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  1. gutterball

    wrong EICR form

    Just been told by the letting agent that the last lot of EICR's I've done have been rejected by the council, because it's not on the official NIC form. Been using PIRForm for the last 3 years, not a problem until now.
  2. GMES

    Best cert software

    I know there are a few threads out there but it's sunday morning, so I thought it was a steady thread to post. I am looking for the best software for doing all the certs. I have a bit of a mixed bag of stuff but really want something that is the bees knees, I know Pirform and easycert can be...
  3. Midwest

    Certification Software 2013

    I've recently passed my first scheme provider (ELECSA) assessment and I'm considering what certification software to go for, so hopefully you guys will be willing to share your experiences, I couldn't find a sticky/poll. I realise this is a regular question asked, but as technology moves with a...
  4. S

    certificate software

    Just posted an intro under another thread. Have set up to go out on my own. Elecsa sent out a trial software in their intro pack. Has anyone got a view on it? Does anyone recommend any software to allow me to produce electronic certification of jobs completed
  5. O

    PIRform News

    Just noticed this on the PIRform site: PIRform | Pirform certificates on your iPad, Android tablet and phone Itching to buy an Ipad now, but will wait until I can do certificates on it first!
  6. S


    Morning all. I think its about time i dragged myself into the modern world of computerised certificates. Looking around etc, i have noticed a system by a company called PIRform, recommended and developed with the ECA. I have downloaded the trial version and it all seems very easy to do...
  7. T

    Amtech or NIC EIC software

    Has anyone got any recommendation if a should stick with the Amtech software or change to NIC EIC software.? Amtech is good for Design, cable calc but the test sheet are a pain to print onto Nic Eic sheets. With Nic Eic you can buy codes to go with there software but what's the rest like?
  8. yellowvanman


    Just giving credit where its due. I've been using PIRform for over a year now and can fully recommend it to others, not only beause of the software itself but also the software support. Installed new updates early last week, then on Friday had a problem, emailed PIRform, got an email Friday...
  9. D

    electronic certificate software

    I am fairly new to site and wondering if anyone has a good software package that they are using for electronic certificates.
  10. B

    BE very carefull PIRform update

    Just a word of warning to any of you that use PIRforrm. They have an update online to change it in to a EICR but the update didn't work and then they had a load of warnings about losing my reports. Then there is a complicated process which you can't find online but which they will send you after...
  11. S

    Certification software

    Hi all, sorry if this question has been asked before. I am currentlly using Formfill's free software to do my certificates, but was think of buying the Pirform sortware of the elecsa site, is/has anyone used this, feedback would be much appreciated, thanks.
  12. S


    Hi all, just bought PIRFORM, and im not happy!! Installed on to my computer fine but no im trying to complete certs its giving me some serious grief and is about to be thrown out the window along with my computer!! Just wondered who else had it and if the had problems with it too?? Or even...
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