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  1. P

    Texecom premier elite upgrade

    I have a wireless texecom panel with v3.02 firmware, and I want to add a texecom ethernet connect unit but the panel has to be upgraded to version 4. I got the unit below in the connect box, so can this upgrade my panel to version 4 or do I need to buy an actual flasher unit (about £38 from...
  2. R

    Premier Elite 64-W

    Hi all, Brand new to the forums, I have a new Premier Elite 64-W and want to add a PIR to the hall as it appears to have been an oversight during installation (new build). I have the master code, but dont have the engineers code. I've read some posts regarding opening the control panel and...
  3. NDG Elecs

    Premier elite 24 little issues

    Hi folks and wishing you all a lovely festive break.. Fitted a premier elite 24 panel recently. Few teething issues. The user manuals are atrocious and I have found other answers from YouTube and forums - namely LeeSparklyKent for saying to input the eng code twice in a row to access the...
  4. P

    Texecom Premier Elite 48, panic alarm question

    Hi all, new to this forum, but t thought I'd join up, hoping for some assistance. I've just installed a Texecom prem 48. All with EOL wiring. One 8xp, 16 zones being used. 2 contacts share a zone on each garage. Other than that everything will be independent. I've been struggling with...
  5. Leesparkykent

    Texecom premier elite 24 programming zone names

    As above really. I normally set them up using wintex and it’s a easy....How ever I’ve lost my lead and couldn’t get one locally today. I’ve set it all up using the RKP and works a treat, the only thing I’m struggling with is naming the zones like landing, entrance, main office etc. is it...
  6. S

    texecom premier elite

    Hey guys Ive installed one of the texecom premier elite alarms at one of my friends house and need some advice if any one is familiar with this system. After reading the manual a couple of times I've seen there programmed for end of line wiring but I've wired as double pole so i can sort them...
  7. D

    New motor for Xpelair pRemier DX180H?

    Hi all, Please could someone advise if it's at all possible to get replacement motors for extractor fans - specifically for the above! I've taken the old one apart and wired the motor directly up to 240 as part of bench testing & it won't run. It's been struggling for several weeks to get...
  8. polo1

    Tate Premier SX 8 zone fire panel

    Hi all, quick questions re the above. Firstly when checking the battery charging voltage, the reading switches between 2V & 28V approx every second - I'm guessing this ain't right, but any thoughts? Second, what would cause one of the Zone lights (top row) to be permanently lit? Thirdly, if the...
  9. W

    Alarm Sounder?

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a siren for an house alarm. Fitted a system at one of my properties on Saturday which was an Honeywell AG8 but o fancy a different bell box for my house. Looking at Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3 or one of them pyronix deltabells. Any recommendations? Thanks
  10. Hellmooth

    Wireless alarm system

    Doing a rewire at the moment, the alarm system is a concept 6, the panel is goosed so is to be replaced, well it would be getting replaced anyway as everything is being done from scratch! My question is regarding a wireless alarm system, is this a good option, I take it the PIR's are powered by...
  11. gazzamikes

    Good proximity alarm system

    Evening all, I am looking for a good security system with proximity on the key pad, needs to be able to accept two key pads. What's best to look for? Thanks!
  12. keniff

    texacom alarms

    hi guys i recently fitted one of the texacom alarms to a customers property. i liked the system and the wiring was simple enough. im looking to install one in my house but i would like a keypad with rf keyphobs. i already have a texacom bell box i was given to me the other day, anyone know what...
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