1. Zerax

    Hikvision NVR Admin Password Reset

    I have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 to play with but the owner doesn't remember the admin password. I've tried the default of 12345 but that's not working... does anyone know the routine to reset it ?
  2. Dan

    Has the password you commonly use ended up on a database somewhere via a breach? Enter your password you use in various places (note, you should always use a different password for each login you have) into the website above and you will see if it has been included in breaches. So like when Yahoo got hacked, eBay got hacked, Adobe got...
  3. sparksburnout

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma meltdown

    Has anyone else registered with Stroma had problems logging in and subsequent password request emails? I sent 2 requests to reset my password after not be able to log on following an "upgrade" to the member interface, because the first one didn't result in an email. I have just received 96...
  4. R

    Facebook Connect

    Hi guys, I previously created an account via my Facebook connect but the button does not seem to be working. I've now created an account with my e-mail address as the old e-mail address with Facebook Connect it would not let me change my password saying the one the forums e-mailed over before I...
  5. O

    Megger Powersuite

    At work we use powersuite. I have taken the disc home as I have a large number of tests to conduct and download (not going back to the office just for this) and it suits to download at home. The software installed but when I try to run its requesting a username and password -nothing in the...
  6. J

    2394/2395 next week , post up some sample papers, please

    can.t put it on here it's got passwords sorry
  7. Strima

    NIC Certificate Software Problem - Master Password.

    Just got NIC certification software loaded onto my works laptop. The previous bloke who had this laptop also had the NIC software installed and had set all his own passwords. He has left the company and is uncontactable at the minute, probably on holiday with a lot of other electricians...
  8. A

    aurora pvi 3600 inverter default password?

    hi guys, does anybody know if the default password for aurora pvi 3600 inverter are all the same. i am trying to change from single to dual mode but after selecting the ADVANCED option in the sequance it asks for another password. the instruction's state that it sometimes will do this and to...
  9. N

    Mcs log in problem

    Hi Cant log in to register my own install.Got my log in password and user name through today and wont work.Is this because system is to busy or did anyone have same problem first time Thanks for feed back Graeme
  10. N

    mcs log in help

    Finally after 5 weeks of Napit mucking me about i've been told that my paperwork has been sent over to mcs.Been told will be on there system friday but poss taken another 2 working days to recieve gem log in password.Is this correct hope not,just need to sign my own install off and if this...
  11. S

    Password locked netbook

    Hi guys Need your help again My daughter has a Samsung Netbook on Windows 7. This morning she has tried to get on her netbook but it asking for a password. Never asked for this before & "she hasnt changed the security settings". I can get into a reset mode but no matter what option I choose it...
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