1. Iain Stewart

    How to plan a rewire and new consumer unit. How many circuits, what cost?

    Hi, we need some advice on our scenario with regards to our rewire plan. I will get this out of the way first... We are planning to put the house up for sale. I know people will say let the new buyer do the stuff but in our area there are a few houses for sale and they are all fairly up to...
  2. I

    Earth arrangement photo

    Hi All, Could you please clear for me the air with earth arrangement I've encountered today. Had a minor electrical work moving sockets and went to check the supply. I can see two earth conductors there. One goes to service head which suggests it's tncs and another connecting to outer sheath of...
  3. littlespark

    Wish i'd taken a photo........

    Found a right stonker in an attic today. Was there on a different job, but when I brought this up with the customer, I think he'll want it sorted. Had to crawl through 20 years of memories to get to the part of the attic I needed to be, but that's another moan. Where I was, I could see the end...
  4. 1

    Porch light photo cell and pir and timed?

    hi I need some advice, I have 2 elv down lights in the porch over the front door, what I want is them to come on automatically when it gets dark using a photo cell, but at midnight I want them to turn off and only come on via a pir sensor, I understand how to do one or the other but not both, I...
  5. J

    Question about earth wire - photo attached

    An electrician noticed that the clamp on the earth wire in my house wasn't right while he was fixing an unrelated fault. He called the power company because they have a legal duty to fix it. I noticed that the guys from the power company have used tape instead of a clamp and wondered if this is...
  6. TonyJohnson

    TN-S or TN-C-S From this photo

    Hi, I undertsand this to be a TN-S system as the earthing arrangement comes along the SWA metal sheath surround but the Ze i got is 0.19 which falls out side the regs of 0.8. Chameleon Electrical -...
  7. M

    had to take a photo and couldn't stop laughing

    I wes in Screwfix picking up some gear and couldn't believe what I was seeing try and pick up the issues with whats happening in the background
  8. D

    Scotland, Old style lighting JB, Will it pass an EICR, Photo attached

    Hi I have taken on a kitchen rewire, with a utility & bathroom addition too, In the loft there is an old style junction box for the lighting circuit, I've seen this method before in many old council houses, Its fed from a 10A mcb with 1.5mm t&e & it is a central point for lots of loop fed...
  9. littlespark

    Bodge-it jobs, aka I wish i'd taken a photo of this!

    Not a question, just an observation. Working on a kitchen refit in a bungalow, up into the attic to find the ring circuit for sockets. Came across a spur joint box, the J401 type with 3 terminations inside.... count the cables, 1, 2, 3..... 7! 7 x 2.5mm t&e in to one joint. Has to be a record...
  10. S

    Drilled through cable in wall, can I fix? (Photo)

    Drilled through cable in kitchen wall, tripped the fuse box. Switched back on and everything works apart from the cooker hood. I've called electrician and explained, given me a quote of £120 plus VAT. Is that reasonable? Is this something I can fix? If so, how? I have basic electrical skills...
  11. D

    Who to complain to????

    Need help, this is gentoo contractors work after a combi boiler was installed. This job was bought off as complete, could you explain in detail all that is wrong. It is located below the stairs, in a cupboard that was in constant use and is easy to access. We have children living with us 11, 9...
  12. Stephen Daly


    Hi everyone. My name Stephen and I'm doing a level 3 in electrical installations. Half way through year 2 and an adult trainee. I'll be asking some questions at times and if I can answer any I shall.
  13. R

    Is this a legal installation.

    Hi, new here, and after a little help. Had a firm put a new towel radiator in ( electric and central heating) for my daughter. She live 250 miles away from us. The central heating part was put in fine. I had serious concerns about the electrical installation. A new circuit was added, with its...
  14. V

    3 phase motor does not change direction when phases are reversed

    Hi all ok...i was asked to wire a motor for a fan today....3 phase had its mains lead attached pre wired. when we finished wiring the supply and starter i was surprised to see it was spinning in the wrong direction.......well not that surprised ...the owner got it from ebay from a...
  15. D

    Simple alarm problem

    1st off if it was a simple alarm problem i would have ot sorted and it would no longer be a problem!! Here we go...was sent today to install a simple alarm to alert a shop whem its back doors are opened. 2 rear doors. Both fitted with door contacts. 1 transformer. 1 small control panel with...
  16. N

    House Meter goes forward after PV installed

    8kw pv installed two years ago 2phase jobs (2 x 4kw systems) The customer is now saying his electric bill has increase 100% . Its about 17000kw over this time and this is about what the pv has made. The house meter has 2.5mm cables going to it and its CT digital 3ph meter. Could the PV make the...
  17. darkwood

    This job never stops amazing - bodgit DB cover!!!!!

    A nice precision made Distribution cover... 10/10 for creativity found while moving a customer to new premises.
  18. B

    25mm plastic conduit

    How many 2.5 singles can you fit in a 25mm conduit
  19. EoinConway

    Ryobi eag 600rs angle grinder 115mm 600w 240 volt

    See link below, simply 'Like' & 'Share' our Facebook page to enter draw to win this Ryobi Grinder. The Draw takes place on Thursday (9th May) Link: https://www.------------/photo.php?fbid=516308318433161&set=a.366076833456311.81215.108458412551489&type=1&theater
  20. B

    what light switch is this?

    Hi guys, can you please tell me what this type of switch is called as im looking for a replacement in the screwfix catalogue and cant find one[email protected]/7494356112/in/photostream i think is a 2 way, 4 gang switch (has 2 seperate switches on the front. 4 ports...
  21. trypod

    The New Megger MFT test leads

    Hi has any body used the new leads yet? ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  22. W

    Domestic I got the job!

    Some of you may have seen me scrabbling for advice last week in regards to a re-wire i was asked to quote for. Well i got the job! Very pleased. Am now however bricking it. Start work this friday. If you dont hear from me by the end of next week...fear the worst. :svengo: 25 sockets, 23...
  23. K

    Domestic RCD protected?

    Hi guys, I need a little advice - have attached photo... I need to upgrade this fuseboard to Current regulations - customer cannot afford to replace CU with 17th edition split load board. can I move the RCCB to next to the main switch to protect all the circuits? Or can I add another RCCB...
  24. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC email on publicity campaign

    Just got this email today: Now is the concern here safety, or just marketing?
  25. D

    Help with diagram please

    Hey guys, i am a 3rd year apprentice doing an assignment from home, im drawing a ring circuit with socket and spur, trying to figure out how to draw the spur, can someone help please? This is what i think it should be, with supply going in and out, nothing on the load side is drawn in the...
  26. B

    JIB Grading card

    Just got a letter from the JIB reminding me I need to renew my card. Thing is there is a part of the form that needs endorsed by a JIB company. I no longer work for a JIB company and just recently went self employed, so does this mean I cannot renew the card?
  27. M

    Lcm, booster, photo cell key switch

    Hi Done tube work wired lights and photo cell, the key switch, Lcm and power booster done by another guy, switched on lights ok but they are very dim and take 1 hour to warm up, photo cell not working? Around 13-14 lights on a long run, if the lights were from the board via a key switch things...
  28. S

    J.I.B NICEIC part P card!!

    Hi sent off my application form to the jib for the jib niceic part p card approx over three weeks ago and it now has just been returned to me minus the jib part p niceic Card due to the niceic assessment report not being sent to them:confused:????? Certificate of niceic registration was sent...
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