuit be designed and paperwork...
  10. A

    Trainee section help

    Hi good evening i applied for access about 2 weeks ago and still can't gain access just wondering is there anything else I have to do any help would be great :smile: regards adam
  11. W

    sign off for a customer whos company has gone bust

    Guys, we have been asked by a customer that has had an install done but the company have went bust. We have looked at the job at it meets all install criteria. we are aprehensive about the legals. what implications would there be if we signed off. regards wiggly
  12. G

    EICR 3 Bed Detached In Half Hour

    Speaking to someone recently who's recently had an EICR done on a 3 bed detached 1970's, they wanted my opinion on a couple of things. I ended up asking out of interest how long it took. They said two of them turned up and half hour it was done! To which i replied no chance. I said it must of...
  13. R

    When do you actually do the paperwork?

    Hi Just a question here regarding testing and certification. If you got called to a house to replace a socket that had its casing cracked or you put a lovely new B&Q chandelier up for someone would you then do a minor works Cert + Si + STR? Seems a little overkill to me If you don't what's...
  14. P

    Rough jobs

    Today moved 4 panels for company that had loads of work in the november madness!! well starters WRONG mid and END clamps (too small) cannot tighten to correct torque! (will defo move in couple of yrs) also brackets fixed with 1 screw ! cables and mc4 connectors laying on roof in full view ...
  15. K

    Passed with elecsa yesterday

    Passed my assessment with elecsa yesterday, assessor chris thomas put my nerves at ease stright away very helpful fella. For those who want to know it went like this, firstly spoke about what experience i had then went through all my paperwork, required a healthy and safety policy and risk...
  16. S

    g59 paper work x 2 good money paid we sign off

    Urgently need someone to do 2 x g59s ( the inverters are g83 compliant ) so I will sneak them through dno must be completed prior to 12 noon friday will pay cash mark 07866 777 474
  17. S

    newly mcs!!!

    Hi all ive recently achieved my mcs, ive completed 1 installation and registered it with gem serve and received the certificate. is that all i need to do? im not quite sure of the rest of the process do i need to contact the dno ?
  18. Joe S

    Thinking of changing from NIC Domestic to Approved, how?

    Hi all, I have been on my own since 1st Sept '11 after working for other people for years. I am NIC Domestic and have been for years but I have now picked up a couple of builders who are keen to use me more often and most of their work is domestic but they occasionally do commercial. How easy is...
  19. B

    New Ofgem 5 day rule for customers to submit first kWh reading

    Hi, A customer has just informed me that E-On have told him he must submit his first reading within 5 days. This came from Ofgem apparently but I have not heard about this before? Has anyone else heard this?
  20. V

    G52 ? help Pricing 9.8kWh system

    (G59 not G52!) Hi guys, So just (literally just) entered the solar panel industry, (7 & 1/2 months of preparation and paperwork) Done 2 installs ( 1 assessment, 1 customer) Priced up another small domestic, but we have just had an enquiry for 9.8kWp system. (on a shop in local town) Could...
  21. S

    Job Satisfaction

    After moaning about all the paperwork - (I still am really) I wondered if anyone else was getting the job satisfaction we do??? Two customers a week for installations each one of them delighted and ringing us to tell us how much energy they are generating and how pleased they are and then...
  22. M

    ecoskies - working at height pv course????any good!!??

    Hi, i was wondering if has anyone been on this course and if so what they thought of it?
  23. M

    MCS certification - sorted!

    Had my MCS inspection today and we got through with no non-compliances. We're really chuffed and it feels like a weight of my mind. Our inspector was great but it is true what everyone says, get your paperwork in order because this is 95% of the visit.
  24. C


    thats it the form and check is gone, just waiting to here now! scary times!! p.s guys how much paperwork is there when ya own your own!!!! coming out my ears!!!
  25. Hawk81

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Would you report this to NICEIC

    My mates father inlaw is a building contractor and has built 4 new houses. One of which my mate has moved into two years ago. My mate was having bother with his RCD tripping so he asked me to have a look at it. To cut a long story short i found lots of faults in the house. Like the upstairs and...
  26. D

    Risk Assessment

    Hi im a new boy on here, I am currently trying to gather the mountings of paperwork and info required for MCS Accreditation for solar PV. I have a 2.82kWp roof mounted PV system to install for inspection. I am preparing a Health and Safety/Risk Assessment, can anyone help with the electrical...
  27. A

    sole trader or ltd

    i am trading as a sole trader at the min but im thinking or setting up as a ltd company i was just wondering does any one have any ideas what benefits there are with being a ltd company compared to a sole trader and if they had a choice what would the prefer.
  28. C

    nic inspection/assesment looming..........

    hi all, got my assesment looming, have submitted my two jobs,one an additional ring<loft conv> one a spur......... with regards to the paperwork on the two jobs you reakon i should do two official forms ie electrical installation and minor works, the only ones i have at moment are "domestic...
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