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  1. Y

    What temperature do people set their UFH floor thermostats at?

    I have basic UFH (electric) in 10 zones. Thermostats are old and are pretty useless. Playing around with home automation systems and sensors. (Home assistant on a docker) some sonoff switches and sensors. If I have the heating on for 2 hours the ground floor tiles can reach 28c. Starting at...
  2. Dan

    Advent Calendar - DAY 24 - Merry Christmas People :)

    Merry Christmas boys and girls. :) Thanks for all those who joined in the Christmas fun over the past few weeks. Today's question is; What's the date you're going back to work? Today's winner will get:- A GoPro-Like Camera Courtesy of (thanks @Electrical2go for all your...
  3. F

    How to wire for "electrically sensitive" people

    Hey everyone, I believe I may be one of the crazy people who thinks they are "electrically sensitive"... I hate that I am that guy, but this is kind of where I find myself. I'm convinced that the farther from all electrical stuff I sleep, the better I sleep, and I've kind of gotten obsessed...
  4. static zap

    Do people have a favourite Test Website - (My complicated reference WAS Maplins)

    PaigntonPete -says he has connectivity issues ! ..i previously had similar issues with "Maplin web site and PC" ... Sadly that test is no longer available. Sites with a shopping basket are normally Good !
  5. Dan

    Follow people; and now you can have alerts when they post new content (videos, threads, replies, etc) Checkout this area, this is the people you follow. If you'd like to, you can change alert options for each one. So you get different alerts for each member you follow. :)
  6. Dan

    Why follow people on the forum?

    Okay, so the other day I spotted a couple of people chatting about who they follow and how that happened. Over the years the forum software makers have changed this area of the software a couple of times. It never really gets used by forums setup as actual forums. There are some websites that...
  7. oracle

    When people want the lowest quote

    When will folk realise that aphorisms are there for a reason: You get what you pay for Buy cheap, buy twice Measure twice, cut once
  8. M

    People who should not be left anywhere near electricity......

    Im an electrician in a factory. This morning a Labourer ran over a 32A 3 phase trailing socket with a genie!! Then picks up the cable with now 5 cores sticking out and no socket, shouts Might need your help. At which point I shout at him to put the cable down, as I may be still live, so he...
  9. B

    hi people sparky turned scientist back to sparky

    Long time lurker. finally decided to post as my brain is very confused. My situation is family friend really wants me to do his rewire but wants that mates rate. I'm thinking just full stop doing for family and friends as they seem to think its all for free or some dumb price. but at the same...
  10. R

    Left handed people, what finger do you use?

    … your primary mouse button? I´m sure I used to use my index finger, but at some point have changed to the middle finger, but it doesn't seem right?
  11. M

    Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people

    Hi guys, Wondering what your thoughts where on these schemes has anyone signed up to these and got any work from them? They seem really expensive and not sure if your even guaranteed the work. They seem a good idea but are they worth it? Read some reviews online saying some schemes where a...
  12. Starjack

    5 week short courses

    So is it possible to be a fast-food worker or an office worker and then go on a 5 week course and come out the other end proclaiming to be an electrician. In addition to that should you be allowed to do a 5 week course and immediately go self employed. Is it safe to do a 5 week course then...
  13. M

    Domestic Are people moving away from rings

    hi all I’m just wondering are the forum members moving away from doing ring circuits and doing radials instead ? I have been reading that this may be the way industry is going wether this is to aid in the introduction of AFDDs I don’t know , obviously AFDDs won’t work in rings, that’s why I...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    What do people make of this ventilation notification lark?

    Keep hearing more and more about notifying ventilation systems in properties and have now had an email from NICEIC telling me i can save 50 quid of the ventilation scheme if i do there course! this of course in addition to the money i already pay them. it seems every thing is becoming part of a...
  15. N

    Please help smart people! Battery and cooking simple question...

    Hi there Thanks for taking the time to read. I am hoping that this will be a very easy question for knowledgeable guys and girls like yourselves. My question is short and sweet; Could I run an electrical hot plate off of a large battery source? I have included links at the bottom giving...
  16. buzzlightyear

    how the mighty fall owning monies

    just read about k/price on yahoo. owning a spark moines Over the weekend bailiffs went round to demand £3,000 owed to electrician Paul Bean after he went to the county court to claw back the cash.
  17. P

    People keep mistaking me with an Electrician?

    Hi guys, I've just recently finished my electrical and electronic HND.. I'm currently finding it near impossible to find a job. I've sent hundreds of CV's out and usually at the interview stage people realise I don't have the relevant experience to join their team. I'm an ex air conditioning...
  18. Flash

    Who do people advertise with??

    I have previously advertised with book a builder and yell but don't get many leads, I'm just wondering what works for others??
  19. Pete999

    Are people paranoid, with regards to UFOs etc, especially in the USA.

    As the title suggests, just been watching a UFO programme regarding a strange HUM in certain areas oof the US, now with due deference to the American Public, they can't all be as gullible or stupid as this progrmme makes out, apparently from the East coast to the West coast of Mid America, this...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    How do people compete with numpties quoting blind...

    Been to do some quotes this week, One is a partial rewire and Cu change. The other wiring up a garage with the usual sockets, lights etc. On both jobs 'electricians' have quoted blind and given a price over the phone with no visit or pre work testing... One job the customer has gone with the...
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    Government propose register of people to carry out EICR

    Just read the monthly newsletter from NICEIC, usual self congratulatory PR nonsense but something caught my eye. The Government are proposing a register of competent persons to carry out EICR's in the private rented sector... now that would make too much sense and assume it would be along lines...
  22. S

    Any car people here......................

    Mate just turned up and let me have play in a Audi 6RS-R Jebus fecking hell 730BHP the acceleration was out of this world.....
  23. Pete999

    Guilible older people

    You must have seen the case of a piece of filth who charged some poor OAP out of £74K for replacing a damaged tile on the roof of his/her house, a complete scrote and nonperson imo. In my recent capacity of a Charity Handy person, I was aske to help an old infirm Lady to repair a damage curtain...
  24. Matthewd29

    Some people are unbelievable

    Had a call from a couple tonight saying they were concerned with the electrical work in their 6 bedroom home which had been retried around 6 months ago. I got there and had a quick look about to give them a quote to finish up odds and ends after the electrician had 'disappeared'. without even...
  25. Pete999

    This afternoon, were we invaded by The People Republic of North Korea?a

    What the Hell happened this afternoon, I was wishing I had bought a Nuclear shelter, all those Oriental hieroglyphs, crikey I really thought Nostradamus was right after all.
  26. P

    Do people really like yapping dogs?

    In the house behind us they have a little white terrier dog of some sort, and two or three times a day they let it out, and it yaps. For the whole time it just yaps. Behind our stable another couple do the same, both dogs yap continuously for about 30 minutes. The owners never try to stop them...
  27. Lip.82

    Some people just don't appreciate the lengths you go to

    Anyone else been in this situation, if so how did you handle it? Get called out to someone who has a living room light that isn't working. Turn up on time, put boot covers on, dust sheet down, I'm polite, the light fitting is class 1 (and also faulty) getting power to it but not working. The...
  28. Gavin John Hyde

    Quooker - Some people have too much money!

    Installed a new socket on a ring today under the worktop to plug one of them Quooker hot water taps in for a customer. She felt at £70 i was a bit expensive!! Says they used to use another electrician at there previous house and he rewired it all for £2500!!! I don't know what you can say to...
  29. widdler

    Another little poll for the 'Part P course' people here

    Hello again and thank you for anyone who has posted on the other poll so far. This poll is really for the forum members here who were trained through training centres on a Part P training package. I have no intention of criticising anyone who contributes to this poll, the objective here is to...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    How can people quote so low?

    Went to price up a job this morning to install 6 downlights in a dining room. Nothing too complex, with nice access to the extension roof space via a small access hatch to make the install relatively straightforward. would be able to work directly above the joists and come down through the...
  31. N

    Rated people - What a Joke They are!

    I thought would try rated people as they were offering free membership, and having spent well over an hour on the phone to them I got transferred to 5 different people who frankly didn't inspire much confidence in me to deal with a simple issue (their website actually says free membership in my...
  32. C

    2008 DB and RCD

    hello guys Just done an EICR on a house, the board was installed in 2008 with no RCD protection, the contractor was NICEIC according to his install stick haha. initially I thought it may have been taken out with Nusance tripping however Insulation resistance LN-earth was 33meg so all appeared...
  33. Midwest

    RIP Pc Keith Palmer

    RIP to Pc Keith Palmer. Said to see him and other people lose their lives in another senseless attack. As a species, it sees we put little value on life. “..each bloodletting hastens the next, and as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes...
  34. R

    Minor Works cert

    Hi, I have been in discussion with a friend Regards minor works certs for a couple of jobs he did recently. 1. Move light (cable is not extended just moved 300mm using slack in loft) 2. Change single socket to a double socket. He has insisted he is not altering the circuit and that it is...
  35. D


    I am an NVQ assessor/ Team Manager in the Yorkshire region currently working for City Traning Services in Bradford and wonder if any Electricians, Sole traders or Companies would be interested in an apprenticeship scheme, in other words offering young people a placement and traning them up to be...
  36. westward10

    Seriously angry.

    Get a call this morning at half five, fire outside sister in laws house and no one can raise her. Fly down there in car, only two miles away in next village while we manage to raise her on the way. Get there three fire engines with road blocked off by police. Some horrible b******* have set fire...
  37. B

    Extension Cables able to take power safely?

    Hello all, Looking for some sound advice about the "pub shed" that's in the house I've just purchased. It has 2 4 way 25m 13A extensions ran into it totaling 8 sockets in total. What is plugged in is: Strip light(not sure of power of this) Tv Small drinks fridge capable of having 48 beers 2...
  38. S

    Self employed

    Hey guys I'm hoping to go subbing in the near future (any one from the Nottingham area who's taking on sub contractors feel free to get in touch lol). Currently looking for a van but don't want to spend a fortune. I've seen a caddy 57 plate 110k on the clock, Cambelt done, full service...
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