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  1. Pretty Mouth

    Max circuit length for LEDs powered by constant current driver.

    Hi all. Constant current LED lighting is a new concept to me. Not that difficult to get the head around, but I cannot find an answer to the following question: How do I determine the maximum length of a ELV LED lighting circuit powered by a constant current driver? For a constant voltage ELV...
  2. L

    Domestic heat/smoke alarm mains powered from different lighting circuits?

    Hi folks, Friend is currently renovating his house, including a loft conversion. He had originally hoped to go with Grade F1 (tamper proof batteries) radio interlinked alarms. However architect has stipulated all alarms must be Grade D (mains powered with battery back-up), but can be still be...
  3. E

    Simple Solar Powered Pump w/ Rechargeable Battery

    Hi Everyone, My aim is to build a simple solar powered pump with a rechargeable battery to water plants. The idea is to use a 6V 1W Solar Panel connected to a TP4056 (protected) to charge a 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. On the output is an MT3608 2A Boost Converter to step up the voltage to a...
  4. T

    Can a Non POE device be powered using a CAT6 cable using POE splitters and Injectors?

    Can I power a Non PoE device using a CAT6 cable and use it with a PoE splitter or Injector
  5. N

    Motion triggered battery powered dimmable COB LED light

    My view on life, in any field, is not to produce more but to consume less. Everybody told me this is a very eccentric weird mentality. Perhaps they are right. Nevertheless I have to build my project to make a highly efficient, extremely low drain, motion triggered 12V battery powered dimmable...
  6. D

    How is this switch powered? I thought all circuits needed a neutral?

    Usual problem with smart switches - no neutral at the switch, been plenty of threads on it before. Fortunately managed to find some switches that don't need one. So the circuit's permanently 'complete' since the switch is permanently 'on', and actually power is going to the light, but not...
  7. E

    Wiring Reverse Camera on with key powered by battery

    I'm asking for assistance about how i might be able to make this happen. I'm thinking a relay would do this but i have no idea which relay. I'm looking to have a constant on rear camera that i can access from my head unit any time while the vehicle is on. I do not want to use with the wiring...
  8. X

    Does anyone know where i could get a led strip light set up that is powered by a force sensitive resistor/weight sensor?

    Ultimately for my project im making a lamp which will be powered by the weight of an object. So i want to power the whole led strip lighting solely through placing an object on the weight sensor pad. If anyone knows where i could buy a setup like this or how i could go about making it myself...
  9. L

    Guide to make test board... similar to colleges powered by ring circuit

    Afternoon chaps, is there a guide anywhere on this forum to make a test board similar to what you would use in college? I need to re-train myself, get some practice in testing circuits. Any appreciated. Thanks.
  10. D

    Battery powered Rotating Beacon

    Hello Hope everyone is well and thanks for creating this forum. I'm looking for some help for a project I'm doing. It's a Short Film where I would like a red rotating beacon to cast its light on a solider running in a bunker's corridor. I found a rotating beacon that comes with a car plug...
  11. M

    Candle Led powered art by 5v cord ?

    Hi I have a led candle with 24 color remote I purchased off eBay. I took apart removed the insides it used 3 aaa batteries 1.5v each . I then took a cell phone charger 5v and attached it ! It worked ! Ant the application I used it on has worked the last 6 years and still works ! I feel safe but...
  12. W

    12V solar powered UV disinfection system

    Hi everyone, I am currently undergoing a small DIY project to make a solar-powered UV disinfection system. The 2 loads I have are a small 4LPM 12v DC pump and a 24V 10W UV lamp. My system consists of a 50W 12V solar panel which is connected to a 3A charge controller, A 12v 14AH battery, a...
  13. B

    Domestic AC converter for battery powered lights

    I was looking at my battery powered Christmas tree lights and was getting a little fed up with constantly changing/looking for the appropriate batteries (3 x 1.5 volt AA, in this case) I then came up with the idea of using an AC Converter Adapter to DC 4.5V 1A Power Supply. I guess that will...
  14. 1

    12v lighting for my house powered by my van

    hello all is this possible???? I drive a van around all day, I want to use the van to charge up a 110ah Agm battery, I then want to use this battery to power up a 12v led lighting circuit in my house. I also want to use the 240v supply as a back up to the same lighting circuit, with some sort...
  15. I

    Industrial electric powered heaters

    Hi folks, I'm pricing a job which includes a heating solution for a former small warehouse. The area that requires heating is approximately 400 square mtrs with suspended ceiling at around 2.5 mtrs high. the space is going to be used for light manufacturing where the workers will be sitting at...
  16. S

    Mains Powered Medical Headlamp repair query

    Dear Electricians, I am a veterinary surgeon and need help from someone in the know as to how to bring an old bit of equipment back to life. It is a headmounted lamp with a special mirror to allow examination of the retinas of dogs and cats, however my query relates to the power supply for the...
  17. S

    Radial socket on landing and rear bedroom appears to be powered from lighting and radial

    Hello all, first time posting here, was hoping for some theories/advice regarding a confusing situation. Essentially we were looking to add one or two sockets to a upstairs bedroom (40's build rewired in 80's I think with black/red colour system). It currently has two sockets and there is also...
  18. marconi


    I am working on a study for my brother-in-law who runs a national outdoor catering business. At the moment he uses 3.4kVA petrol generators with Honda engines modified to run on LPG. The maximum steady state load is about 900W but they are sized at 3.4kVA to start in sequence and then run...
  19. sparkdog

    Battery powered Easyjet aeroplanes

    I see Easyjet is planning battery powered planes in the future, that's going to take a lot of AA cells.
  20. R

    Which smokes to fit - mains or battery powered?

    I don't normally get involved in this but have been asked by customer to fit smoke alarms - this is for a property that will be rented out. I know that mains powered smokes used to be the way to go in this situation as tenants tended to take out the PP3 batteries to use in other equipment...
  21. N

    LED Ikea lights battery powered?

    Hi everybody, thanks for letting be part of this group. I have to apologise firstly to everybody as probably this topic may sound a bit silly, but it would be helpful to get some information about what we are tying to achieve. Im a filmmaker, and because of my job we constantly have to deal...
  22. W

    Veg oil system control design help.

    hi all I'm working on a veg oil conversion for our (1997) 110 defender and have some ideas of how I'd like to control it but my auto electric knowledge is poor and I was wondering if anyone could help? I've contacted a few auto electricians and no one wants the job. I have bought a stack pro...
  23. D

    Solar powered soffit downlights

    hi folks, A regular customer of mine really wants soffit downlights on their outside soffits. Having had a look at access, there is no easy way to access the inside of the soffit - it's a new build. Can anyone recommend a decent solar powered option for this? Thanks
  24. N

    Smoke Alarm Regs For B&B?

    Anyone know the regs for installing mains, interlinked alarms in a B&B in Scotland? The property has 5 bedrooms in total, 3 of which are rented out during season. I've found some info suggesting that if there's more than 3 rooms then every room should have a mains powered (interlinked) alarms...
  25. VincentW

    Wiring Bulk Head Lights

    Apologies for what will seem a daft question to you guys - I am not an electrician, and have not got to grips with the different voltages on appliances. Can someone tell me if these lights can be wired into the mains - these state 110v so if not would these usually be powered by a generator or...
  26. N

    EICR and smoke detectors

    Hello all, A friend that lives abroad but owns a property here has decided to rent out his house through an estate agency. They require a gas cert and EICR. I had a quick look over the property (visual only) and noticed that downstairs is supplied by a 16A radial. That radial powers all of the...
  27. M

    Smoke alarms

    I have been asked to price to fit some wireless smoke alarms in a house which as been converted into separate rooms. now I've see you can get mains powered or battery powered wireless alarms but I friend as the he did not think you could fit battery wireless smoke alarms in a domestic property...
  28. P

    Solar power all at sea

    If you haven't seen this yet, it restores your fairth in what we're doing Solar-powered boat circumnavigates the globe PJ
  29. N

    radio link smoke alarms

    hi im doing some work for a builder at present and hes just come back to me today when ive completed my2nd fix and said he needs 2smoke alarms fitting and a heat alarm all interlinked as its all plastered i said to get radio link ones but he nearly cryed when i said to him it was going to be...
  30. U

    Smoke Alarm Help

    Hi All Quick question I have been asked to install some smoke alarms due to a recent loft conversion.... I am aware that smokes need to be mains powered and interlinked (bottom, middle and top floors) however i believe that all rest of habitable rooms can be battery powered + Interlinked...
  31. F

    galaxy alarm

    Sorry firstly for being in the wrong section but i need to try and find this info for tomorrow, so dont have time to wait for acceptance to the locked section. Fitting a galaxy alarm for someone, but to carry on i need to know about using powered rio's theve just given me a no. to ring and wait...
  32. S

    What is this called?

    Hi can anyone tell me the name of a part I need. It is basically a connection that keeps a line active when a load is in place, then when the load is removed the line is broken. It has to be so that the load is easy to remove. Really the product is still in the design stage so I am open to any...
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