1. J

    AM2 Phase sequence

    Hi all I have my AM2 comming up and just wandered at what stage would I carry out the phase sequence on the supply as in could you do it at thr same time as you are doing pfc as it saves taking the board cover off again at a later stage?
  2. S

    Single Phase Puzzle to challenge you

    Hi I have inherited a compressor with a single phase motor but its been stripped and I need to fathom out what's what.. I don't know if it even works as why did they take it apart and if its broken what's wrong! I have a start and a running capacitor A reset switch Simple push button Two...
  3. wsoppitt

    remote 3 phase charger install

    hi guys / girls , any advice would be appreciated, So the situation is a domestic property has a 3 phase supply , from the service head we have 3 phase supply to henley blocks , from here there is a 3 phase supply to remote outbuilding and a single phase supply to the house consumer unit ,the...
  4. S

    Why I get only one phase reading current while rest are zero

    Hi I have UPS 50KVA and the inverter output AC voltage is feeding a distribution panel 120/208 V 4 wires when I check UPS display it shows me that output current which is the distribution panel phases as followings phase one = 30A while Phase 2 = 0A and phase 3 = 0A is this a problem !? Shall...
  5. G

    TIS700 PAT Tester - 3 phase testing issue

    Hi all, We have a limited in house PAT testing requirement and were advised that the TIS700 fitted our needs. The unit works fine for 110V and 230V extension lead testing, but we're having issues testing 4 and 5 pin 415V extensions. We are using adaptors that came with our (very) old PAT...
  6. B

    UK 3 phase rcd protection

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to pull in some new 3 phase supplies for 7 new welders which do not require a neutral connection. The client has specifically asked for them to be plug and play and rcd protected, which is fine as they are under 32amps. I will be running in 5 core swa's for...
  7. G

    single phase compressor motor

    Hi, I am looking for a connection diagram or sugestions for a 2.2Kw single phase motor to drive a compressor. The spec plate shows that it can be run at 220-240 v / 460-480v 50Hz. (unusual for 50Hz) At 220-240 volts FLc is 16A plus startup inrush. so I should like to run it at the higher voltage...
  8. L

    Wiring for single phase supply

    Looking to use this brooks Compton motor as a replacement in an electric cement mixer. can anyone tell me if it is designed to operate off a domestic single phase 240v supply? It looks to me as though it could run off either a single or threes phase supply but I’d be grateful to hear from...
  9. Y

    Singel Phase Wiring for TeSys LE, enclosed DOL starter, 12...16 A, 240 V AC coil

    Hi, Trying to wire this 3phase switch as single for a table saw, told I could do this from guy at Haymans, even told 2nd time which wires to connect, didnt work, other tradie at work couldnt work it out either. have L1 and L2 and N and T1 and T2 on bottom from diagram any help please?
  10. R

    Table Saw 3Ph conversion to Single Phase

    Hello Everyone -- So, I am looking to buy a used 5HP 3PH 208 V 10 inch Table saw --- (Motor Plate Data in Image) I am a DIY'er and in this case I would not attempt to do a 3PH to Single Phase conversion myself -- (I have looked at many videos and read several articles about how to do...
  11. Sajith

    soft starter for 3 phase motor

    Hi All, I have recently purchased a motor soft starter from aliexpress for a 3 phase motor Before connecting load I measured the input and output voltages. Input voltages between each phase is 400V. However when I measure the output, voltages (after timer delay) is different. Output...
  12. E

    Hi Zs on one phase only

    Anyone come across this before? I was asked to do a Zs on a 3ph surge device; L1 was around 6 ohm, L2 & L3 around 0.11. Wired in singles from a Ryefeid and one earth conductor so cannot think why this might be low on one phase only.One thing I did see was L1 fuse at Ryefeid was doubled up with...
  13. K

    3 Phase connections

    Good day to you. I need electrical drawings urgently and hopefully there is someone that can assist me. They are all for electrical trade test. Taking into consideration it's three phase. 1. A 2 Speed starter with selector switch and motor with control circuit 2. A manual 2 speed starter and...
  14. J

    3 phase problem after spark did 5 year safety inspection

    Hi lads 5 year safety inspection the spark put the tails back and later line 2 of the 3 phase blew blowing the box off the wall and taking out the main fuse on the same line into the building can you all just say quickly what you think the spark may have done wrong ? Cheers
  15. W

    UK 3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install

    3 Phase Smart Meter EDMI ES -30 B Install I have a question regarding the potential replacement of my existing EON supplied ELSTER A1140 3 phase meter which is currently providing E10 switching times for our all electric home. The house has an old electric storage boiler and the system is...
  16. J

    3 phase meter problem

    Hi there, I built a house with ground source heating 5 years ago and it's a fairly large house so I have 3 phase supply 80 amps per phase. I had a regular meter it was a Elster A1140. I read this every month on the 1st and logged the readings so I have a good idea of my usage patterns. Ground...
  17. A

    1 phase 2 pole 400v pump wiring

    Hello. How i should connect this 1 phase 2 pole 400v cooling pump? If i apply 1phase 230v and neutral it Will only growl and "spin" very very slowly. Thank you for help.
  18. S

    3 Phase Distribution Board Dilema

    Hello All So I'm not long out of my college days and unfortunately I didn't have a lot of exposure to three phase and commercial wiring systems. I have a three phase switch fuse Isolator rated at 200Amp supplied by the landlord. I need to split this across two Proteus distribution boards, the...
  19. X

    3 Phase Vacuum On Single Phase Supply

    Absolutely losing my brain here guys What I would like to be able to do is power our 3 phase motor on a single phase supply. Thought I had it all figured out, motor is dual voltage, on 230v its pulls 30amps 8.6kW rating. Nice cheap option was a dps (compared to getting 3 phase installed or a...
  20. T

    Wiring 3 Phase/Single Phase Hob

    Hi, searched the forum but cant locate anything similar so apologies if ive missed something. Ive got a new hob to install in the kitchen (Cookology CIH602). Ive got a dual cooker connection plate with the oven already connected and intend to connect this. Looking at the manual, it can be...


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