1. SJD

    Why is the electrical UNANSWERED THREADS link full of plumbing posts?

    If I click on the "Please help the forum out by replying to UNANSWERED THREADS by clicking here.", for the last couple of days it is infested with lots of plumbing and tiling posts, so much so that it's hard to spot unanswered electrical ones! The link used to be just electrical unanswered posts.
  2. D

    Plumbing earth bonding

    Disclaimer: I'm not going to attempt this job myself, I want a professional to do this job properly since I consider it non-trivial and need it safe as poss. The reason I'm posting it in DIY is because I want to understand it properly. I believe our plumbing is not bonded/earthed. Quite clear...
  3. D

    The 2% Club ( Women Plumbing ) I don't think I have ever met a female wet pants , I have met 1 female sparks Time for more women to get on the tools Imo
  4. Mark Wright

    Plumbing Question - Shower not hot

    I know I'm cheating a bit but I'd put money on it that some of you guys know a bit about plumbing. Basically, the Shower doesn't get that hot. I don't think it has since the boiler( I'm not 100% this was when) was changed. But the Sink and everywhere else does. They paid to have a new shower...
  5. E

    UK Press fit plumbing resistances

    Hi guys, has anyone got any experience of resistances through press fit plumbing fittings? Just been to a job I did last year which was a bathroom, kitchen, new board etc and now noticing 10k values between chrome rail & the flex outlet earth which I don’t recall seeing when I tested it! It is...
  6. P

    Plumbing in a dishwasher and washing machine.

    Can I run a dishwasher and washing machine off a double socket which is off a spur
  7. MTerzi

    electric on all the copper plumbing in the house

    I wonder if theres any good experienced electrician out there that can help me in enfield EN2 area with a problem. Im getting light electric shocks from all the taps (copper plumbing) in the house when i stand barefoot. even when the the main fuse is switched off. The shocks are very mild. I had...
  8. pe2dave

    Electrical... electronics... plumbing?

    In my first job from school I was eventually worked out as computers took over. Recent adverts (Google smart thermostats) had me wondering just where this device installation fits? Wifi. Electrical. Plumbing connections. Is this just an example of 'modern' household kit getting smarter...
  9. T

    (Wrong category I know) Need advice on plumbing my own house?

    Firstly I know I’ve posted this in the wrong category, I couldn’t find the right one for some reason. I’m a industrial/domestic electrician, I’m doing a rear extension and loft conversion on my bungalow myself. I’m of course doing the electrics myself and I’m looking at plumbing the CH and...
  10. S

    Electrical Wiring vs Plumbing

    Thanks to everyone for help with my last question - here's the next one!! Having our 1930's flat re-wired and re-plumbed. Floors and ceilings are concrete - so wires and pipes are all being chased into walls! Radiators are currently set very high and have asked for them to be lowered to a...
  11. Dan

    Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread

    So this has been posted in the following forum categories:- American Electrical Forum - Canadian Electrical Forum - Australian Electrical Forum -...
  12. Pete999

    Can anyone help me with sort of plumbing problem, please.

    I had a new bathroom fitted about 4 years ago, very nice and there weren't any electrical woks, now that's out of the way, down to my dilemma, the curved glass shower screen has a seal on the bottom, which unfortunately has, due to constant use, decided to fall apart. Now before you all start, I...
  13. C

    Seems like a dumb question, but is a socket underneath plumbing allowed now?

    I just moved into rented accommodation and found this (see pic) under my sink. When I was last in the electrical business 30 or so years ago it would have been classed as a horror show waiting to happen, thoughts?
  14. D

    Lost my plumbing gear

    Was having a bit of a sort out today and just realised I have lost all my plumbing gear like compression fittings and rad valves etc I only keep them for odd jobs but had a nice little selection building Must have thrown them out by mistake Gutted :(
  15. J

    Electrical Cables on hot plumbing pipes

    Recently had an extension done. Noticed electrician had run mains electrical cables right on to the hot feed from the boiler which gets very hot. Is this a safety issue? Can the insulation stand the heat for hours on end?..
  16. D

    heating element problems with economy 7

    I have an economy 7 boiler which has two temperature controlled heating elements. After 15 years they were replaced as they had started to heat inefficiently. Unsurprisingly they were covered in limescale. I replaced them with new elements. The off peak element was placed on just over 50...
  17. E

    so ive just done the plumbing side of a shower...

    is it possible for a mixer tap to be plumbed incorrectly? i turned it to "cold" and it "emptied the system" after closing what i assumed to be the stop cock into the property popped the shower valve off and i get hit with mains pressure water :coldsweat: now i REALLY have to find the stop cock...
  18. Sue1

    Hi from Sue of peggy Sues plumbing

    Hi I'm Sue. Im a newly qualified gas engineer who is now training in electrics. Struggling with these room thermostats and things at the moment. Every days a school day eh
  19. J

    SR8 Electrics & Plumbing

    good ratings, making sure the client understands the regulations and is happy as the work progresses, Honest Reliable,
  20. D

    Dan Mawson.. Happy to answer any electrical or plumbing questions....Fire Away

    Hi everyone, Im new to this forum, only just came across it today, my name is Dan and I am the owner and Founder Of Multicore National we are a 24 hour emergency company. I write on various other forums on the web and I am happy to answer any questions you may have... Anything electrical...


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