1. D

    Plastic Cable Ties & the 18th Ed

    I have just watched a fire alarm system being installed and the fitters used all plastic cable ties on the cable tray. Not a metal tie or bandy insight Are metal ties still optional ??
  2. C

    Plastic conduit into metal cu

    Hi this is my first post here. I’m a newly qualified spark mainly working in domestic houses, I got a job coming up where I’m planning to install pvc conduit for some sockets in garage attached to a house. Would installing pvc conduit affect the fire rating of a consumer unit or would I just...
  3. Simon-0116

    Lighting trunking - plastic lid

    Doing a lighting upgrade on a commercial workshop using existing 2" metal lighting trunking. Some of the trunking is mounted lid to the top, some lid to the floor. Now in my understanding for 18th all cables need to be secured with adequate metal fastening. So with the lid down trunking...
  4. D

    IP67 Push Switch to replace plastic outdoor light switch and bell

    Hi Guys, Please can I have some advice on IP67 switches. I would like to use outside to replace bulky plastic switch boxes available on the market. One will be used for a light switch and another for a door bell. I plan to use a stainless steel push switch mounted on the face of a small sealed...
  5. T

    New circuits wired into a plastic consumer unit

    Had to install a ring main & cooker circuit for a new kitchen we have been doing. The consumer unit is hager split load but is plastic. There is no room in the cupboard to add another board and the customers dont want to pay for a board change. I guess i could just note on the form saying...
  6. J

    CPC Terminal in plastic surface mounted back boxes...

    Hoping someone can help me clarify something. For plastic surface mounted back boxes, why do some have a small metal terminal for connecting the CPC, whereas others don't? Is it just a differemce in quality, or would you generally use the ones with the terminal for sockets, and the ones without...
  7. J

    inspection bend cover in outside plastic conduit - top or bottom?

    I have some 20mm black pvc conduit fitted outside for data cables. Should the inspection covers on the inspection bends and elbows be on top or underneath to be waterproof?
  8. M

    Domestic Plastic Light fitting with metal trim & no CPC

    I have a couple of lights on a circuit that does not have a CPC. The light fittings are plastic but they have a metal trim that screws into the plastic body. I wonder if anyone can advise me if these are deemed as safe considering the main body of the light fitting is plastic and the metal trim...
  9. Daniel Oake

    What are your opinions on bonding water pipes if main incoming is plastic?

    You turn up to a property that had recently had an EICR, reporting that the water had no bonding. The main water stop cock and on-wards was plastic push fits with maybe 400mm lengths here and there (downstairs), but upstairs is still all copper piping behind bath panel and sink pedestals to 2...
  10. C


    After your thoughts on EICR coding for an existing plastic consumer unit in an under stairs cupboard, firstly in a standard domestic dwelling and secondly in a house of multiple occupancy. After discussing this others and with tech helplines seems to be a bit of a split as to what code!
  11. MFS Electrical

    MK Sentry board - the old one with the plastic cover

    Hi guys, Been asked to run a circuit for a hot tub the board is an MK Sentry (the old one with the plastic cover) but all of the RCBOs fitted in the board are Lewden :confused: thoughts on fitting an MK Sentry breaker (cause thats the manufacturer of the board or a Lewden breaker (so they all...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Bonding of gas when pipe is plastic

    Under the 18th there is the new line Regulation 411.3.1.2 'Metallic pipes entering the building having an insulating section at their entrance need not be connected to the protective equipotential bonding.' Got me thinking as in the last half hour a regular customer has rung me up asking if I...
  13. Spoon

    The use of plastic wall plugs for the 18th....

    I was just reading an interesting post about the 18th when the above was mentioned. there seems some debate about this. I initially thought that the idea of prohibiting the use of them was stupid, but I'm not sure now...
  14. M

    OSG, bonding plastic pipes etc etc

    Hi all Having a thumb through the OSG and on section 4.5 Main protective bonding of plastic services, it says there is no need to bond an incoming service of the service pipe is plastic....thats kind of a struggle lies on the next page; "Where there is a plastic incoming...
  15. M

    Plastic Straw Ban and buds

    I've always been a keen recycler, both at home and work. Charging for plastic bags, I think was a good thing. Everything seems to either be wrapped up in plastic film, or in a plastic container. News this week, that our government is considering a ban on plastic straws and those things you...
  16. SparkyChick

    Plastic Switchgear Enclosures - Acceptable in barn?

    Hi all, I've tried to find the answer to this question, but I've drawn a blank. Situation... location is a barn, attached to a domestic property. This will be a sub-board supplied in T+E from the main board in the house. The question is... is a plastic board acceptable or should it be metal...
  17. J

    Replacing plastic light switch with metal type

    I need to replace some plastic light switches and would like to use metal replacements. The old switches had no provision for an earth wire and most of them had a sleeved unconnected earth wire which I was able to utilise. However, in three of the back-boxes the earth wire was cut short, is it...
  18. captaincaveman

    Main bonding with metal water incomer but plastic installation

    Hi. Quick question. Domestic property recently rewired by niceic spark. Water incomer is metal for about 3 feet into the property (celar) but the rest of the water installation is plastic. Looks like during the rewire the water bonding was broken on purpose. Does it need to be bonded again? (My...
  19. A

    Plastic conduit bending springs

    Bending Springs for plastic conduit someone once said to me that you should tie on end loop and bring through spring it stops it deforming when pulled out.