1. A

    electrician in Essex here to give a hand

    Hi, Any guys need a electrician to help if they need a hand? worked commercial but doing some domestic work. drop me a message me
  2. B


    I live in a block of 8 privately owned flats, the maintenance is carried out by a private company. We have a fire alarm system comprising of, smoke detectors, break glass call points, sounders and of course an alarm control panel. As far as I am aware a full test of the system has not been...
  3. sparksburnout

    DNO's incoming capacity.

    Looking at a job where shower is required, and amongst all the other requirements, contacted the DNO to enquire what the incoming supply capacity is. The cut out fuse has no marking that states its rating, existing meter>CU tails are 16mm but will be using separate CU for shower circuit via...
  4. A

    Domestic Old switches

    I've been asked to install some old brass light switches,they obviously don't comply with bs7671,where would I stand if I made up my own switches out of the old plate and modern Dolly's,there's no earth lug on plate,and the plate won't fit modern box,is there anywhere that flogs this antique...
  5. K

    Testing frequency

    Hello all, Just thought I'd check some opinions on testing frequency, with the changes in the guidance advice.The latest(4th) edition has revised some of the intervals for certain types of appliances such as IT. Would you consider that the changes can be applied retrospectively, ie if an...
  6. G

    delete account

    anyone know how to delete your account on this , good forum but am spending hours reading thru posts , i am gettin more hooked on this than **** sites , time to go
  7. I

    'Booster' switch for ovens/hobs?

    I want a timer switch, to act like a booster switch for an immersion heater, but to control the power to ovens/hobs in the kitchen of shared accommodation. I don't want a daily timer, nor a plug in type, but rather a digital switch/button that would turn the power 'on' to the hob etc for a...
  8. SolarCity

    Customer backed out - contract not signed

    Gutted. Arranging to have a scaffold erected on a customers house and he informed me that he had changed his mind - with one day to go! We hadn't signed contracts - unfortunately time constraints mean that I can't visit every site to sign contracts at the moment (stupid, I know). Anyway...
  9. S

    250WP Panels

    I understand suppliers are offering airfreight for these now from CN to UK. Minimum order 200 panels. If you want more info PM me. Prices look reasonable inc. freight cost. I have contacts to clear customs so may be able to help here.
  10. R service

    Alright all, I my missus got me a dewalt cordless for my birthday, but she wanted to get a combi but got a drill driver by accident. She got it from this place, has anyone dealt with them before for exchanges? They say you can excange within a 7 day period (seems a bit brief to me...
  11. T

    Periodic Inspection#

    Hi I am currently orking on Virgin Media street cabinets that contain mains supplied from street kighting. Been trying to find the periodic inspection time intervals for street furniture but all i can find is tne time period for 'highway lighting'in the GN3 booklet i.e 6 years Any advices...
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