1. J

    Which course to refresh for 16th Edition City and Guilds 236 parts i and ii

    I originally passed my City and Guilds 236 Electrical Installations parts i and ii courses, along with working 4 years for an NICEIC registered company back in 1994. In 2000 I started to work in the Fire and Security Industry, and since 2013 I have been in Rail and Telecoms, as a design /systems...
  2. gunsmokejp

    Electric Scooter Parts. 350W motor 36v Battery

    Hello i have for sale the parts of this scooter. Everything is working fine is just the holding mechanism is a bit wiggly(missing a screw) and the speed indicator is not working. The cable from the battery to controller has been worn out so i think this might be the issue. The scooter is one...
  3. Thomas Simons

    Domestic RCD Protection for lighting within communal parts

    I'm due to start working in a building which houses lots of flats over 6 floors with 2 internal communal stairs. I'm due to replace 13 ceiling lights per floor/stairs from a halogen bulkhead to a ELD 17w LED microwave/emergency bulkhead. Each floor is fed from a Square D B6 QOE MCB on a 3...
  4. P

    How long warranty to you give on parts?

    I recently quoted a customer for a few bits and pieces including supplying and fitting an external pir floodlight. She emailed me to ask how many 'years' warranty I give on the floodlight, and I said a one year parts and labour warranty. She emailed back to say that usually they come with a 2...
  5. J

    Domestic Bonding Extraneous Conductive Parts

    hi. Question re bonding a metal where cold comes in as metal pipe ground into house. So cold will be bonded where service comes in. Read article in wiring matters 2019 about changes for part 18. Example given of faulty kettle where fault to earth exists at kettle, some one touches kettle...
  6. N

    Extraneous Parts Earth sizing

    Customer wants to take power from an existing garage (with board) to supply a greenhouse, to be fitted with ip rated switchgear. The greenhouse is made of aluminium. Since this is an extraneous conductive part am i right in thinking that the aluminium frame would require a 10mm bond at least...
  7. S

    Extraneous conductive parts

    Morning, so just finishing off the install to a shepard hut which is located in a field. The construction is steel chassis, plyboard floor, timber stud clad with corrugated sheets. The corrugated iron sheets which clad the unit are plastic coated and there is no continuity between each sheet...
  8. S

    Help needed re simulator parts power requirements

    Evening all, I have built a 2 DOF VR Roller Coaster simulator. I am now adding additional realism, specifically wind. This is the specification of the inline air pump that I am going to use, Inline Blower | 270 CFM 4″ In-Line Bilge Blower Fan -...
  9. KWJ41

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Qualified C&G 236 Parts 1&2 in 2003, updated to 17th from 16 Edition in 2009 - But not JIB eligible

    Hi - I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of advice. I'm a fully qualified electrician qualified under C&G 236 in 2003 (parts 1&2), I updated to 17th from 16th edition in 2009 and hold an up to date safety passport through the ECS. I've recently gone on my own after being employed for 14...
  10. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Worst and Best parts of your day to day?

    Alright guys and girls, Just wondering seen as there are a lot of different types of electrical workers on here wanted to know which parts of the job day to day wise you enjoy and which parts could you really do without? Hopefully get some decent ideas from those doing the designs to those...
  11. gazdkw82

    quoting for work

    i'm intrigued, what's your chosen way to quote for a job? Im looking at setting up on my own in the distant future and this is one of the things that im not really sure about. Do you have a add on a certain % for parts and then an hourly rate? Set price for specific jobs (sockets - £30 each...
  12. Sonia Norman

    2394 exam

    i took my 2394 exam tonight like a numpty I drew a tnc-s when they asked for a tN-s I did describe that it was terra neutral separate earth and still drew the wrong one! Anyone know if that's a definite fail for the whole exam. It was a 15 point question so I'm thinking I'm screwed!
  13. M

    lid for this old consumer unit ?

    hi hoping somebody could help. I did a test at a property and the lid fell off and snapped in half while i was there , of course i have agreed to get a new lid from somewhere but not sure where ... any suggestions its a old board ... thanks in advance mike )
  14. G

    Domestic Light hanging from electrical terminal

    I have just had a professional firm redo my ceiling under an insurance claim and this is how they refitted the light (I removed the covers to reveal the terminal) I don't know much about building regs and electrical compliance. Can someone tell me if this is OK? My instinct says no F*ing way can...
  15. i=p/u

    18v drill

    My drill started smoking (not an e-cig) any of you wise men know if carbon brushes can cause this or is the windings coating breaking down. the brushes are wore but not completely. Small springs push them in and thinking maybe not enough push onto the armature/rotor
  16. A

    Outdoor Building Power

    It's been a while since doing any form of installation so I thought I may ask here for clarification especially with new regs...... Detached shed/building approx. 50m from house CU. Need to run 13A sockets and lights in it. TN-CS/TNS supply Is it best to... A) Take from MCB, then SWA down to...
  17. D

    Testing with no exposed metal parts...

    In an office environment... So please tell me I'm a dunce on this one (I'll gladly wear a hat with a 'D' on it) but one thing I've never really got with PA Testing is when testing Class 2 equipment part of the test is one where you need to use the fly lead to clamp to some exposed metal part of...
  18. GMES

    Charity work

    Has the title suggests , does anyone have a customer they do work for for free. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive Dog lover and Treat my boy Jack like a Baby, and cannot abide anyone who is cruel or abusive to dogs. If there is ever a TV program on about it you can guarantee I will...
  19. vxwestie

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Cscs card for NICEIC QS

    I'm searching through the threads looking to see which card I'm entitled to as a QS but can't find a definitive answer. Like many on here, I have c&g 2360 1,2 and C, AM1&2 and the more recent 17th edition, has anyone applied and got a sensible result recently?
  20. D

    alarm parts interchangable

    Can someone advise me if wired alarm parts are normally interchangeable with other makes? Customer has a accenta G6 panel but wants new keypad and PIR's as existing ones are looking a bit tatty. Never actually replaced alarm parts, only fitted complete systems so unsure if you can use different...
  21. R

    RCD & Code 2

    Sockets that can be used for outside equipment warrants a code 2, i get that. Yet you can stand in your bathroom using your non rcd protected power shower (if installed to earlier regs of course) covered in water and that only warrants a code 3? am i missing something here:dizzy2: Thx.
  22. the pict

    Wylex Trade price list

    I downloaded this in pdf form yesterday just as a general guide for quotes, good god have you seen this, a couple of hundred quid for a 10 way dual RCD no way when screwy do them for 80 quid fully loaded, some one is having a giggle somewhere dont get me wrong eddys dont charge, that but whats...
  23. W

    Megger repair?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a company that repairs megger multi testers in dorset.? Would be good if they are cheap and don't keep my tester for 4 weeks!
  24. J


    I want to do the 2391 but been told its in 2 parts 2394/2395 now here come the confusion Do i need both parts or is just doing 1 ok cheers
  25. zap

    Competition! How many separate parts in the illustrated BS1363 13A double socket?

    As there's a discrete number of parts only one guess each (your first). Winner gets a Like :waving:
  26. S

    Big Green Book IP codes

    After searching for a while for infomation on what the IP codes mean in the BGB, i cant find any info on them, i have a question in my course material for the 2395 asking for IPXXD, IP2X, AND IPX4, now i would rather not know the answers to what degree each of these provide but just where to...
  27. P

    How to price jobs

    Hello I feel capable of doing installations but very incapable of pricing them. is there a coarse out there that I could do to learn more on the subject. Thanks
  28. U

    How much would you charge for minimal work?

    I was called to a house that was being redecorated (just one bedroom at present). Client expressed concern over two dbl sockets hanging off surface boxes and a hole in the wall which appeared to be an old single socket that had been removed leaving the conductors exposed in connector blocks in...
  29. A

    PLC Parts for Sale

    Hey guys, I have a load of parts that i know longer require i use to carry as spare so some are brand new (omron 110v relays, ect). I have a couple of second hand Siemens S7-300 parts too. Give me a shout if you are interested and i can create a comprehensive list. Cheers
  30. M

    Poor workmaship on a CH maintenance plan.

    How about this as an example of trained Gas Safe staff...with 41 years experience as an electrical engineer and I am not allowed to work on MY gas boiler/CH system, (fair enough) I have a monthly contract with a large utility to maintain it....the programmer is U/S.....they eventually...
  31. P

    Customer wants to supply material

    what do you say when the customer wants to buy the materials after you have given them an estimate? Do you let them?
  32. E

    24v transformer and relay

    Hello. I'm a newbie on this site and am writing for advice after a mostly fruitless search on Google. I have purchased a new heating thermostat (Nest | The Learning Thermostat | Home), which is 24vac only. I plan to integrate this into my existing system using a step-down transformer for...
  33. L

    Help needed with a few PiR codes

    Fella’s I need your opinions on what codes you would give the following items on a PIR A. Ceiling rose – supply cable which emerges from the plasterboard is 0.75mm two core, so no earth provision readily available without floorboards up. B. Shower – water inlet on the side has a hole i can...
  34. M

    outside socket price

    Would you say 60 pound for a outside socket is fair. Thanks
  35. P

    AV Engineers???

    Evening all, i'm sure i,ve read posts on here from AV engineers and i have a problem with a samsung flat screen (no picture/sound ok), ive looked at AV forums but the experts dont seem to want to frighten people with technical explanations which is exactly what i'm after. Thanks in advance.:)
  36. S

    Accounting/VAT question

    Afternoon all Up to know when completing an invoice for my customers I have shown the same amount as I have paid to my supplier for parts However, I feel that i should perhaps make some small profit on the supply of these goods So if I then increase the amount of the "parts", what happens about...
  37. Z

    Bonding of metal trunking and metal encloseres

    Hi guys, Does anybody knows that in an industrial area bonding of the metal trunking parts and the metal enclosures counts as the main equipotential bonding? Becaouse this would effect bonding cable size. Thanks!
  38. J

    shower help required

    hi glad i found this place my mum has a selectronic redring electrical shower as she is severley disabled. Upon visiting her this morning her carers informed me the water didnt drain after her shower. I have taken the parts up on the floor (sorry not sure what there called) drained the water...
  39. M

    how to find out which part of fluerescent light anit working

    im doing lighting maintenance in a school with loads of flu lights, i know the basics, dead starter or tube, how do i know if ballast r capacitor is faulty, tanx:mad:
  40. W

    Domestic New MCB Board & the garage

    I am now in a postion to apply to join a relevant body for Part P approval. The CU in my house needs replacing (actually there are currently two as extensions have been added over the years) I will put in a new RCD split board but I am unsure about the feed to the garage which is away from the...
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