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  1. I

    Dual Battery set up and powering lights

    Hello All, My Daughter is an apprentice carpenter and we have fit her van out with insulation, covered the walls with painted MDF and made some storage boxes, that she can put a mattress on for camping. We have run 240v LED string lights in the roof panel and now want to power those lights and...
  2. L

    Powering a new light from a 2 way switch

    Hi, currently we have 2 uplights on the front of our property and we are looking to add a 3rd onto a new porch that has been built. The current lighting has a 2 way switch so the lights can be switched on and off from the garage or by the front door. Looking at my poor attempt of a diagram...
  3. C

    Powering my shop

    Hello everyone. I’m a DIY person and I’m about to give my shop a little juice. I had previously ran UFB 35 feet to a 220 outlet for my brothers RV. Now that he’s gone, I’ve built a 24x24 shop. My intentions are to run 16 led shop lights that will pull 7.04 amperes. Also a shop fan (unsure of...
  4. P

    Ev to home powering

    With owning a ev for some months and a 3.6 solar and 4.8kw battery system and watching youtube videos regarding powering home from a ev in a emergency, the batterys have been good so far over the summer months even on poor days of sun but thinking about winter months may well struggle has anyone...
  5. bigspark17

    Retrofit solution to solar powering an old large lampost

    Could anyone recommend a set up i could use to power an old lampost using pv panel, charge controller, battery and BC led. The system would require some sort of dusk till dawn sensor or timer. The lampost is in a very unaccessible location and cabling it underground is out of the question. Could...
  6. D

    Drilled through 30am cable powering oven and hob

    So... a bit of a faux pas happened the weekend... i managed to drill through the 30amp mains cable that goes down to the oven and hob. flashsgl - Anyone know the best course of action short of channelling the wall out and rewiring the whole thing? Kind regards Dan
  7. L

    Please help with powering garden pool filter

    Hello All, I need help with powering a garden water pump. I need a transformer but don't know which one. Please check the picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Daniel Wilson

    Powering a Brushless DC Blower

    Hi All, I have a DC brushless motor that is attached to a blower. The motor has 4 wires, I have tried various configurations but havn't been able to get it to spin! I want the motor to spin at full speed for an outside project. Here are the labels on the motor DR-8538-805 DTJ 11893G DC43v...
  9. Sigurd

    Powering extractor fans

    We are installing two extractor fans in a church hall which is used fro meetings, lectures, etc. Also occasionally for Lent lunches and coffee mornings. As you can guess, finance is an issue. Is it safe and legal to power these from standard 13 amp sockets (which are fed from professionally...
  10. S

    Powering up UFH thermostat using 3 pin plug in nearby socket

    I am planning to put underfloor electric heating in one of the rooms with total power of 1100 watt. Can I power up the thermostat and UFH (via thermostat) using the simple 13A plug in the socket? Of course I can hide wires using conduit or push it behind the plaster board. Wondering that would...
  11. J

    Dangerous? Plug switched off at wall but still powering things!

    Hi all, I'm new here but wondering if anyone could tell me if I have a dangerous situation or not? I have a double power socket attached to the wall that I've turned off...however it's still powering my phone charger...So whether it's on or off at the wall it makes no difference. Only one side...
  12. C

    "Powering the way, come what may"

    My girlfriend said she does not like my new strapline... so i thought id ask some bloody blokes what they think. What you think guys?
  13. L

    Powering factory fan/ventilation

    Hi there I rent a works/creator space in an old factory and have a large industrial fan fitted that i'd like to get up and running as it becomes a sauna in summer. I've tried to wire it simply using a standard 3 wired plug in the past but it shorts my fuse box after 10mins or so. I've attached...
  14. D

    powering a detached garage

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice. Have a currently detached garage, fed from the house under RCD on 2.5mm SWA, to a 2 way CUSU in the garage powering one socket ander one Light on a 16a and 5a breaker in the garage. I want to fit more sockets in the garage and think of future power needs. Im...
  15. M

    Powering Cooker hood.....with switched mains???

    Hi.....looking for some comment here. Just in process of updating kitchen, and it has been suggested that I can power a cooker extractor hood from the lighting circuit. Further inspection reveals that there isn't the usual ceiling rose, with access to constant mains, but instead, switched...
  16. A

    veritas R8 panel flashing green light

    Hi Not a panel I am familiar with, but asked to have a look. It has green flashing led on panel system has locked out, battery flat and charging voltage and aux reading 24.4v with battery removed. Did power it down to regain control of system, but readings were still 24.4v. any thoughts amc
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