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  1. L

    UK Cabling for future EV charge point

    Hi all, I am currently tidying up our front garden and want to bury some underground conduit to provide a cable route for an ev charge point sometime in the future (don't fancy digging up the lawn and path again). My electrician has suggested 6mm swa cable should allow for a decent powered...
  2. W

    New Zealand should i earth my steel garage work bench to the power point next to the bench.The bench is constructed of timber but has a solid steel top,cheers

    Should i earth my garage steel bench top,it is constructed of timber but has a 3mm steel top,
  3. 1

    Domestic Cost per point central london

    I’ve been asked by a client of my wife to have a look at a bill submitted by their builder. She’s an accountant as I’m a spark. Generally if I price on a per point basis I would charge at £65 - £70 with mid range white accessories per point and then allow £500 for DB, bonding and commissioning...
  4. H

    Ev charge point

    Hi all. Just a quickly. I've had a charge point fitted and was told my bonding is small to gas and no existing to water. The engineer made a call to his office and informed me that the install can still go ahead but the charge point will be set to out of service until I send photos of the...
  5. J

    Acceptable TT earthing resistance for EV point

    I understand that some vehicles do a check on the earthing resistance before they allow themselves to connect to the charging point, so irrespective of whether the earth resistance is in line with the regs, it may not be 'acceptable' to some vehicles. Does anyone know what value of resistance...
  6. T

    Pod Point EV chargers

    Good evening all! Does anyone have experience is fitting Pod Point twin chargers? If so, I would love to pick your brain on a few things
  7. D

    Can I run spur from shaver point in bathroom?

    Hi I have an illuminated bathroom cabinet that I want to put into the bathroom. It’s 240v . I only have a 240:110 shaver point, so I wondered if it is possible to connect the cabinet someways?
  8. C

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer.

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer. It is in the way of having a splashback installed. How easy would this be to move a few inches to the right and replaced with something a bit more...
  9. M

    Telephone point extension

    Hi all i am not sure if this is the correct place for this question. I am to install a phone point down the hall in a mates house but he has virgin media and the phone line comes off the router. i was thinking of taking a basic 5 meter extension lead and pluging the male end into the router...
  10. C

    Wiring for domestic electric vehicle charging point

    Hi there I’m unsure of what wiring I need to run for an EV charging point and have read that there were new requirements launched in January 2019. Please advise. Thanks
  11. happyhippydad

    Electrical car charging point installation

    At some point I'm going to get asked to fit one of the above and I'd like to know a bit more about it from some people that have already fitted them. I've had a look through section 722, am I right in thinking the following: 1. Has to be on a dedicated circuit? 2. Has to have Type A RCD...
  12. D

    2.5mm 2-core SWA for EV point?

    As the charging point must be outside the DB equipotential zone (separate earthing rod), are people using 2-core SWA for EV points and eathing via the armour?
  13. robd

    Ethernet point no internet

    Hi all, On a recent job (electrical) the customer asked if I could add them a point to hard wire his computer to his internet. I put him an ethernet socket at each end, ran a piece of cat 5 in between and terminated with punch tool as per a bt socket. Customer reported not being able to get...
  14. B

    Career change/sideline in EV Charge Point installation or PV Installation

    I'm considering a career change or trying to implement a 50/50 split between my current work in IT - largely working in a technical capacity as a 3rd line support analyst and re-training to get into the green sector and do part-time work (or potentially a full career change) either fitting PV...
  15. B

    Distance fire call point to light switch

    Hello, I need to add a switch for an outside light. The obvious place is near the back door but that is where the fire call point will go. Is there a minimum distance in any regualtions between the two? E.g. to prevent someone from accidentally pressing the call point while trying to press...
  16. Z

    Questions about "price per point" for domestic

    I've been working for a firm for a number of years now with jobs on the side, recently gone full time solo. Everything I've done up until now has been either day rate, or price work. I'm based in Surrey / Middlesex by the way, most of my work is in the areas surrounding Heathrow airport and...
  17. sparksburnout

    Car charging point needed urgently......

    Good morning fellow electricians. Now, as I am sure you have all been enjoying, I have not been on here much lately, as I am jacking in very shortly, or at least not renewing my scam membership. So, with only 20 days left, it has just occurred to me it might be a good idea to install myself a...
  18. S

    When testing a circuit protected by RCBO, do you test at the DB or furtherst point

    Hi, I just have a few questions in regards to testing an RCBO circuit Is there a requirement to test at either the furthest point or the DB or is it down to the testers discretion. Do the test results differ? What tests on a circuit will trip the RCBO when you are away from the DB. Is it...
  19. PhilCumbria

    Fork Lift Charging Point.

    I am currently doing an EICR in a warehouse and one of the circuits is for a Fork Lift Charging point (32A) In Light of the 18th Edition and all circuits being protected by and RCD, should I recommend that the MCB that is feeding that circuit at present be changed to an RCBO ??
  20. J

    2way switch with neutrals at each point

    Hi, I know there are many ways to achieve this. I just wanted to know that the diagram I have drawn for this 2way switch would work. Just having neutrals at each point, for future smart switches. Thanks and merry crimbo
  21. C

    EV charging point course?

    Hi all, I have been asked to install an EV charging point for a friend who doesnt have an electric vehicle but would like either a cable ran in or a charging point installing to future proof his home. My local training centre runs a course for EV points and I was wondering if the course is...
  22. T

    Exit fire alarm call point

    We have a door that will be in normal use but is designated as a fire exit, however, there are all glass windows site managers that think they know it all has said "can't it go on the wall some three meters to the left" even if building control accept it I don't think it would comply with the...
  23. P

    18th edition - any point?

    With the 18th edition coming out, will this just mean more rules broken? Judging by the number of questions on this forum most electricians struggle with the 17th edition! I assume any installations wired under the 17th edition are now dangerous? Mmm better think about rewiring my stables. Only...
  24. P

    How to earth SWA to external EV charge point

    I am looking at section 722 of 18th edition for EV charge points. Section 722.411.4 imposes restrictions on the earthing arrangements for TN systems. For an external chargepoint connected to a domestic PME supply the accepted solution to avoiding the restrictions of 722.411.4.1 seems to be to...
  25. H

    New aerial point in a flat.

    Hi guys, I've never done any aerial installs or an data cabling before so bare with.... I have a customer who lives in a block of flats, she has 1 aerial socket in the lounge but she also wants 1 in her bedroom, directly above the lounge. Am I able to just extend the socket in the lounge by...
  26. M

    Becoming OLEV registered?

    Guys, i like to have a broad knowledge base and range of work, as i get bored doing the same things day in day out. From working on F1 hospitality units, to kitting out warehouses, to a little bit of domestic (however i generally hate domestic Re-wires, so rarely do these). I have been...
  27. Sparky10

    NICEIC Certification Scheme 2391 V NICEIC - Whats the point in 2391??

    Hi Guys, A debate at work and im slightly confused and thought maybe someone here may shed some light. What is the point in doing your 2391 Testing course? Apparently to be NIC Registered you do not need to have 2391 Inspection & Testing & You are able to sign work off. However if you have...
  28. M

    Fire Alarm MCP (Manual call Point) requirements

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around at the moment as some engineers are flagging up a non-conformity which i had previously never thought about. Basically I've been sent to a few jobs where its been recommended that an MCP is put on the exit gate to a loading yard? Yes i suppose this is...
  29. Edtwozeronine

    Can anyone point me towards a complete installation method table

    I have one in the OSG and I have the BSI IET (size of a yellow pages) regs book. I found this too: http://www.tisoft.com/en/support/help/electrical/reference/bs7671/tables/table-4a2-schedule-of-installation-methods-of-cables I've chosen A for air tight conduits in the concrete wall of a...
  30. D

    BMS Pricing per point for contols and power

    Hi all I have been sent a few jobs to look at and price for BMS installations What do you charge per point for controls and power? Do you charge more for longer runs IE over 100m. To be honest am in the deep end here and would like not to come short at the end of it and hopefully gain some...
  31. happyhippydad

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an editable electronic EIC?

    Evening all.. I have an editable version of an EICR thanks to Murdoch and also a MWC thanks to Happysteve but I cannot find an EIC. I have looked at the Stroma ones and don't get on with them. Anyone? Cheers.
  32. S

    telephone point - re connecting issue

    hello i need to sort out damp causing problems for a phone point my question is ... is how do i disconnect the telephone wires as they are punched in .. i need to disconnect so i can add a pattress box and then re connect ... do i just cut the wires and the punch them back in afterwards ...
  33. NDG Elecs

    Schneider GET phone point terminals

    Hi folks, I have a Schneider GET ultimate flat plate phone point to install tomorrow. I had a quick look at the face plate today when I picked it up and am befuddled. The terminals are not screw type nor insulation displacement type either. They look to be some kind of push fit akin to Wagos...
  34. F

    Feeder and Branch separation point

    Hi, could some one please explain to me the point at which the feeder stops and becomes a branch on the attached drawing. This is really bugging me and if I had hair it would all be ripped out by now and I am struggling to under stand. Anyone's help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  35. CDB

    Starting point for discontinuous earth fault on final ring.

    Hi all, I have a 32A Final Ring Circuit that I have swapped a single socket to a FSU for an outside light. I'm now testing it and finding it has a discontinuous earth - I'm also kicking myself for not checking from the off but we learn. Anyway from the attached image you should be able to see...
  36. S

    Eicr code

    hi all, done a eicr recently and found the following and would like thoughts on the codes? Thinking code 2 but bit harsh to fail the installation on these points esp as its been like it for 30 ish years and no problems or atleast that's what the owner will say!! Cpc used as live on landing 2way...
  37. J

    phone and tv in new builds

    evening guys to the guys that do new builds blocks.... what do you usually do in regards to tv and phone points? got drawings for a 4 storey block that house 7 units (4 flats and 3 duplexes) with common areas on each floor
  38. C

    Car Chargers

    Hello guys I have a car charger installation coming up and will be installed as per the below. TN-S supply to building 35mm thermosetting main tails supply existing 3 phase DB. X 5 chargers to be supplied by by 4mm SWA cabling on tray protected by a 32a 30ma RCCBO. the chargers are located...
  39. V

    What determines your rates?

    Hi, what determines an electricians rates, living in London. What points would you say distinguishes those earning £25/hour and those earning £50/hour?
  40. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Old and New work boxes

    Wonder what the Staff at your local CEF would make of a request for some "Old work boxes" and some "New work boxes" confusion would ensue.
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