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  1. Dan

    Playing fetch with a Beluga Whale - What a lovely thing to see

    Playing fetch with a beluga whale
  2. S

    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    Hi.Have an question. It is possible that when turning on oven make a 0,5-1second power spike,without tripping fuse or breaker? I ask because when my mother in kitchen turned on oven,diablo 1 crashed to desktop on my old laptop. Nothing get tripped etc,lights not. So it was coincedence that game...


    I received a call yesterday evening from one of my regular customers requesting that I attend a ground floor rental flat that he owns to check the electrical installation which had received yet another soaking as the flat above had another leak from a newly fitted bathroom. Apparently the ground...
  4. T

    Hive system playing up any ideas?

    So my son has a hive controller and while it appears to say system is on the boiler does not switch on. Sometime later, maybe an hour the boiler switches on. Any ideas ? It is a potterton boiler quite old and the hive has been tacked on, perhaps wrongly. Anyone in the Farnham Surrey area that...
  5. GMES

    What is playing right now

    If you jump into your vehicle right now what album is playing in your car or van at the minute. Ive gone back to Groove Armada greatest hits at the minute. Favourite track of theirs for me is At the river, it's just a really laid back song to play while driving, for anyone not familiar with it...
  6. T

    Anyone play WOW on here?

    Hi just wondered does anyone play wow on this forum as a matter of interest. I just leveled one of my Characters to 110 over the holiday it was great. Playing Legion the latest patch. Had a great time!
  7. darkwood

    Musical Inspiration........

    As some of you know I'm learning guitar and just to expand on this I'm posting the living legend of pure raw guitaring talent that has inspired me to pick the strings up!!!!... Watch the speed and control this bloke has ......I'm truely not worthy...
  8. Floody

    Adults Safe gaming guide for Kids - My new blog.

    I hope I'm allowed to post a link here, if not, slap me on the wrist. I started a new blog yesterday after coming across a little problem I had with my 4 year old wanting to play Battlefield 3 on the Xbox since he's now bored of the games he's got...and because daddy plays it. with all the...
  9. K

    Mercury exposure, some graphic photos (if the link works)
  10. H

    Beware of ebay

    Someones playing funny buggers on eBay see 110773129281
  11. J

    4mm 4 core SWA feeding 32amp 5 pin TPN socket

    Hi, Just carried out a job today and it's been playing on my mind ever since. Basically I installed a 5 pin TPN socket to supply a compressor. The compressor load is 7.5kw, star delta starter. I decided to go for plug and socket arrangement because the board is close to full capacity and they...
  12. N

    Professional switch?

    Long story short, need to install a new circuit so that when the RCD trips, the freezer will come back on when power is restored. It's an old RCD and tripped when a powercut occured when these people were on holiday. No one there to put it back on, two weeks later lots of spoiled food. It...
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