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  1. A

    Anyone has the Level 2 & 3 Textbook for Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) ?

    Hi everyone, I need to see the modules contained in the books of level 2 and 3. I would be very grateful if someone could send some photos with the units that each one contains (at tbe beggining of the books). I guess there won´t be more than 3 or 4 pages for each book. The books are the next...
  2. E

    Can anyone help me identify the 3 speed coloring of my cooker hood connection. Please look at the photos

    Hi Can someone help me please? I got a new cookerhood motor and I know the color coding for different speeds. But I need to find out the existing speed color coding to to connect to it. Could someone look at the photos and tell me which color is which? Its a 3 speed setting. Thanks in advance.
  3. S

    Off for a few days to Swanage for some R+R on the nudist beach check out last years photos

    Not sure why they came out blurred............. ;o)))))
  4. Wilko

    Alternative Captions for Electrical Photos

    I saw this pic today in a popular magazine (always has interesting content). But it did get me thinking how often our work may be misunderstood o_O . "It's safely isolated, there's no voltage on this plastic "
  5. UKMeterman

    Pylons 1920 style, science museam photos

    Hi, These black and white prints of the installaton of pylons in the 1920s and 1930s has been added to the science museam collection. Volume 1 | Science Museum Group Collection - https://collection.sciencemuseum.org.uk/documents/aa110091902
  6. P

    Some interesting photos you may like.

    Just thought I'd post a few photos of some of the things I've come across working for NDO. ! and 3 pretty obvious, number 2 lights flickering in several properties, was burned off jocky in feeder pillar. Number 4, some one had stolen the wall! Number 5 got the explanation "Well it's only a...
  7. S

    Photos of you van inside and out

    Hi all, Sorry of theres already a thread for this. Interested in how everyone has there van looking for storage, tools etc, looking for ideas Whitey
  8. S

    I can't view attached photos (and I'm not in restricted areas)

    As per the thread title, I can't view attached photos in any forum - I get directed to the "Page not found" page. For example in the "dodgy trade pics for your amusement" thread in the General Electricians Talk Forum, I can't view any of the attached photos. I've had a search through the forums...
  9. M

    Pendant light with no colour coded wires

    Hi.....I'm new to the forum so go easy please :-) I had to get my ceiling replastered and my pendant light was removed, however there's no colour coding other than the earth. I've a single wire and 2 others tied together so I'm not sure what's neutral and what's live. I've stripped back some...
  10. B

    Old B+W photos colourised free

    Its basic but free and fast. Colorize Black and White Photos - http://demos.algorithmia.com/colorize-photos/ Just tried it with a random picture from google.
  11. L

    Not sure how to re-wire this switch

    I'm in the process of replacing the standard white plastic switches in our bedroom. Having unscrewed the existing, old double switch that controls the light in our ensuite and the ensuite extractor fan I'm not sure if I've bought the wrong replacement switch or how to re-wire it. I've rewired...
  12. F

    Am2 for 2356

    Would it be possible to use the am2 as evidence in a nvq2356 portfolio?
  13. A

    Commercial Help identifying 4 compartment dado trunking please!

    First post here, but looking for assistance please. I've been asked to look into repairing some existing office trunking, whilst also adding a new socket circuit into the same. I have not been able to travel to look at the job (its a long way away), and the client has sent me some photos of...
  14. keniff

    xs training

    hi guys anyone used the xs training centre thats advertised here? im going to speak to the college wednesday and to do the nvq 3 with them but it works out alot more! i need it to get my jib card as fully pledged so just need this nvq asap. or has anyone used a centre they would recommend? cheers
  15. M

    Website photos

    hi lads im in the process of building a website at the moment and am in need of a few nice photos. The type of work im doing is not very eye catching if you know what i mean dirty factories, garages and saw yards etc copyright free source of good electrical photos? Looking for a few bling house...
  16. C

    Trip switch tripping inexplicably...

    Working on some home electrics with a peculiar problem which I hope someone might be able to comment upon… Randomly, the trip switch trips…! It’s an old trip switch and fuse box and I’ve been lead to believe that the old style trip switches will eventually trip and not be able to be reset BUT...
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