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  1. N

    Trainee About Insulation Piece in solar panel

    Hello everybody, I'm an intern and I'm searching about Insulation Piece in solar panel. This word is new for me and I didn't find anything about it. Can you give me some link about it? You help is very important for me! Hope you are happy and healthy! Thanks everyone.
  2. T

    How long is a piece of string (silly pricing question)

    Afternoon all, I realise that this is very likely a silly question but I'm only looking for a very pricing guide from a professional. I moved recently and as a result no longer have a garage. I'm building a workshop which I eventually want to get connected to proper mains electricity rather than...
  3. D

    Bonding to a decommissioned museum piece

    Hi All, would really appreciate some of your thoughts on this one... I have been asked to install lighting and power circuits to an old hovercraft (about 130 ft long) that it is constructed of aluminium and is sat on four metal legs on top of the tarmac outside and just across from the main...
  4. A

    Pme and hot tubs

    Hiya all So on a pme system you can either use the earth from the cu and essentially export pme to the tub. Not against the regs afaik. Or tt the tub. Is there any tests that can be done (like the 23k ohms test) that will give a definite answer as to what method to use? For the people who...
  5. M

    Socket set purchase for newbie sparky?

    Hi guys im currently starting my nvq 3 and am starting to buy some hand tools gradually. For my next purchase I want to buy a basic socket set that I can use on panels when using lugs etc or fixing equipment down! Can anyone recommend one please? I've seen this online but would it be any good...
  6. I

    conduit boxes ?

    anyone know if theres such a thing as a 20mm pvc conduit box that is threaded so that you can screw stuffing glands into them , like the galv ones but pvc
  7. E

    Domestic Can anyone recommend a decent sds cordless and combi drill set?

    Evening all im in the process of looking for a decent sds cordless drill and combi drill? ive used dewalt for past few years, combi has been ok. Used it with the nano batteries and they have out lasted both drills. think is time I change them any one recommend a decent set?
  8. G

    how to cure a blowing fuse

    Some latvian contractors had complained about a welder blowing a fuse on an extension lead repeatedly,Finally they announced they didn't need the electrician calling out as they had resolved the issue,yes that is a piece of an M6 bolt!
  9. B

    PIR Sensor Burn Out

    Hello, Can placing a piece of cardboard over a PIR sensor for a light cause it to burn out? I have been told that the cause of the sensor failing is the piece of card that we placed over it for a while to stop it being turned on; but I simply cannot imagine that an infrared sensor would burn...
  10. telectrix

    Aldi core drill set, 1/2 price

    yup, 7 piece diamond core drill st. was £29.99, now 1/2 price at £14.99 @ aldi. well worth a punt.
  11. K

    really struggling with this volt free contacts :(

    im really struggling to get my head around this volt free contacts etc :(. i think im thinking too hard into it, is there any other really easy explanation to explain what it exactly means, as in for say a boiler or that?? please
  12. D

    odd rcd trip times with a metrel?

    Occasionally when carrying out rcd testing with a metrel 3100 I have had failures which upon investigation have been caused by me inadvertently leaving a piece of equipment connected to the cct the readings being x1=156 x5=>40 unplug or disconnect the piece of equipment and the readings return...
  13. M

    Megger mft 1502/2

    Anyone own or have owned this meter? If yes what is it like Cheers
  14. C

    Solid Board Cutters

    Looking at one from Toolstation for about £22 and then another tenner for 5 inserts. Its 110mm rather than 127mm diameter. Got to try and find where cables come up under an upstairs floor. Any comments as to whether a good buy or not?
  15. B

    Drill Offers

    I'm on the look out for a new drill Looking for an 18v 3ah COMBI drill with at least 2 batteries Anyone know of any decent deals out there at the moment budget of around £200
  16. S

    hex security bits

    As above can anyone recommend a good set, i try to avoid the cheap stuff, and also of a decent quality piece holder, preferably the screwdriver looking type.
  17. G

    bad work

    Picture 3 of 10 from Bits and Bobs! :) just taken this from the plumbing forum,how anyone could think this is safe defies all logic but the guy who posted it up does frightening
  18. J

    Fluke T5 1000 Problems ??

    A mate has offered me a Fluke T5 1000. Currently have it on loan to test it out, just have a couple of questions... When set to Ohms/Continuity the display shows what looks like 0L, is that normal or should it be displaying 00? Finally, when set to current it starts off displaying 0.0 but...
  19. R

    Making your own trunking double set

    Hi can anyone help me with some info? Im having to make my own double set in 100 x 100mm trunking and haven't got a clue. Need to know how to do the measurements please. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  20. A

    Fluke 1625 / B

    Any one know what the difference, apart from price, is between the 1652 and the 1652B Is it worth spending the extra monies for the newer model or not? Bearing in mind I do very little electrical work at the moment.
  21. R

    Tray and Trunking cutting

    Are there any guides online on tray and trunking cutting techniques, my lad is learning and i wondered if there are any guides on the net, google throws up nothing.
  22. G

    what kind of screwdriver is this called? help!

    I am looking for the type of screwdriver you get for doing fuseboards, you know the kind that looks like 2 flat heads crossed like this + or looks like a star driver with the tip cut off, it fits into the screws used on consumer units perfectly, i have looked for them in local tool shops butt...
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