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  1. Z

    Toolkit for fixing phones?

    Hi, I fix games consoles, mainly old gameboys as a hobby. I'm wanting to get into fixing phones and tablets to get more customers. Can anyone recommend a toolkit for fixing more delicate electronics like iphones?
  2. P

    Telephone REN Booster

    Anyone know where I can get a Telephone REN Booster new or secondhand please? My client has 6 items (including 4 corded phones) on the line which may explain why the ring is sometimes just a single ding. I am loath to suggest replacing them with a base plus 4 hands free units as he is nearly...
  3. G

    Data point as phone point

    Can I use a standard data module as a phone point ? Cheers
  4. B

    Telephone Directing System

    Looking for the easiest way round this scenario Customer runs a small business, at present 1 x telephone line in office. They have built an additional office upstairs and would like 2 x phones, 1 in each office. They would like that when someone phones then the phone in the downstairs office...
  5. R

    telephone problem

    ok if this is in the wrong place please move. trying to get 2 phones to work in tandem .but only 1 will.only have 1 socket in the house and running 2 lines out.1 is just for a telephone and the other has the internet out of it as well. now i presume it is something to do with the filters but if...
  6. i=p/u

    old bt phones, bring bring

    i have a load of old bt phones which the ends are in old gpo chock boxes, can i convert these onto new bt connectors (431a plugs).. any info on these be grand thanks. merry christmas and happy new year. and my new years resoloution is not to kurse on open forums.. sorry phillip;)
  7. H

    Telephones dead

    Hi lads, too cut a long story short - working on occupied commercial building, had to isolate sub-board to work and test. After isolation and re-energise phones are off. no dialling tone. At main board there was an mcb saying server do not switch off (thought phones may be fed from this along...
  8. stidge

    Phones ?

    hi all, sorry youve probably been asked a thousand times. I have wired 1 x master feeding 4 slave phone sockets. Total run approx 30 metres.have got signal at master and no 1. have had them all working individually but were not all connected to plate(just twisted pairs). Have been told too many...
  9. G

    wiring two old intercom telephones

    Hi all I would like some help wiring two old intercom telephones together. Power goes into only one of the phones as a 6v mains adaptor supply or 4 x AA batteries. The 2 phones then connect by an unknown amp, 2 core cable. Basically I am wanting to know how far apart these phones could...
  10. A

    smart phone apps for forms?

    what apps/ software do you use on your smart phones (and what smart phones) to record data on site (installation certs, minor works etc). can you print these from the phone in the van and hand to the customer immediately? Asking since I am trying to do as much as possible on the job so to...
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