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part p

  1. F

    UK Best route to get part p

    Hi people noobie here. OK Im a fully qualified JIB approved 2391 and 18th Edition. Fed up with the big sites, so going it alone. Seems I need part P, which whislt I grimmace at the thought of possibly more training that I dont need. It seems I must have it, and all these checkatrade type of...
  2. P

    What happens to Part P notifications?

    I guess this might seem like an odd question, but what do the Part P notifications actually do? That is, beyond the goal of stopping dodgy work by folk with little or no electrical knowledge, do building control use them for anything? Can you use them to check on past work on a property you are...
  3. Gaz92552

    UK Cheap Part P - Blue flame

    Looking to a join a scheme and was wondering if anyone here was a member with Blue Flame? Annual membership of £295 dropping to £195 after 3 years. Or if anyone could recommend any other cheap schemes now that stroma are no longer taking applicants.
  4. L

    Am I legally allowed to change a light switch on domestic without Part P?

    My friend rents out a house to someone and the light switch needs replacing like for like. This is obviously a simple job but as it is rented would need to be officially done by someone qualified. I am an industrial electrician and have an NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance and have been...
  5. C

    Part P Certificate not provided

    Hi all, desperately looking for some help/advice here. We’ve just undertaken a big home renovation using a builder who is a qualified electrician. We have hit some issues with the build work and are terminating contracts with some outstanding work and remediation of some plumbing issues. Problem...
  6. Pete999

    Part P ---- me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. C

    Notifiable under Part P

    installed 10mm swa and 60A kmf from domestic 100A Farm house to supply static caravan for holiday let use. TT'd the caravan etc... Doing installation cert for install and eicr for existing caravan. Would you notify either? Cheers.
  8. M

    Advice needed regarding part p and local authorities

    Hi all New here Looking for some advice! AM I JUST BEING THICK ? I’m fully qualified jib registered Electrician. Ive just done my part p with hopes of eventually going self employed But want to build up some work first as I’m still currently employed with a firm doing maintenance. From...
  9. Simon-0116

    Building regs part p - latest.

    Anyone no latest list/ edition of noticeable work to building control, part p. Newest one I can find after a quick Google is 2013. I'm sure it was updated 2017. If so can someone post a link, Thanks.
  10. S

    Domestic Non Part P compliant work?

    an electrician has installed a spur fuse(?) as part of a bathroom under floor heating installation. They removed a redundant plug socket just outside the bathroom and re-used it to instal the spur fuse. Several days later I noticed it wasn’t straight so thought I’ll straighten it when I come to...
  11. N

    Safety and part p questions

    hi I’m new to self employed domestic (having done my apprenticeship and time in industry with a utility supplier) so looking for a little guidance on the below..... Got asked to look at an Rcbo tripping issue. Called in for an initial look. Nothing seemed obviously wrong so as to cause the...
  12. S

    Outside lights Part P with outside socket ?

    Hi I’m new to this forum, hope I can get some good advice. I want to install 2 outside lights on a wall. They will be the highest IP rated I can get. I was going to use 3 core armoured cable or conduit to run the cable to an RCD protected outside socket on a plug. My question is this, because...
  13. P

    Part P notifiable question

    Hello. When I had my Consumer Unit replaced, one circuit was found to only serve a blanked off socket, possibly for use by a stair lift that was never installed. The electrician connected it to a 16A MCB and marked it on the EIC as unknown. I now need a socket about 2m away from the CU. If I...
  14. S

    Part P signoff on self-installed electrics in a new build

    I'm building a house, and I HAD been looking to do the bulk of the electrics myself, and then get it tested and signed off. I now understand this can be just as expensive and more complicated than having an electrician come in and do it himself. Any thoughts on this, please, and if it IS viable...
  15. J

    Plumber needs training to gain Part P

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified plumber and do a lot of bathroom fitting. I'm considering getting training for Part P to enable me to sign off electrical work in bathrooms. Please advise on training courses and costs in the Tyne and Wear region. MTIA
  16. O

    HELP! Down light installation??

    Hello, I am looking for some help if possible please, I am buying a new build property in the near future and the building company want payment per down light. Instead of paying this I am looking to install the lights myself. There will be around 6-8 in the kitchen, 2 in the downstairs...
  17. J

    Full House Rewire - Received Schedule but No Part P

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone could give me advice about a sutuation. A couple of years ago I had a property fully rewired, no issues with the job and I paid the electrician in full. Job done. Once I'd paid I received an automated NAPIT Desktop email titled "Your Certificate". I mistakenly assumed...
  18. Pete999

    Does Part P need Reform?

    Not sure if any of you have picked up Septembers PE yet I was out shopping and picked up a copy fro an Independent Wholesaler. I am passionate about this issue and have received several " Old, Dumb, Dislike or Disagree markers for my threads", but hey I have broad shoulders, so no worries there...
  19. D

    Another Part P Question

    Hello all, Bit of background before I jump into the query to try I'm a qualified electrician by trade, completed my apprenticeship with a large commercial contractor through 2007-2011 and worked as a subcontractor, for around a year, before being fortunate enough to jump into a design office...
  20. gazdkw82

    Part P ...................

    I'm almost embarrassed the bring this up again but the whole thing still coming fuses me. I head again today, a experienced spark say "iv got part P" when talking about qualifications. I understand what part P is and I have past my building regulations exam as part of my level 2 however, how...
  21. A

    Question about part p scheme

    Hi guys i am fully qualified time served electrician with a jib gold card. My question is that i am almost going to be registered with stroma and was wondering if in the meantime i can carry out part p notifiable work do the test and fill out the relevant certs. And then after my assessement...
  22. Zdb

    The part P doctor (25 characters)

    What the? The new Part P Doctor Part four download. | eBay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ie%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253701170898
  23. M

    New build part p ans being registered

    Hi all My in laws are having their new build wired bur the company are not part of anybody such as nic eic They are on about self certifying their work and noy notifying building control....is this possible? Or would building control need to come and have a look?
  24. M

    Part P assessment question

    One of the questions on a recent Part P assessment was how would I wire an external outbuilding if the earthing arrangement to the property was PME. I said I would run a three core SWA from the property to the outbuilding and use the cable armour and the third core as the exported CPC. I was...
  25. littlespark

    Part P without joining a scheme?

    I have a possible job coming up where a neighbour of mine in Scotland is buying a property in England. Its a flat, and he thinks it needs a full rewire. Until I've seen it, I cant say what all needs done. Since starting self employed, I haven't joined a scheme yet as the costs are too much at...
  26. J

    How to do it properly? Certification

    Hi all, long time reader first time posting. Hope you can help, I am level 3 and 2391-52 qualified having been in the game for 10 years I’m looking to do private work, but want to do it legally I already have public liability insurance, but the main question is do I have to join an association...
  27. S

    Passed Part P assesment

    So yesterday had my stroma assesment and happy to say I passed. Would like to thank everyone who helped me in the last few weeks. The fun begins
  28. P

    EICR on non logo forms?

    I get that you don't need to be part P regeistered to do an EICR, but has anyone ever had their EICRs questioned because they aren't completed on Elecsa/Niceic logo forms (I am referring to those part P only not full scope schemes that don't allow use of their logo on EICRs)?
  29. S

    Part P scheme any tips please???

    Hi I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for any comments. I am qualified to level 3 2330 and 17th edition, and looking to join a Part P scheme probably (Stroma) to start out on my own mainly house bashing etc... The problem is that I have had a fews year off and feel like im not ready for...
  30. T

    Electrician Help needed testing for small industrial unit (electrical check)

    I am thinking of going self employed in the next few months so I have been doing a bit of advertising before. I have been contacted to do some testing for someone who I know. The testing involves a industrial testing of a small unit, which has been asked for by the owner of the unit, the local...
  31. C

    Hi all. Help on part P required please.

    Firstly hi everyone. I am an electrical engineer in the manufacturing industry. I hold the BS7671 17th edition certificate and have a HND in electrical engineering. My confusion is as follows; We are having an extension built which is going to be a family room added on to the existing kitchen...
  32. M

    The ins and outs of part p

    Hi guys Im at a loss here my understanding of part p was that if you were a qaulified electrician you had to do this to be able to sign your own work off as this is what i planned to do once i qaulify. But is it possible for anyone regardelss of electrical training or experience to get it?
  33. G

    Part P training . It must be stopped

    As most of you are aware part p was introduced in 2005. This has lead to a huge surge in people becoming part p registered installers. This is not the issue although anyone who works on electrical installations should have "sufficient" knowledge and training as to minimise risk. The approved...
  34. W

    Would I be Falling Foul of Part P?

    I don't want to fall foul of Part P, so......... I have an existing Off Peak system, whole house switches over at 00:30/01:30, BST dependent. I want to add a storage heater to the EXISTING setup, independently wired from the CU. Since it will be an addition to an existing circuit, am I as a...
  35. B

    Do you have to become Part P registered to certify work?

    Hi I was wondering if someone could offer some advice? The business is doing a lot of kitchen and bathrooms and every so often they need a new cooker circuit or extractor fan, FCU for a standalone oven that sort of thing. At present I wire it in test it and then a lad I know comes and test it...
  36. W

    part p can someone explain

    So im hearing all different versions from people. some people are saying that you need to pass a part p exam and become a part p electrician. Ive also heard that thers no such thing that its only a paragraph in the building regs and that anyone can pay a building control for a higher fee or if...
  37. Gary Tollison

    Part P defined scope enquiry

    Greetings I will be attending the second practical week of my Domestic Electrical Installer course soon. C&G 2365 Unit 201/501 - Health and safety in Building Services Engineering. Certified outcomes: Part P Defined Scope. Does this mean that I would be able to apply for some kind of...
  38. JackSparky

    Carrying out work with NO Part P

    Hi all, Could someone list what work i'm able to carry out without my Part P, thanks! (i've tried google but nothing! haha)
  39. westward10

    Part P Face and my view on it

    So just been to see sister in law who has had her en suite redone, electrics done by bathroom peoples "electrician". So no rcd protection, cpcs unconnected at fan isolator, flex for cabinet lights on unenclosed block connector in wall cavity, underfloor heating and a new socket for the bedroom...
  40. C

    If part P were abolished

    Hello guys Just like with the black cab companies being stabbed in the back with back door policies allowing Uber to side line a skilled industry I got to thinking.... Can anyone remember sparking in domestics before part P was introduced and would it be foolish to draw parallels with the back...
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