1. D

    Where do you test from in phase rotation test on am2

    About to re sit testing section of am2. Am I required to test phase rotation at the incoming switch and also the 3 phase socket and motor. Just can't seem to find any clear instructions on what they expect on this test
  2. B

    Need to convert 3 phase 480 60 hertz to European 3 phase 330 50 Hertz

    Hi , I have a customer that has purchased a machine from Turkey. The machine requires 3 phase 330 volts at 50 hertz. I have access to 3 phase 460 at 60 hertz here at the plant in the US. I can find a transformer for the voltage but that doesn't change it from 60 hz to 50 hz. Im looking at 90...
  3. N

    Bringing single phase off three phase board

    Hi all, new to this thread and just looking for some views. I have today attended a industrial unit which is being converted into small individual offices. An electrician has previously been here and has taken 3 individual sub mains from the existing three phase consumer unit to single consumer...
  4. R

    3 phase sub main…help please??

    Hi All I’m in a bit of a quandary at work and need a couple of things clearing up if poss. I’m the maintenance manager/spark/fitter/skivvy/everything else that needs doing man 🙄 in a plastics factory and I’ve got to provide a supply for a new machine. The current set up is a 90mm SWA protected...
  5. W

    Proteus 3 phase DB horizontal

    Have any of yous fitted the proteus 4 way 3 phase DB? The horizontal one. The din rail I got with it was very narrow, only the top off of the RCBO clipped onto it. Anyone else had this?
  6. P

    Looking for an easy-to-understand explanation of 3 phase / 3 phase + N

    I have some questions about 3 phase. 1. Does the neutral come in with the supply as standard? 2. As most 3 phase equipment doesn't require an N, what are the circumstances where you need one? 3. When we do need one, why do we need one? 4. Am i right in presuming therefore that we'd mostly use...
  7. t01474

    3 phase EV headache!!

    Evening everybody. It’s been a while since I’ve asked for the collective brains advice but this one has really got me stumped. I’ve been asked to install a twin outlet 22kW EV charger at an office. Unfortunately the office is an old doctors surgery (3 storey ex-house, basement , pitched roof...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Installing a 3 phase rapid EV charger?

    A bit of an embarrassing question. I have a regular customer who I enjoy working for. He has asked me to install an EV rapid charger for his avant loader (electric tractor type thing). I always turn down 3 phase jobs as I don't feel I understand it fully, but I'd like to do this job. I believe...
  9. J

    3 phase board with 250A incomer

    Hi guys, if a 3 phase board is to be installed, with 250A mains. With 8 32A 3 phase sockets, 8 single phase 16A sockets, 2 light circuits and 3 phase 63A socket on it, that exceeds the 250A. I understand you would have to consider diversity factor etc into it but is that still too much or would...
  10. D

    3 phase isolator switch

    can I use the above isolator switch with single phase 240V wiring. live neutral and earth? its the right designed switch for me and also it is the right current rating.
  11. newfutile

    Strange IR readings on 3 phase board

    I am unable to take global IR readings on a 3 phase consumer unit, i have disconnected the neutral but when i try to measure the meter never settles and eventually times out. i have tried 2 meter/s with same results
  12. W

    3 phase conversion to 110 in residential USA

    Moved into remote residential site in USA , devestated 3 years ago by tornado that took house, family and all buildings, poles etc. except well building and barn (where I am living for now) only remaining service is a 3 phase that went to well. For about 6-10 months I need to survive here till I...
  13. A

    3 phase supply in a 3 bed detached rural house

    If I install a new TPN system at home can I run x3 100amp Supplies from It, so I have x3 100amp Consumer units, 1 existing & 2 new ?.
  14. R

    ungrounded 3 phase systems

    hello. looking for advice on working on a 3 ph, 3 wire 480 delta that i believe fits the definition of a corner grounded delta. the title of the thread is appropriate because theres only 3 wires marked for each phase and no neutral going into the customers main disconnect switch which powers a...
  15. N

    3 Phase Inverter Motor Vibration But Not Spin

    Dear All, My tool Carousel crashed last night and when I tried to initialize the Carousel, the Motor just vibrating (shake hard) but not spin. I am not sure if Break, Encoder or Resolver cause the issue. Please advise. Thanks, David
  16. B

    2 Phase and neutral supply ??

    Hi All Question regarding 2 phase supplies. Came across this at a farm house, supply is in 3 phase and neutral to the main dist board, then from the 3 phase board at the farm house out to the garage is a 4 core SWA. They have taken 2 phases and neutral from a 63amp double pole MCB at the farm...
  17. D

    Three Phase Power supply

    Greetings I work for a client who has recently negotiated a bigger supply from the supply authority, the client has agreed with Scottish power to have a larger transformer and feeder cable installed, my part of the works is to upgrade the existing switchgear to accomodate for the new supply...
  18. N

    3 phase conversion on Car Ramp

    Hi All I am new on here and looking for some advice on converting a car ramp to single phase. This particular ramp is sold in 2 versions single or 3 phase. I bought a 2nd hand 3 phase version at very handy money so can justify a bit of spend on it. The 3 phase version i have has a 2.6KW 4 pole...
  19. P

    What is 3 phase bridge rectifier circuit?

    5 bridge rectifier circuit diagram ?????? 1. Three phase bridge rectifier circuit with resistive load 2. Rectifier circuit with RL load 3. Rectifier circuit with RLE Load 4. 3 phase rectifier bridge circuit using filter capacitor 5. Controlled rectifier circuit Link post...
  20. BiddeldyBwah

    Do 3 phase boards usually have RCD protection in commercial settings?

    Just sat contemplating life and realised i don't think i've ever seen any RCD protection on the boards we maintain/install at work. I've seen 300mA protection on some section boards but don't recall ever clocking a 30mA in a 3 phase board. Am i just not looking properly?