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  1. M

    Needed help to bypass touch switch on personal heater.

    I have a personal heater that has 2 touch switches. One controls power and the other controls rotation. Both don't work. How can I bypass these touch switches? Thanks
  2. D

    Personal development

    Hi All, I need advice in terms of developing. I have done NVQ3, 18th edition, Inspection and Testing, PAT TESTING. What courses do you recommend ? What can be next step for me ?
  3. happyhippydad

    Do you have Personal accident cover? Just for those self employed.

    Afternoon all... Just reading through Professional Electrician and got to the article about the self employed chap with the broken wrist. This poll is just for those self employed as if you're employed you can probably get sick pay. I'm considering getting this insurance and wondered how many...
  4. happyhippydad

    Thought I would say a Happy new year to everyone!

    Happy New year everyone. I do hope you have all had a good Christmas. I personally am happy that all the mayhem has died down and things are getting back to normal! I must say I have not spent as much time on the site since it has changed. I can't put my finger on why not. It just doesn't seem...
  5. G

    Unprotected and damaged Earth to Electrode - C2 or C3?

    C2 or C3, which do you think? Can't make my mind up. Any other thoughts? From MET, through wall to Electrode, not clipped to the wall, just dangling free. Electrode fully buried at the moment, under leaves and debris. Not cleared this away yet. Then.... .. as you can see, the insulation has...
  6. Spoon

    Men that hug.

    Hi people, What are you views on hugging friends / general people? We are not talking about partners or loved ones now. Being half Italian I was brought up kissing cheeks (the face ones, before certain people say anything else) and hugging people, no matter the sex. I still hug all my friends...
  7. A

    Domestic Using the lighting circuit for a radio in a bathroom?

    I want to put a DAB radio in our upstairs bathroom, but getting the supply to it could be awkward, so I'm considering putting an RCD fused spur on the ceiling and running the supply off of the lighting circuit. This way, the radio can be mounted above head height and be switched remotely by the...
  8. F

    IWC Insurance - Any other cheaper companies?

    I am currently with IWA (Independent warranty association) to give insurance backed warranties on domestic installations. They require a minimum of 4 certificates to be purchased a month at £50 each, regardless if you have 4 jobs lined up or not... With the way the market is going, is there...
  9. L

    customer database

    anybody know of any good ones where i can store information about customers and quotes etc hopefully free thanks
  10. P

    Business Bank Accounts

    Out of interest (Mainly for sole traders), do you use a business account or a private current account?
  11. S

    !..Benefits of a Business Bank Account..!

    Hello Each.... I have a seperate bank account but was thinking of getting a business bank account. I know some offer free banking but costs aside what are the real benefits. E.g - Is there a business advisor on hand..? Financial support/advice..? Offers such as insurance etc, etc..?! Any...
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