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  1. X

    3 Phase Vacuum On Single Phase Supply

    Absolutely losing my brain here guys What I would like to be able to do is power our 3 phase motor on a single phase supply. Thought I had it all figured out, motor is dual voltage, on 230v its pulls 30amps 8.6kW rating. Nice cheap option was a dps (compared to getting 3 phase installed or a...
  2. T

    Wiring 3 Phase/Single Phase Hob

    Hi, searched the forum but cant locate anything similar so apologies if ive missed something. Ive got a new hob to install in the kitchen (Cookology CIH602). Ive got a dual cooker connection plate with the oven already connected and intend to connect this. Looking at the manual, it can be...
  3. Aegir01

    Hooking up a bandsaw from single phase

    Hello all, I signed up here for a little help. I bought a 3 phase bandsaw and went down the rabbit hole of VFD’s etc. ‘The motor is 3 phase 400v and I have 1 phase 240v (Australia) . So I bought a VFD that has an input of 240v single and an output 400v three. It’s currently in the post. I...
  4. S

    1ph to 3 phase inverter

    I have been asked if I can wire a motor for a car lifter in a domestic garage, however the motor is 3 phase and only single phase is available in the property. Is it possible to use a single phase to 3 phase inverter to power this motor? I will attach photos of the motor and its output.
  5. K

    How do you calculate the tollerances from a 3 phase winding measurement

    Assuming that you measure the windings for a power transformer, for example: A-B: 2,258 ohms B-C: 2,262 ohms A-C: 2,250 ohms, how do you calculate the tolerances for these? What formula do you use? You consider as reference the highest or the lowest value from every 2 readings? I just wanna...
  6. H

    3 phase 400v supply to 2 phase supply

    Hi I have a question hoping I can get some help. I wanted to know if there is a 400V 3 phase supply (A/A/A) terminated on the primary side of a TMD breaker can you take 2 phases from the secondary side of the breaker (A/A) to create a 400V supply only excluding E/N and use to power up your...
  7. M

    American Phase Colours

    Hi, Looking for advise on industrial phase colours.
  8. D

    3 Phase requirements

    Hi all i have asked a electrician about the mic level i would need to power the following machines a 45kva cnc mill, a 32kva cnc mill and a 60 kva cnc lathe but have been unable to get an answer. I would like to get the 45kva mill and the 32kva mill sorted first it will be 6-12 months before i...
  9. littlespark

    Phase loading in a chippy

    What can be worse than electrical installations on a farm, or in a pub?...... Chippys! Got a phone call from my local.... Lights and kitchen equipment not working... needs checked by a sparky before Scottish Power would attend. She'd blown a main fuse! So ive been tasked with working out the...
  10. D

    UK 3 phase sub board addition

    Hi Looking at a job currently adding a 3 phase solar installation but the distribution board is full obviously a new board is the best option but if the customer isn't interested in this what do people usually do? Add a small 3 phase board and use Henley blocks, I've never seen this done but I...
  11. will_505

    Will 4 pin phase converter work with a 4 pin 3 phase compressor

    Hi, leading on from my question the other day about running the 3 phase compressor off my 8.5kW generator I have since got my hands on a 240v to 3 phase converter. My question being the 3 phase output from the converter has only 4 wires/ seperatly cores coming out where as my compressor...
  12. O

    4 pole 3 phase breaker

    I have above mentioned breaker which does not have any markings to show which is the neutral pathway, I wish to fit it directly above a 3 phase 4 way surge protector which has its neutral on the right hand side and so would ideally want to connect the neutral above it on the right hand side of...
  13. newfutile

    3phase DB as single phase

    It's coming out anyway so it's a rhetorical question. What do you you all think of this? Bits of wire used to bridge the bus bars and don't single phase consumer units need a linked switched line and neutral?
  14. C

    Australia 3 phase shed feed in NSW

    Gday lads. Have a question about a 3 phase shed feed. I have a roll on 16mm2, 3 core and earth orange circular. Can I run a 16mm2 SDI neutral in the same conduit. And anything I need to comply with in SNWR. 3 phase Will be for shed and mainly to run welder
  15. T

    How to check if 3 phase is easily available for a flat ?

    My daughter lives in a flat in London in converted circa 1900 5 storey terrace in Bethnal Green. She is considering getting a Stiebel Eltron instant water heater fitted, however if she wants one that is powerful enough for a bath, she needs 3 phase. Are flats like houses in that each flat is on...
  16. V

    split phase , g98 or not?

    hi A property with split phase. 0 degrees apart. there is an existing 3.6kw system on the phase. Thinking about installing an additional 3.6kw system on the other split of the phase. g98, g99, or g99sg1? appreciate advice off people, thanks
  17. S

    Solar 3 phase kva limit

    My client wants to install a 100kw solar system. He has 3 phase and 100 amp fuse installed on 200kva transformer. Is 69kw the limit on 100 amp fuse or can he go over without a limiter fitted? Thanks
  18. J

    Single or three phase? Whats popped?

    (Thought I'd already poost this Q, but I cant see it, so I'll try again) We have some work going on in one of our buildings atm. On of the chaps has drilled into a cable that was buried in a wall in a fairly random location, knocking out the power to one of the flats (and giving him a nasty...
  19. K

    Do I have 3 phase electric?

    Hi there I am wanting to get a 22Kw car charger installed which I believe needs 3 phase electric. I seem to recall that our house has a 3 phase supply as the previous owner had a workshop in the garden with some pretty powerful machinery. How can I tell if it does have 3 phase? Thank you in...
  20. HappyHippyDad

    More on the 3 phase question.....

    So, the actual job is on a farm. I think I'll keep things simple at the moment and just ask about voltage drop. I'll come on to earthing and bonding a bit later or on another thread! We have a 3 phase supply (100A p/phase). From supply to first barn (we'll call it Barn A) is 70 metres. For...
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