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  1. P

    Competent Persons Scheme and which is best.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and as an electrician of 41 years circumstances are seeing me head in a different direction as far as work is concerned. Here is a list of questions (Sorry) Do you need test and inspect qualifications for competent persons scheme, although I have experience. My...
  2. T

    Persons experienced in steel conduit

    Good afternoon one and all Does anyone in the Dorset area have good experience with steel conduit? If so please could I pick your brains on a few things?
  3. D

    Competent Persons Scheme

    I'm doing some research into the current processes involved in the Competent Persons Scheme and building regulations in general. I wondered if anyone on here had any significant issues or areas of improvement that they wanted to highlight to hopefully be changed in the future. This could range...
  4. paddyc3112

    What scheme do I join?

    Can anybody help me out on which scheme is best to join and how much they are to join? Also, I'd like to know how much it costs per certificate too. Any light shed on this would be good, thanks.
  5. phb

    opinions/ advice on which codes to give on EICR

    Hi I was sent to do a EICR on a DB in a commercial kitchen and could do with some opinions on which codes to give. seeing as I haven't done a EICR since the spring and only doing new installation certs I have a fair idea but feel a bit out of confidence with it. thanks in advance for your...
  6. C


    Can someone tell me what I have to do to be able to sign of periodic tests, who is the best body to go with and how much will it cost me.
  7. zone77

    socket outlets in commerical premisis

    what code would i give on PIR for skt oulets in commerical property with no rcd protection? all skts Zs are under max values and only intended for staff:confused:
  8. C

    Domestic competent persons scheme

    im thinking of joining a competent persons scheme, ELECSA to be precise as in my opinion offers the best value for money and also because I just intend to do domestic work and don't require the 2392 at present. My question is about the ELECSA site assessment, currently I am not a member...
  9. C

    Funding for Competent Persons Scheme??

    Hi does anybody know if there is funding or grants etc to become registered on one of the competent persons schemes? I have passed 17th edition and eal domestic but of course without being a member of a competent persons scheme and trying to go self employed BUT currently signing on at the...
  10. K

    cometent person schemes

    Hello I am soon to become qualified electrician and just needed to know a few things because I am a bit worried about starting off as money is a bit tight and these competent persons schemes are quite expensive also trying to find work. 1) do I need to join a competent persons scheme straight...
  11. F

    Emergency Power Off Testing (EPO/RPO)

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can tell me the frequency of testing of EPO or RPO in an installation, say a computer server room. We have 20 full height server cabinets and the EPO cuts power to the whole room. I've looked in the 17th without success. Thanks in advance. FC
  12. E

    PIR's & HIP's

    Was told today that the deptartment concerned have done a Uturn & home info packs are now going to include PIR's :) Also that the odpm (or who ever they are these days) are being pressured by IEE , HSE, NIC ,ECA & all the others to make it a legal requirement that all domestic properties have...
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