1. M

    Running permanent extension lead from FCU socket?

    I have installed a new dishwasher, unfortunately the new cable will not reach the socket. The socket comes from an FCU, but is impossible to get at to add an additional socket. Can I run a permanent extension lead (appropriately 50cm) to plug in the dishwasher? thanks people:)
  2. R

    UK Making an outside light permanently live

    I have three way switch in my kitchen, with from left to right switch one turns on and off the PIR activated outdoor light, switch two turns on the hallway light and switch three turns on the main kitchen downlighters (though these can be turned on/off at other switches within the kitchen) What...
  3. C

    Permanent dipped beam?

    Hi folks, I thought you might be entertained by an odd fault I fond today. I was approached in the supermarket by a man I know who was having electrical problems with a 1978 Datsun 180B (610 for the aficionados). he had owned it for the better part of two years, but had never been able to get...
  4. D

    Industrial Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building

    Do somone know requirements for Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside a Building ?
  5. M

    Does the brushed DC motor and Permanent magnet Dc motor need position feedback in the control system

    Hello guys. I am an electrical electronics engineering student. I have two questions. if you answer my questions ı'll be happy. Thank you from now. Does the brushed DC motor need position feedback in the control system? why? Does the permanent magnet dc motor need position feedback in the...
  6. A

    Electrician Qualified Electrician wanted for permanent position in Greater Manchester.

    Excellent rate of pay for the right candidate. Full time, Permanent Role, 40 hours per week. About the role: We are looking to recruit an experienced electrician to provide a comprehensive electrical service. You will undertake a wide range of general electrical maintenance and testing as...
  7. Lou offers permanent member discount code!!

    Those lovely folks over at are giving all Electricians Forums members a permanent 5% discount on purchases!! Just use code Forum1st on their website. Thanks @Electrical2go !
  8. D

    Light always on since light change

    Hi all, Another newbie to the site here, I'm hoping to look for some answers to some questions, and in the future looking for a local sparky for quotes on a new extension. One question to start: I have recently taken a Dunelm rose light fitting down and replaced with a bog-standard one from...
  9. L

    Simple light circuit

    need some help with a light circuit, we have 2 of them klik ceiling rose lights on its own circuit with 1switch and an emergency key switch. Both lights operate on and off when the switches are opened and closed however the em light battery kicks in whenever you switch the lights off so acting...
  10. G

    Wiring holiday lodges

    I'm going to look at a job next week for wiring a couple of holiday lodges that are being shipped in a few weeks. The guy mentioned it gets split in half for transport purposes I've never done one before just wondering if anyone had and what's the best way to go about it
  11. Dave301

    Testing an off-peak board

    How would I be best to go about putting a temporary supply to an off peak board for testing for accurate Zs readings? There is a board adjacent with a permanent supply.
  12. P


    Doing a Distance learning course and thought it might be a good idea to build my own board.
  13. S

    Landed new job, happy happy happy

    hi all just thought I'd share my good new of a job offer this afternoon, its through an agency but said it will lead to a permanent position for the right person its a commercial job (school) rip out old electrics and all new installation, I really cant wait. Especially after 3 months of no...
  14. S

    Domestic 3 plate switching

    Hi guys, I've been a trainee electrician for nearly two years, working only on new builds. a friend of mine has just moved in to a new house and has asked me to do a few little jobs for him before the plasterer comes in. He wants me to add a security light to the back of his house, however all...
  15. M

    Garden Socket

    Hi, I'm basically installing a single weatherproof socket in a garden for a pond pump, and I'm wondering if there are any sockets with a stake attached, to knock it in the ground, in situations where there is no permanent fixing point? Just wondering what people have done in this scenario and...
  16. M

    Domestic Pir sensor and extract fan

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to wire an extract fan to a pir sensor? And if you can, HOW?!?!?!? thanks
  17. O

    Commercial polarity argument at work

    What do use in emergency lighting brown permanent live black switch live or black permanent live brown switch live obviously grey neutral major arguments at work please help to settle
  18. J

    4in Low Voltage bathroom fan.

    I have checked the core cutter I have been issued and it has a 4.5inch core bit. The fan I am putting in is 4in (100mm) does it matter if its slightly bigger hole, as the fan square itself will still be big enough to hide this. Also trying to get my head around why I need to get a permanent...
  19. C

    Domestic Replacing 1 way light switch

    Hi, I have a dimmer that needs replacing. The dimmer has 2 ports, labeled L2 and this: I have two red wires connected to those ports and an earth connected to the metal plate in the back of the wall. The switch I have bought is labled L3 (Out) L2(Out) L1(Out) L (In) This instructions, Here...
  20. U

    Please Help PIR Nightmare

    Hello, Would really appreciate a little help. I have recently installed an outdoor lighting circuit complying to 17th edition regs. My client wanted a pir installed to trigger the lights but also wanted to be able to switch the lights on aswell. So i ran a 3core SWA 2.5 to the pir and another...
  21. B

    Wiring PIR and Emergancy Light

    Hi just trying to get an idea on going about wiring a lighting scheme controlled by a PIR and with an Emergancy fitting. X 4 fittings to be installed, X 1 a non maintained emergancy, all controlled by a PIR and in T+E. From feeding into the PIR first i need to install a key switch below? Not...
  22. P

    Domestic switch wire for pendant

    In Ireland we run a 1.5 mm brown and brown and cpc from the pendant to the switch as you are never allowed use the blue from a t&e, is this the case for the UK or do you still run brown and blue and mark the blue as a phase ??
  23. I

    What to fix a garden socket to.

    I have to install a socket in a garden but do not have a permanent structure to fix it to can anyone give me any ideas, thanks.
  24. C

    Outdoor SWA Distribution Circuit; Can it be clipped to a FENCE?

    Hi Can anybody pls advise ... I was under the impression that it is ok to clip SWA along a wall - but not a fence, because a fence is not deemed a permanent structure? I believed that your only choice was to clip to a wall or bury 600mm deep? I recently lost a job because the customer was...
  25. D

    Pir light

    Am trying to wire outside light. Switch is inside 2 gang 2 way. Fuse trips if I wire switch and permanent feed but is fine if I don't add live wire from switch? However I then can't turn it on and off as such although still works as pir? Any help appreciated. Ta
  26. C

    Wiring pir

    Hi when wiring a pir with em lights in the circuit I always wire my feed to pir then sw out to lights and then take me em feed from key sw obv round all my em lights, but if the pir is Ruhr furthest point away from board n key sw can you take feed round your lights then to pir as iv seen this...
  27. C

    Em Lighting key switches!

    OK, Settle this once and for all please chaps. When keying off emergency lights, should you switch; 1) just one pole (e.g. the permanent live) 2) two poles ( e.g. both switched and permanent lives) or 3) three poles ( both lives and neutral also (as some key switches...
  28. L

    2 way pir

    just doing a job in a hotel at the mo. he wants a pir in the hallway but with a switch at the bottom of the stairs just to kick in the timer on the sensor not as a permanent override. as the pir will not pick up movement down there. is this possible with a standerd pir
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