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  1. J

    Electrician Looking to an recruit for a FT position- Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside

    We are looking to recruit a full time Electrician and/or year 3 apprentice or Electricians mate who has experience of the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Must be able to complete inspection and testing competently. We are based around the Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside areas. If...
  2. P

    3-way 3 position Momentary/Retractive light switch wiring?

    Hi, I have a 3 way setup in my bedroom and would like to put in three 3-position momentary/retractive switches but was wondering how would the wiring look like for the central momentary switch or otherwise known as a intermediate switch(if was a toggle switch)? At the moment I cannot find any...
  3. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for a position as a Trainee/Mate in or around Harlow

    Hi Guys, Following 4 years of study I have completed level 3 2365, 2391, 17th edition, Solar photovoltaic BPEC and recently AM2. I have a full UK driving licence and am currently looking for onsite experience through which to complete the level 3 NVQ. I have the CK Electricians premium toolkit...
  4. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for a Mate or Trainee position in Reading

    Hi guys I’m looking for a start with a firm preferably full time .. I have completed 2365 Level 2 and just started the Level 3 at college doing night classes.. eager to get into the industry and get my hands dirty.. I have passed the ECS Test and have a driving license and a bag of tools ...
  5. Leesparkykent

    MK 3 position switch

    Does anyone know the part number for the MK 3 position switch ? I don’t want it to be retractive as I want perm, off and switched? Thanks
  6. D

    Position of socket for integrated oven

    Hi, I am looking to install an integrated oven, however it's position would mean the socket on the wall will be directly behind it. Is this allowed? is this safe? I just worry it could be too hot there. I could move the socket, probably nearer the floor so it's below the oven. If I do this...
  7. rolyberkin

    Meter Fitting Legal Position?

    My sister has bought a building plot and I have fitted a temp supply, Western Power have fitted the head but Scottish Power cocked up didn’t turn up. They are now saying they will be fitting the meter earliest on the 3rd May? They move into the caravan on site next Wednesday! Anyone know the...
  8. T

    Roller Shutter stuck in the half way position

    Hello All, just posted the same in the introductions forum but thought you more experienced guys may give me some assistance. Appreciating this may not be electrical specific, last evening my roller shutter (patio door type) stuck in the halfway position. The switches are buzzing when operated...
  9. M

    Does the brushed DC motor and Permanent magnet Dc motor need position feedback in the control system

    Hello guys. I am an electrical electronics engineering student. I have two questions. if you answer my questions ı'll be happy. Thank you from now. Does the brushed DC motor need position feedback in the control system? why? Does the permanent magnet dc motor need position feedback in the...
  10. P

    Cooker Switch Position

    Hi. We have a gas cooker at the moment and we would like to change it for a dual fuel one. There is a separate fuse for cooker and a cooker switch. The problem is that the cable is unplugged from the switch and my husband could not find any cooker connection point behind the cupboards - it looks...
  11. S

    Chichester, W.Sussex part-time position

    I'm looking for someone to assist me with electrical work on an on going basis. The work is domestic, light commercial, solar PV and usually within 25 mile radius of Chichester, West Sussex. This would suit someone with some experience, perhaps self employed and looking to increase their work...
  12. S

    Looking for trainee position in or around Bristol

    I'm 29 years old, I have worked in retail since school, its paid just enough to get by but that's as far as it goes. I have a young family and want to be able to give them much more than I am currently able to. After a lot of saving and sacrificing I paid to do an EAL level 2 evening course back...
  13. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for trainee/mate position near Stevenage

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. I'll try and keep this brief, I am looking to re-train into the trade after the last few years working in purchasing, behind a desk. I've always wanted to be an electrician. Unfortunately, opportunities can be fairly hard to come by, especially at the...
  14. M

    3 position switch ; ON-OFF-ON

    Hello I'm after a switching solution to my shed exterior lighting. The shed is located 20metres from my house and is currently switched locally by a standard weatherproof on/off switch. I'd like to have remote switching to illuminate my path down to shed. I've looked at PIR switching but the...
  15. J

    phone and tv in new builds

    evening guys to the guys that do new builds blocks.... what do you usually do in regards to tv and phone points? got drawings for a 4 storey block that house 7 units (4 flats and 3 duplexes) with common areas on each floor
  16. W

    How to reset E.T.N GEB2080ffg mccb

    Hi, Guys is somebody know how to reset ETN GEB2080fg MCCB, which is stuck in middle of position and can't on or off. the product is out of UK. many thanks for your help.
  17. S

    Electrician 17th edition Electrician required mid Cornwall Permanent Pos.

    We are looking to take on electricians to our fairly small team nr. Truro in Cornwall. Applicants must have: A clean drivers licence 17th edition 2391 testing or similar and be able to work alone or as part of a team. Ideally we are looking for an employed position offering 40hrs per week but...
  18. S

    17th edition Electrician needed in mid Cornwall

    We are looking to take on electricians to our fairly small team nr. Truro in Cornwall. Applicants must have: A clean drivers licence 17th edition 2391 testing or similar and be able to work alone or as part of a team. Ideally we are looking for an employed position offering 40hrs per week but...
  19. D

    On/On/On or On/Off/On Light switch?

    Looking at doing a PIR Outdoor Light for my sister. Wonder if there is a On/On/On or On/Off/On light switch, i can get them in Electronics Just means i could have it set to PIR / Off / Always On If i look up such switches i get Electronics and if i look up Light Switches i get normal bog...
  20. D

    Help with positioning flex outlet to heater

    I am preparing the way for a local electrician to connect up a water filled electric towel rail 300w from an RCBO in the CU by installing some conduit within my internal wall cavity. He hasn't been around to look at the job yet, so my question is: Does the cable outlet position have to be above...
  21. Eco Chap

    Electrician Required Full Time - Shropshire

    Evening all, We have a position opened up for a fully qualified sparks in the West Mids/Shrops area. Mainly to carry out Domestic works but Commercial experience would be a bonus as the need may arise to bounce around contracts. Vehicle provided along with power tools, must have own hand...
  22. Lee Gold

    Domestic Electricians mate

    I'm looking on doing electricians mate job, but not sure how to go about doing it. I currently do electrical maintenance industrial but want to do domestic and or commercial. I go night school 2 days a week 3 hours a lesson and it's a level 1 course, what do I need to be able to apply to be an...
  23. darkwood

    The dangers of condensation!

    Got a callout from a mate saying his light are out and all circuits are on, also he thinks something smells funny so given the latter info I said it best I pop over and check it out, now considering I went to look at the lighting issue, what I found in the board was an example of the issues of...
  24. W

    Kende Switch

    I have a Powercraft 25-130 welder the selector switch was stuck, it is a 6 position 0-6 Kende Switch with 4 banks,I took it separate and put it back together but what I need to know now is,when the switch is on position 1 what continuity readings should I get between the the different points on...
  25. D

    Generator light problem in my 65 Buick

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site as I'm experiencing a problem with my electrical system in my 65 Buick Sportwagon. This is what I did. The car was charging fine but at idle the light would flicker and the GEN light would lightly glow, which would go out once I gave it gas. So I took out the...
  26. P

    British Gas UP2 failing to turn on Central Heating except when Hot Water is on

    OK, so I'm not a plumber but have a fairly good idea how this system works. I'm not alone with this problem either, there has been a similar post but it's old and doesn't have a resolution - though they have a temporary fix that doesn't work for me... Boiler: Baxi Solo 15HE Controller: BG UP2...
  27. T

    Domestic cooker switch above new hob

    Evening chaps!! I'm after a bit of advice, I'm booked to do a job the weekend. The client has brought a new dual cooker/hob, the company who was to install it refused due to the cooker switch now being above the hob. I have not seen the job yet but apparently running a new 6mm to the correct...
  28. M

    Eicr codeing

    Hi, What code would people put for a lighting cable going along skirting board with no trunking ect, its in a really old building so not sure weather this complied then or not as its in an exposed position, i want to put c2 But is it c3 Would be thankful for your input Regards Kurtis Randle
  29. D

    Domestic How much space to set aside for DNO

    Hi Just to make sure I have this covered, how much space do the DNO & provider normally require for the fuse unit and meter? And what is the preferred height? KR Mark
  30. haptism

    What sort of jobs available if I get ONC

    Hi, im considering studying for an ONC but need some info on what type of jobs I can realistically expect to get once ive passed. I already have C&G 2360 pt's 1&2 (not NVQ3 thou). I have good experience working as an electrician (mostly industrial/commercial). I would like to find a job thats...
  31. M

    Industrial roller shutter door help

    Hi guys iv got a indutrial roller shutter door at work which will only go up about 2 meters and stops in the same position everytime when you push the up but it will not go any higher but can be lowered n re hightened to the same position and cuts out. Does anybody have an idea what this could...
  32. S

    Landed new job, happy happy happy

    hi all just thought I'd share my good new of a job offer this afternoon, its through an agency but said it will lead to a permanent position for the right person its a commercial job (school) rip out old electrics and all new installation, I really cant wait. Especially after 3 months of no...
  33. T

    Light switch

    Hello everyone, I want to build a lamp with 2 different light bulbs. There can only be one light bulb switched on because otherwise the driver will become way too hot. So I want to make a switch that immediately switch a light bulb off when the other one is switched on. As you can see I don't...
  34. A

    central heating nightmare

    Hi I wonder if someone can help me I'm having trouble getting my heating and hot water to come on at the same time I've recently replaced the pump and the 3 port valve The old 3 port valve was a Honeywell mid position v4073a And the new one is siemens 3pmp-v22 but i cant seem to get it to...
  35. B

    Insulation resistance testing with no cpc

    When doing a CU change and lights have no cpc. Every room has class 2 dimmers and lights. ceilings are like 20 foot tall. How would you guys go about Insulation testing? L&n to cpc ain't an option and removing all lights and bypassing dimmers is consequently going to take some time... What would...
  36. S

    Switch Placing

    Hi Chaps, Quick and simple question I'm sure for most of you: Is there a minimum distance from a door frame for a light switch? Was measuring up today and have marked them up 150mm from the doors.. Purely with safe zones in mind (I know this isn't a safe zone) Thanks
  37. D

    Main Switch reducing Ze

    I don't know if any of you have found this before. During a test today I was finding the Zs on the circuits higher than expected, I tested the loop on both sides of the main switch (new MK dual RCD board) and there was a 0.5 ohms difference!! I have had this before on an RCD and replaced the...
  38. rustynails

    Domestic RCD tripping

    Hi all, On a ground floor ring main protected by a 30amp bs3036 rewirable fuse the owner has reported the 100ma rcd trips out on any occasion where her bathroom extractor fan is on at the fused spur and she tries to use the Hoover. After looking at her bathroom extractor fan, I've seen that...
  39. H

    Industrial Working in Iraq or Afghanistan

    I'm looking to work in Iraq or Afghanistan can anyone advise me on how and of which companies hire electricians out there
  40. Top Cat

    Is it only me that gets fussy customers!

    Fitted a 4 gang switch in a big bedroom, after i finished the lady came in and said "i don't like that" there are 2 switches, a gap and 2 more switches, i want the switches without a gap! OK i say i will change it for a grid switch. By the bed is a 3 gang switch, 1 for wall lights, 1 for 5Amp...
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