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  1. C

    UK MacBook Pro charger sparking when plugged into extension lead plug pins burnt ?

    When I plug my MacBook Pro charger into the extension lead I noticed I can see it spark through the Extension lead plastic which I thought was a bit odd I also noticed today that the plug pins are burnt. I tried the charger in other extension leads and it does not happen also tried other...
  2. K

    Connect plugged bar/pub light to mains

    hi guys Before to having my conservatory I had an external security light, which was turned on and off by a light switch in the kitchen (light switch still present and wired in). When my conservatory was built the external connection was covered by a blanking box as the external wall became...
  3. J

    UK Switch

    I have a switch that is with a rating voltage of AC 250V/ 1A – can I use this to turn a standard desk light that is plugged in to the mains??
  4. C

    UK Thermostat in shed to turn on/off 500w plugged heater

    Hi, I would like to put a thermostat in my shed to turn on/off a 500w plugged in electric heater. I would like the thermostat to be remote. I would appreciate any thoughts on solutions from someone who has done something similar? Thanks, Chris
  5. Z

    UK Kitchen socket trip switch keeps triggering RCD even when nothing is plugged in.

    Hello & Merry Christmas, Last week when waking up the lights and sockets in the bedrooms upstairs were off, along with the ground floor kitchen sockets. Flipping the RCD, and the trip switch for the kichen sockets and upstairs lights seemed to work fine - we have no new appliance installed or...
  6. C

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer.

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer. It is in the way of having a splashback installed. How easy would this be to move a few inches to the right and replaced with something a bit more...
  7. F

    RCD Tripping Randomly When PC Plugged In

    Hi everyone I have a frustrating problem which has recently developed. I kept finding that my power was tripping. I could just reset it then everything was fine for a while then it would happen again. It might happen once per day or it might happen a few times or it might not happen at all for...
  8. Midwest

    Devices plugged into BS1363 Socket Oulet

    Came across this today, a device, which was plugged into a socket outlet, experience a short circuit of plug in power supply. Pics below. I suspect the device was damaged by a heavy item being placed up against it over a period of time, causing the low voltage wiring being exposed &...
  9. K

    Multimeter showing reading when nothing is plugged in

    I want to talk about the context to this first, I'm in my first year at college studying level 2 electrical installation and for Christmas my family got me a toolkit which had some tools , multimeter and a soldering iron. They didn't really know much about things like that and they wanted it to...
  10. J

    Ring main MCB tripping, nothing plugged in.

    Hello everyone, Bit of a confusing one. I have a ring main on a 32A mcb. The MCB keeps tripping, sometimes the circuit will stay on for around half an hour then suddenly trip. This is still tripping with nothing plugged in. I have checked all sockets and made sure all connections are tight...
  11. UKMeterman

    Pat test pass for items with USA plugs and cords

    Hi, Could you explain to me how these two items could have passed the in service equipment examination and test. Both items have USA two pin plugs, and one is on USA zip cord. The item is being used in the main hall at Hampton Court...
  12. A

    Load Testing

    Hi, ive been asked to carry out Load testing on a whole shop to see if the existing supply cable can take more load, now I'm familiar with working out loadings with the on site guide, but the conversation I had led me to believe this can be measured with a clamp meter, surely this way is not...
  13. B

    Extension Cables able to take power safely?

    Hello all, Looking for some sound advice about the "pub shed" that's in the house I've just purchased. It has 2 4 way 25m 13A extensions ran into it totaling 8 sockets in total. What is plugged in is: Strip light(not sure of power of this) Tv Small drinks fridge capable of having 48 beers 2...
  14. Malcolm

    Domestic Extractor Hood Tripping Rcd

    Hi all. When to a job this moring RCD had tripped, narrowed it down to the kitchen sockets, but found that the RCD stayed on for about 20-30 seconds before tipping out. Unplugged everything, so I thought. Tested the RCD 1x 37ms - 36ms. 5x 11ms - 13ms. Ramp test 19.6 mA. Then I realised the...
  15. F

    Bang and flash from double plug socket in lounge

    I have a double plug socket in wall behind tv in lounge. The socket has a four way extension plugged in and this is itermittenly flashing with a bang. I have switched off tv plus switched off at socket. I was told it could be fuse in plug of extension so changed fuse. It nanged again tonite so...
  16. truckster

    Led drivers brain fart

    Am I having a brain fart?? I fitted 4no. two gang sockets fed from a 5A fuse in a shop for display lighting. The shop fitters arrived some time later and fitted a bunch of LED lights. Each driver states input as 1.2 amps and there are sixteen of them?? However each driver is only supplying...
  17. S

    ZS Testing

    Hello Guys. Just a quick question , when carrying out zs test on a ring main in an office area , can you carry out this test whilst any appliance such a pcs are plugged into the circuit - i dont believe this is the case but just would like to confirm this. Thanks
  18. P

    Outdoor lighting and NICEIC

    Hi, I'm a new user here so please go gentle. We have lights fitted into a decking, they're easy to take out, you just pull them up and they are connected to an outdoor plug socket. No rewiring or anything was needed as you just plug them in when you want them to work... Selling our home at...
  19. J

    Domestic 5 amp Radial Bs1363 Socket

    Hi I have a Radial circuit wired with 2.5mm T&E , which is protected by a 3 amp MCB due to the fact that it is switched via a home automation relay rated at 5amp. My question is this Given the above scenario is it ok to install/wire a BS1363 socket if I know that the load that will be...
  20. L

    Domestic Radial Circuits

    Hi All, quick question before bed. Just come back from an emergency callout No Earth in property 6 double sockets on a 15A Radial (over 2 floors) 3036 CU with big hole out of R/H side Bonding to mains Water - 16ohms through this means No Bonding to Gas Pre RCD covering 4 x 3036 CUs Pe-RCD not...
  21. B

    generator problems

    Hi...could anyone tell me what would cause a socket on a generator to fuse the plug on the extension i put in it, to fuse itself to it and burn ...
  22. I

    testing tips and advice

    testing is all new to me so i have a few questions to ask , so i know what to do in future if there are any surprises in store 1- when testing an old board: some cables IR test 6 Mohms , above the min 2 but is this cause for concern or normal ? 2- both rcds tripping at once , how do i solve...
  23. A

    Domestic Dual Wall Socket Overload?

    Hello, I am an IT Tech and not an Electrician so please excuse my ignorance... I have three monitors, one 860W computer and multiple other devices including printers etc.. plugged into 2 x 7 UK Power Socket Extension Cords which can be found by googling the following: Belkin Conserve Smart AV...
  24. D

    testing novice

    Hi guys just after some help. I have not done alot of testing so I apologise if this is a stupid question. Ring main. Getting end to ends all ok. Breaker stays on but as soon as my tester is plugged in to get zs or an appliance is plugged in it trips the rcd. Also when tester is plugged in it...
  25. T

    Inspection on a campervan

    Hi All I have been asked to test and certify the mains electrics in a 1976 vw camper that is part of a rental fleet - anyone done this before? I am assuming what they need is the rcd tests and dead (I.R, R2 etc) as Ze, Zs etc will vary depending on where it is plugged in! Thanks Tom
  26. R

    sockets near a gas hob

    Hi all, hope all are well. Went to a job today and noticed that they had a socket less than 300mm away from the edge of the hob, I would say more like 150-100mm away. Told them that this wasnt correct and should be moved but obviously they didnt want this as would mess the kitchen up. They said...
  27. 0

    Telephone extension point

    Hi there. I have bt infinity plugged into my master socket in the hallway. It is a nte5 with the additional adsl attachment fitted. All the equipment is on the floor and in the way. Can I run a cat5 from the master to an extension point in a bedroom. I want to leave my telephone plugged into the...
  28. P

    Rcd tripping

    Hello all i have just installed a mini consumer unit next to an old board to protect d/s sockets And lights for some kitchen work ll ok for 2 days but customer called me out sockets tripping any ideas no o/s light all sockets un plugged IR over 200 meg r1 very high tho need to check tightness of...
  29. G

    Domestic RCD tripping

    I have just installed 3 new sockets in my house. Before putting power on I went round with my multimeter and checked the resistances between earth and neutral/live to check there was no shorts and all tested ok so went round with a 240v rated floodlight to check all of the sockets with the power...
  30. S

    EICR 7 floor offices

    Hi all, I have been asked to perform an EICR on a 7 floor office IT based company, each floor approximately 2,500square feet and three phase supply. Looks reasonably new office so doubt there will be many extras in remedial, I'm guessing they have some expensive IT kit and they may need an EICR...
  31. M

    110v tranny

    Bosch drill stopped working Friday afternoon, one min it was fine the next it wasn't. I've noticed recently that the transformer has been getting really hot when plugged in, even when nothing is plugged into the transformer. So I take the top off and check the voltage going in.... 240 somat...
  32. G

    RCD Plugs

    Can anyone tell me a PRACTICAL reason for installing RCD plugs to class 2 site equipment, and how do i PAT test the actual appliance without removing the RCD plug?
  33. Bromd123

    RCD Problem

    My sister has an RCD that constantly trips out, I've narrowed the fault to her ring main. end to end results are fine but the IR results at 250v (done at this voltage in case any items still plugged in that i cant find) are showing dead short between all conductors. I have unplugged...
  34. R

    Surge protected extension leads trip rcds

    Spent hours today tracing a NE fault (IR=0.29Mohms) on ring main. Unplugged everything I could and then split the ring down. Eventually narrowed it down to three double sockets which seem to be on a spur. Different colours at start and end of spur so no doubt a jb under the floor somewhere...
  35. R

    Kitchen Ring earth fault?

    Hi guys, Customer woke up this morning with the Main switch/RCD tripped. He narrowed the problem down to the kitcken ring so He unplugged all the counter top appliances and switched all the big under counter appliances off at the switches. I got there and turned the mcb on then plugged the...
  36. R

    Testing zs on multi way flex 7 box

    Someone told me on my 2391 that when testing a lcm that all lights that are plugged in are classed as portable equipment. Is that true and is it ok to take r1+r2 and zs at the lcm
  37. F

    Ir testing on bus bar track

    Been doing pir testing on commercial building been shorting out ln and testing to earth. Been getting readings of 5 to 8 m ohms on some of the tracks i no this is an acceptable reading but i was wondering to may be make the client aware of the low readings or just leave it. Personally if it was...
  38. M

    well puzzeled!!!

    hi I have come across a problem with a ring main thats been recently installed in a new kitchen, obviously there are 2 earth legs yet whenever the cpc on one side of the ring (outgoing leg for example) is conected to the earth bar in the unit the rcd trips, however when the other leg (incoming...
  39. M

    standard double gang wired to a cooker circuit

    Hi Guys, I need your help again, basically I have an electric oven and gas hob that are both run off standard wired plugs and plugged into an electric socket behind the oven, i think this bit is okay. Just above and slightly to the right of the hob I have a double gang socket, that when you...
  40. R


    just been asked to do some tests for a friend of mine who has a problem of when ever the electricity is turned off by the REC when the supply returns it trips some of the MCBs ive done all the normal tests that would be carried out for a 17th edition EIC for all of the circuts in the house but...
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