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  1. E

    Possibly a bad starter on F-150?

    I have a 2004 F-150 STX 2WD with the 4.6L that I inherited from my grandfather this past winter. About 2 months ago, it had a really hard time shifting out of park, so I left it neutral with the keys in it. This naturally drained the battery, so I would just jump it off once a week and let it...
  2. littlespark

    Possibly for sale....

    wiha torque screwdriver set. Will post details if and when the “missing” ones replacement arrives. Genuinly. Wife misplaced my Xmas present from amazon. We couldn’t remember it being delivered, so I’ve reordered it as not delivered. Should come xmas eve. We have since found the first one.
  3. D

    Possibly one for Pete (or other older tool tarts)

    What does the AF on an old spanner stand for ??
  4. M

    Domestic Mk5 Golf Indicator Fault, possibly connection issue?

    hi guys, Looking for some advice. I’ve got a mk5 1.9TDi golf with a fault in the rear left indicator. It’s not a bulb fault as I’ve changed that already. As I was changing, the indicator would sporadically turn on and off but more often than not it was off. I think there may be a wiring or...
  5. C

    Converting to a TT system... possibly

    1.25ohm external earth fault loop impedance on TN-S supply to building Supply authority stated our only option is a TT conversion as they will not covert to PME. What would be my best course of action when converting to a TT as the building is quite old and i do not want a 100ma main switch...
  6. J

    Dressing cables in sockets/ light switches,etc.. possibly with photograph(s)

    Hi All. Hope you all are well and extremely busy !!!! Can members kindly please suggest/advise the best practice on how to dress cables in sockets, light switches, etc. How much spare cable do you leave in back box, and how do you coil this spare cable ? Seen great work on Consumer Unit...
  7. M

    Domestic Need help with wiring a fan isolater, testing unit possibly broken.

    Hi, I had a problem with the fan isolator in the bathroom and it cut out. So I had a look at the switch and replaced it. But that didn't fix the issue and I am wondering if the unit itself has gone. Is there a way that I could test it? This is how the switch was wired. And this is...
  8. C

    Possibly just me but i just get really insulted

    Hello guys I have started getting emails from MEN at the age of 30 wanting to be my apprentice, the whole thing is insulting. im sorry your job in finance did not work out and you think you can be a fully qualified spark in 1 year. it took me 5 years of graft to become a fully served spark in...
  9. yellowvanman

    PA Testing surge protection extension lead

    Try not to do PA Testing but had to do it today! Was doing the above today after a cottage got flooded. Lead didn't appear to be wet, but failed the insulation test @ 0.7Mohms, this was at a test voltage of 250V. Re-tried it with my installation tester at 100V and 50V and got the same...
  10. S

    EICR - 4.4 - fire rating of CU - code rating?

    any advice what code to put here if CU looks ok but unsure if the wall it's mounted on, is fire rated?
  11. driverman

    domestic new build first fixing

    Hi Guys, I'm going to wire a completely new build house soon and I've been out of game for many years.The house has those Z joist which have timber top and bottom and hollow between, using metal Z frames for strength. My question is for those of you that come across this a lot is, When...
  12. R

    oven and hub switch optional?

    Hello there. I recently had a new kitchen installed. There is a large switch that lights up when switched on above the oven and hob. I thought this switch had to be on for the oven or hob to work. However the oven and hob work if this switch is off or on, it seems to make no difference at all...
  13. J

    Fan Switching...

    Hi Guys, Installing a whole house vent system that will tick over constantly. PIR's to be installed in each bathroom to boost the fan while the bathroom is occupied. The client would like an extra vent in the utility room to extract the heat while the tumble drier is running...?!? Crazy i...
  14. M

    retail / office heating

    Morning all, I'm just quoting for a refurb of a retail outlet, 2 storeys, where ground floor will be retail, possibly photographic studio, and upstairs will be office / storage space, possibly gallery. Lighting, power, comms all sorted, but electric heating? Water? Oversink hand wash heaters...
  15. F

    IR Testing

    Im completing a EICR for an empty shop which is over 3 floors, TNCS 250Amp TP+N supply which feeds a MCCB board, there is a MCCB per floor plus the lift, the tails into the MCCB board are in galv trunking and the supply up to the floors are wired in SWA. We wanted to test the insulation...
  16. A

    spur from cooker socket

    Morning I need to run a spur to supply a cooker hood extractor - the only accessible point is the cooker switch - this is run in 6mm on it's own circuit from a 30amp fuse - the cooker is only 2.3kw. Can I take a spur from the feed side of the cooker point, run up to a fused connection unit in...
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