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  1. S

    Understanding periodic verification

    I had been sent on the NIC Solar PV course last year to learn how to test the DC side of solar installations as my company are testing solar panels in social housing. Due to obvious circumstances the testing work has only started this week and as I completed the course a year ago i'm struggling...
  2. DeanoRN

    tips for periodic inspection and testing.

    good afternoon all, ok so just wondering if anyone has some tips and advice for domestic testers in the social housing sector. I am now working with a company who do a a lot of social housing periodic testing (change of tenancy) etc and i was wondering how everyone does there testing, do they...
  3. A

    Testing ACBs during Periodic inspection

    Hello everyone! Has anyone been asked to test the main building incomers like ACBs as part of Periodic Inspection? If yes, do you give this part of the work to 3rd party? and what is the process and how you verify the report? some of my bigger clients are asking for this test to be done. Thanks...
  4. S

    Periodic insp. and test course

    Hi. I've already got the initial insp. and test and want to do the periodic, EAL or C&G. I'm struggling to find anywhere that runs it around the Kendal/Lancaster/Preston area of the North West. Any ideas.
  5. Nuno Gomes

    MCB/RCBO/RCD/Fuses - Periodic inspection

    Hi guys. A quick question. - When people do periodic inspection, is it considerad a defect on the intalation if the Protective diveces are no from the same brand? - In a TP instalation using fuses should the 3 fuses be from the same brand? I´m almost sure that I've herad that during my...
  6. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Periodic Assessment Info

    Hi I have my first annual assessment next week. I have yet to do my 18th but have the reg book. Is there anything new since last year as to what the inspector is looking for? Paperwork wise I have everything up to date but im wondering about the site visits and if I will be missing some new regs...
  7. Top Cat

    Transportable building Periodic Inspection Report

    Long time, no see! As above, has anyone got a template for one? Cheers
  8. W

    Domestic Strange buzz/chirp noise coming from anything plugged in

    Hi, recently I noticed a repeating static kind of sound (here's a recording, its kind of quiet - Vocaroo | Voice message - https://vocaroo.com/i/s1BmtSek9HLs) coming from the power supplies of pretty much anything plugged in in my flat. (first noticed in my computer, then my monitor, charging...
  9. oracle

    Periodic testing with the power on and all loads connected

    I recently watched a tester and his mate do a periodic inspection and testing on a social housing dwelling without turning off the power or disconnecting any loads. The Ze was measured without disconnecting the main earth conductor and Zs taken with the loads connected. They subtracted the...
  10. P

    Periodic Inspection with new electrical work.

    I need to do a periodic inspection cert. On a domestic prem. Unfortunately I'm not gonnna be able to complete the cert from the inside the pub on this ocassion, and sadly will have to dust off the old Fluke. Problem being I want to keep the sampling low using previous certificate to 50% max...
  11. J

    Periodic testing courses. 2381-51 or eal version

    Hi, I have noticed that there is loads of different options for these courses now, what’s your opinion? Eal v city and Guilds? Eal seems cheaper and exam seems easier with these course content. Are they recognised the same? Thanks
  12. M

    Advice on5 year periodic test on hotels

    I’ll Hi I need a bit of advice on our 5 year test the company has put a limitation on checking main fuses and bussbar testing due to the gas meter adjacent in the room !! 5 years previous this was not picked up is this acceptable or should they do this ! Many thanks for your help Also they...
  13. M

    Periodic / ECR Duty holder????

    Evening all, The company i work for lease an office which we have been in coming upto 5 years and seeking to relocate, i am aware the recomended interval for the above is 5 years or every change of use / tennancey. Can anyone offer any advice as to who is responible / liable for carrying one...
  14. nazyv

    Help with identifing main switch type. New to periodic testing

    Hello can anyone please help as im new to this but always researching to better my knowledge. Im trying to identify the BS info for the msin switch. I know the fuses are BS 3036. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. N

    old shady pyro/micc cable supplying meter

    doing an EICR, got a very thin looking micc cable at the incomer of the meter. It old flats, the fuse for the flat is outside the property (in the close) in a metal enclosure, attatched to the riser. Its proabably between 2 and 4mm in csa. Is this not a job for supplier? Has anybody came across...
  16. T

    periodic, inspection

    have problems with a periodic exam question which carry's 15 marks , they change the questions but the format is the same graphic was circuit cable coming in conduit to box, connection to L1 l2 l3 cpc to cable in conduit from motor question was connection 3 phase motor List five things to...
  17. J

    Periodic inspection 2395

    Please help, hi there, I'm doing 2394 and 2395. I m stuck on 2395 task A, which is recognising faults on some 7 photos. Does anyone know any centre providing training. I m OK to pay for it.
  18. K

    Rates for domestic periodic.

    Hi everyone , just starting out have done 2 domestic periodic for £60 each , only took 4 hours .Is this a reasonable rate , thanks.
  19. J

    Initial verification and periodic inspection.

    Anyone can help me here? Does anyone know how the initial verification would differ from a periodic inspection and test.
  20. M

    Can I do Domestic periodics????

    Hi guys just looking for some practical information as I have had mixed answers... i work in commercial and industrial buildings and so domestic dwellings are something I don't really touch. However I have recently passed my 2395 exam and a friend who owns property has asked if I can now test...
  21. T

    2394 course - advice on what I can do afterwards

    With the 2394 qualification can I pass my own work or do I need to take the 2395 as well. Anyone know of good places in London where to take this course -how much did you pay? Thanks.
  22. J

    Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Cert (BS 5266)-Do I need to issue one?

    Hi Everyone I am a time served electrician now doing a caretaker/facilities manager role in a 6 Floor Office building which is mostly occupied by NHS employees. The building was built in the 60s so is quite old but everything has been kept up to date by the fella I work for...
  23. B

    Periodic inspection

    Hi guys, Just after some advice please A family member has recently rented out a house. Now I'm gas safe registered and do completed a landlord cert for her. Now I've been reading to see if she requires a landlord cert for the electrics in the house, but it doesn't seem you guys do one...
  24. Amp David

    Inspect and test on lighting circuits

    When testing lighting circuits that contains multiple fittings connected to the circuit via plug in roses, are the readings for either R1R2 or R2 taken at the plug in rose or the fitting? This question is aimed more at doing a periodic rather than at the initial verification stage. Personally...
  25. F

    certificates for builders and landlords

    I have been approached by a builder and asked to sign off work he has already done .I have niceic domestic installer status.Can I legally do it for him? Also I have been asked to do a lanlords certificate for someone, is this just a periodic certificate ? And can I legally do this?thanks
  26. E

    Testing rates question

    Just a quick rates question, been asked for quotes on a complete electrical installation on a 6 bedroom house (new build, year in use), a garage periodic (unsure of full or part) and a periodic on a farm house, npot the whole farm as far as i know. Been put at £3-400 for the whole install...
  27. M

    2391 v 2394

    I qualified under the 15th edition an passed my C&G236 Pt 1 and 2, AM1 and AM2. I have upgraded to 17th edition and am Part P with NAPIT. All is good.............. NAPIT have said I need to do the 2391 to bring my test inspect upto date, and I agree as only just come back into the electricians...
  28. N

    Which is better OSG (Green) Or IEE Green for Periodic Inspection Reporting and I&T?

    Should I buy the new On Site Guide (Green colour) Or the IEE Wiring Regulation (Green) If I wanted to get more examples and explanations for Carrying out the new Periodic Inspection and Testing. Also would it containing anything regarding filling the Periodic Inspection and Testing Report with...
  29. M

    Load calc for 3 phase supply??????

    Hi all, i need the calculation applied to work out the current per phase for a 3 phase circuit. Found a 9.1 kwatt heater on a 25A triple pole mcb (60898), so on single phase load divide by volts = amps, but this is not the case for 3 phase, any help much appreciated????? Oh i found the heater...
  30. D

    Sockets in skirting

    I've been asked to do a periodic inspection on a property I have come across all the socket outlets flush in the skirting board. Can someone shed some light on this If this is acceptable on a periodic or do i recommend to raise them all up. Thanks in advance.
  31. M

    part p assessment and GN3

    Hi all, has anyone very recently passed their part p assessment (would help if with elecsa)? I have guidance note 3 which includes 1997 amd no 2 and have my assessment in a couple of weeks. Now i notice mine is outdated by many but i would really ike to know if i need to upgrade my copy for the...
  32. J

    how to work out r1+rn (and R1and R2)from end to end readings

    How can I work out the P-N figure of eight readings and the R1and R2 readings from the end to end readings of the ring cct. This is because our certs are typed up as we go along on site, and I only do the end to end tests on the ring. Can anyone help pls.
  33. G

    qualifications needed for periodic inspection

    Hi, could any tell me which qualifications are needed by the NICEIC in order for me to undertake domestic periodic testing and inspection. I am an NICEIC registered domestic installer. Thanks
  34. D

    Why pay NIC extra for using their PIR Certs?

    I am looking at joining NICEIC, however have read through some of these threads that it is approx £400 for a year but just over £700 if you want to use their Periodic Certs. Can anybody explain this to me? As far as I am aware and relativly fresh from C&G 2391, a Periodic is not notifiable just...
  35. S

    socket over cooker

    Hi all, been rewireing lighting in house and fitted new CU but whilst there found the cooker switch and socket are too close to cooker ie level with edge of it. What I want to know is as the client don't want to move it what do I put on installation cert as it is a non compliance? thanks in...
  36. S

    inspection report

    my niece has just moved into a rented property and found the db board under sink ,could this pass a periodic inspection report? see pic
  37. M

    2391 verfying volt drop

    Hi Guys n Girls Sorry if im having a dumb momment but I have a practical 2391 exam in march and i cannot remember for certain how to verify Vd. Im assuming i can calculate the circuit length by taking the r1+r2 reading - then get the m'ohms per/m for both cables from the (OSG P166). Then...
  38. P


    Just carried out a periodic inspection report, before doing a Cu change. When the board is replaced can i use the results i obtained and transfer them onto the electrical Installation certificate. Or do i have to test again.
  39. M

    Domestic Fuse carrier

    Hi, I am Mavis, a new member. I am not an electrician, hope that is okay, but want to ask a question. Twice in the last three weeks we have had the 5 amp fuse blow and would like to know if it is possible to buy a fuse carrier that could be just plugged in alongside the others in the fusebox...
  40. E

    periodic testing

    Hi i have recently done a periodic test on a nursey and had to fail it on several points, i have gone back and completed remedial work and issued certs for remedial work. Can i now just reissue a periodic cert with a satisfactory pass as they need a PIR for the insurance,,
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